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Examples of "maybray"
Horace Maybray King, Baron Maybray-King, PC (25 May 1901 – 3 September 1986) was a British politician who served as a Labour Member of Parliament (MP) from 1950 until 1970 before becoming a life peer. Following the death of Harry Hylton-Foster in September 1965, King, who had served as deputy speaker for ten months, became the Speaker of the House of Commons. He was the first person from the Labour Party ever to hold this position.
After leaving the Commons, he entered the House of Lords and was created a life peer as Baron Maybray-King of the City of Southampton on 2 March 1971, and went on to serve as a Deputy Speaker. He took the "Maybray" from his own middle name which was his mother Margaret's maiden name. He was awarded an Honorary Degree (Doctor of Laws) by the University of Bath in 1969. He is commemorated by his name having been given to an arched passageway leading to the site of the former primary school, off the High Street in the village of Norton-on-Tees County Durham, in which he lived as a child.
Original lead vocalist and bass player Maybray died on December 5, 2004 at the age of 60. He wrote and sang the group's debut single, "That's Why Baby I Love You". The original drummer, Pugliano, died on June 15, 2010, at the age of 63.
From 1939 to 1945 the school housed over 600 members from Taunton's School, Southampton (then a grammar, now a sixth form college), due to evacuation from large cities. Among the Taunton staff was English master Dr. Horace King, later Lord Maybray-King, Speaker of the House of Commons.
In 1973, he was clerk of the House of Lords Select Committee on Procedures for Scrutiny of Proposals for European Instruments chaired by the former House of Commons Speaker Lord Maybray-King. The Committee recommended the setting up of the House of Lords European Communities Committee (since 1999 the European Union Committee) to scrutinise proposal for Community legislation, and he became that Committee's first clerk (1974 to 1983).
The original members (sans Iris) reunited in 1989 to perform live. The reunited band included the original members Pugliano, Faiella, and Maybray along with organist Fred Dulu, sax player Robbie Klein and vocalist Donnie Marsico. Their first appearance was at a 25-year reunion concert on June 23, 1989 at the Beaver County College Golden Dome. The band with differ line-ups has played 20 to 25 shows a year since then.
Singers Bill Maybray and Jimmie Ross left the Jaggerz. Ross was recruited by the Jaggerz manager Joe Rock to join the Skyliners. Keyboard player and singer Frank Czuri and songwriter/keyboard player Hermie Granati joined the band for the album "Come Again" that was released by Wooden Nickel Records in 1975. The single "2 + 2 / Don't It Make You Wanna Dance" was also released in 1975 but did not reach the charts. The Jaggerz were dropped from Wooden Nickel in 1976.
Gerald Anderson, John Brackman, Douglas Burr, Ken Callis, Norman Carter, Tom Collins, Patrick Flaherty, Ira Gallaway, John Grenfell, Carl Harris, Nick Harris, James V. Heidinger II, William Henderson, William Hines, Ellsworth Kalas, R.L. Kirk, William Mason, Virgil Maybray, Malcolm McVeigh, Paul Morell, Edgar Nelson, James H. Pike, Edmund Robb, David Seamands, J.T. Seamands, R.O. Sigler, Robert Souders, Neil Stein, L.D. Thomas, Jr., Mike Walker, Charles Whittle, Sewell Woodward, Jr., Phil Worth, and Clarence Yates.
For the next 18 years Blonger and his gang operated virtually unmolested by local law enforcement. Gang members were specifically instructed not to solicit victims from Colorado, concentrating instead on out-of-state tourists who would find it difficult to help prosecute a criminal case. Only twice during this period did Blonger come close to arrest. The first was in 1910, when he escaped prosecution in connection with the Maybray Gang of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The second occurred in 1915, when Blonger was implicated in a swindling scheme uncovered by carpenters remodeling his office building.
The memorial was commissioned by the "Suffragette Fellowship", and a number of surviving suffragettes attended the unveiling, including Grace Roe, then Fellowship president, Edith Clayton Pepper, Leonora Cohen and Lilian Lenton. At the unveiling Labour politician Edith Summerskill, Baroness Summerskill told the audience of the debt she felt towards the suffragettes, adding 'I will not fail to try and make some contribution to the women's cause'. Also in attendance, Labour politician, and Speaker of the House of Commons, Horace King, Baron Maybray-King, said that he believed 'sooner or later' there would be a woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
Notable King's alumni to have held senior positions in British politics include two Speakers of the House of Commons (Lord Maybray-King and Lord Ullswater) and the former Cabinet ministers Lord Watkinson, Lord Passfield and Lord Wilmot. As of the current Parliament there are 20 King's graduates in the House of Commons, namely Douglas Carswell, Nic Dakin, Natascha Engel, Mark Francois, John Glen, Dan Jarvis, Phillip Lee, Brandon Lewis, Fiona Mactaggart, Sarah Newton, Matthew Offord, Sarah Olney, Daniel Poulter, Lucy Powell, Tulip Siddiq, Keith Simpson, Gary Streeter, Gareth Thomas, David Warburton, and Sarah Wollaston. As of the current Parliament there are 16 King's graduates in the House of Lords including Lord Carlile, Lord Clinton-Davis, Lord Dunlop, Lord Kakkar, Lord MacGregor, Baroness Morgan, Baroness O'Loan, Lord Owen, Lord Plant, Lord Rowlands, Baroness Watkins, and the Lords Spiritual Tim Dakin, Nick Holtam, and Tim Thornton.