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michiyo              miwako              mieko              chinatsu              chiemi              chikako              nobuko              kazue              eriko              kazuko              sumiko              fumiko              yasuko              rieko              kuniko              chieko              etsuko              makiko              hideko              kumiko              mikako              misako              fumie              yurie              kiyohiko              atsuko              tomoko              chiharu              chizuko              yukiko              mihoko              tatsuko              sayuri              hisae              takako              momoko              ayami              yousuke              ayano              machiko              yumiko              yoshiko              tomomi              harumi              hiromi              natsuko              sakiko              taneda              ikuko              chisato             

Examples of "mayuko"
Mayuko Takata (高田万由子 "Takata Mayuko", born January 5, 1971) is a Japanese actress, best known in the western world for her appearances on the Japanese TV show Iron Chef.
His wife is Japanese actress Mayuko Takata and they live together in London, England.
Diego Carvajal (United Kingdom), Devrim Celal (Cyprus), Thaddeus Lawrence (Singapore), Mayuko Okabe (Japan), Lucy Tang (United Kingdom), Alain Wehbi (Lebanon)
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Mayuko (麻由子, 万由子, 真悠子) is a Japanese feminine given name, and may refer to:
In 2011, together with actresses Mayuko Kawakita and Riko Narumi, Kutsuna graduated from Horikoshi High School in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan.
The story also includes Ushio's relationships with two girls: the tomboyish Asako Nakamura and the feminine Mayuko Inoue.
Mayuko Kamio (神尾真由子, born June 12, 1986 in Toyonaka, Osaka) is a Japanese violinist.
He has a sister, Mayuko. Her motif is a girl who wants to be ”maiko-san" and loves Kyoto. Unlike her brother, Mayumaro, she has a mouth.
Debuting in Shooto, Yamada continued her winning streak by defeating Mayuko Kasaki via submission (guillotine choke) in the first round at "G-Shooto Plus 05" on .
Mayuko Watanabe has received prestigious awards as a director of Radio documentary "Suicide of 16 years old boy- What did the bereaved family fight against?"
Ito is often cast with "The Queen's Classroom" co-star Mayuko Fukuda in dramas such as "Enka no Joō", "Chibi Maruko-chan", and "Kiri no Hi".
45 riders failed to finish the race. Mayuko Hagiwara of Japan was disqualified, and Grassi Herrera of Mexico did not start the race.
Aesthetically, the band - and Mayuko Hino in particular - advocated a very emotive and cathartic approach to noise music as opposed to the conceptual and intellectual approaches advocated by many European noise musicians, most notably within the "power electronics" subgenre. Mayuko Hino believes that an emotional, rather than an intellectual, approach to noise not only creates more interesting sounds, but reveals much about the personality of the noisemaker.
, also known as NieA under 7, is a 13-episode anime series about Mayuko, a poor, introverted student who lives above a Japanese bathhouse, and NieA, a freeloading, freewheeling alien who lives in her closet and eats her food.
Kenshin was again voiced by Gackt in the anime of the gag manga, "Tono to Issho" (2010–2011). The live action drama "Sengoku Basara: Moonlight Party" cast actress Mayuko Arisue as Kenshin.
His students have included Vadim Repin, Gwendolyn Masin, Daniel Hope, Maxim Vengerov, Vadim Gluzman, Igor Malinovsky, Denis Goldfeld, Daishin Kashimoto, Tamaki Kawakubo, Mayuko Kamio, Mayu Kishima, Soyoung Yoon, Christoph Seybold, Sayaka Shoji, Nikolai Madoyev and David Garrett.
-"Live collaboration by Mike Dando, Rudolf, Joke Lanz, Hiroshi Hasegawa and Mayuko Hino. Performed and recorded live 07.09.1995 at bar 'Old Street' in Taiwan. live-mix by Rudolf Release date unknown."
Mayuko Ishitate (born 18 January 1987) is a Japanese handballer who plays for Fehérvár KC. She is also member of the Japanese national team and participated at the 2011 World Women's Handball Championship in Brazil.
Heaven's Door is a 2009 Japanese drama film starring Tomoya Nagase and Mayuko Fukuda. The film is a remake of the 1997 German criminal comedy "Knockin' on Heaven's Door".