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hiromi              eriko              etsuko              yuriko              hiroko              tomoko              junko              yukiko              noriko              atsuko              kazumi              machiko              satomi              kaori              kumiko              sachiko              takako              sayuri              harumi              yukari              shinobu              sayaka              asami              mariko              yumiko              wataru              chisato              saori              yasuko              tomomi              kayoko              chihiro              mitsuru              megumi              chieko              yuichi              yukie              akemi              naoko              masumi              shiori              emiko              kaoru              mieko              reiko              chiaki              manami              katsumi              ayako              chinami             

Examples of "mayumi"
Mayumi Yamamoto (山本真由美 "Yamamoto Mayumi"; born May 11, 1984) is a Japanese actress.
Mayumi Hidaka (日高真弓 "Hidaka Mayumi", born May 23, 1981 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese actress.
In the game, Kotaro's death sentence were change to hung, and Mayumi then were made to hold Kotaro's leg so he won't suffocate, but below Kotaro, is a burning metal plate. It is then matter of endurance before Mayumi fell and they both die. At the final moment, Mayumi confessed her feelings to Kotaro, which causes Kotaro to regain his memory. Seeing Mayumi about to fall, he gained super strength breaking the rope that binds him, and managed to save himself with Mayumi.
Mayumi's two best friends, Junko and Kaoru try to visit her the next day, but Mayumi doesn't want to see anyone. Mayumi receives a phone call from Seiji, who asks if he can come see her. Mayumi declines, not wanting him to see her face. They agree to write letters to each other after he leaves. Upon her return to school, other students spread rumors about her and call her a "mutant girl" since she covers her face with a surgical mask. One day, Mayumi notices a woman in a red coat standing outside her house, who disappears. Things become worse when her father commits suicide as a way of saving the family's debts with his life insurance. Due to the rumors surrounding Mayumi, Kaoru and Junko begin to distance themselves from Mayumi. In Tokyo, Seiji now has a girlfriend, and has stopped writing to Mayumi. Mayumi continuously sees the woman in the red coat, which frightens her.
The team then continued to rescue Mayumi with the China Rose. Kenji who has developed feeling to Mayumi, rushed to the rescue.
The setting is Japan in 1978. Mayumi Sawada lives a good life in a small town in Gifu. Her family runs a successful farming business. Her older sister Sachiko is about to be married, and her other sister Yukie does great business at the hair salon. Mayumi also becomes friends with her crush, Seiji Moriyama. A few days before he leaves for college in Tokyo, Seiji takes Mayumi to a pretty area with a view of the whole town, where he gives Mayumi a button from his gakuran jacket, telling her that he wants her to have it. This makes Mayumi happy.
Voiced by Mayumi Tanaka and Morgan Jarrett (English).
Emi Tomimatsu (Paraestra Matsudo) vs. Mayumi Suzuki (Iwaki K-3)
Shizuka Sugiyama (, Zendokai Yokohama) vs. Mayumi Aoki (, Gamurannac)
Anime voices: Mayumi Tanaka (Japanese) Edwin Neal (English)
Mayumi Aoki (, Gamurannac) vs. Yukiko Ozeki (, Ryusei Juku)
Mayumi Aoki (, Gamurannac) vs. Esui (, Smash Alley Gym)
Japanese ecological economist Kozo Mayumi, a student of Georgescu in 1984-88, was the first to receive the award in the 'unconventional thinking' category. Mayumi was awarded for his work on energy analysis and hierarchy theory.
With Mayumi's friends' murders, Seiji missing, and Mayumi's odd behavior, Yukie begins to become suspicious of her. One day, Yukie searches Mayumi's room and discovers the bloody dress she had worn when she met up with Seiji. She tells Sachiko. Mayumi realizes that her secret has been uncovered. At dinner, Mayumi hides the scissors behind her, and unmasks herself before taking a drink of her orange juice. However, Sachiko has poisoned her drink. Mayumi coughs up blood and eventually dies. To cover her, Sachiko places a trench coat over her body. Yukie reluctantly helps her clean up the mess. The two sisters bury Mayumi out in the woods. However, Mayumi somehow returns from the grave, and kills Yukie. She then kills Sachiko next. Before falling, Mayumi asks her, "Am I... pretty...?"
At this moment, Mayumi and Megumi were already safe with China Rose's headquarter.
Mayumi can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:
Mayumi Roller was born 11 March 1991. She is a United States Virgin Islands sailor.
Stories (released on July 23, 2008) is J-pop artist Mayumi Iizuka's 12th album.
Ricaco Yuasa (Pogona Club Gym) vs. Mayumi Katouno (Iwaki K-3)
"Voiced by": Sakura Tange (Japanese)/ Mayumi Iizuka (2nd Season)(Japanese), Megan Hancock (English)