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tsalikis              martakis              alkistis              onirama              protopsalti              parios              tamta              voskopoulos              dionisis              theodoridou              hatzigiannis              tzeni              korgialas              natassa              aslanidou              theofanous              hadjinasios              mitropanos              kapoutzidis              korkolis              kourkoulis              ploutarhos              tolis              kontopoulos              dionysis              chrispa              zampetas              kouinelis              rokkos              kraounakis              tsitsanis              lefteris              giannatsoulia              dalianidis              vaggelis              stamatis              savvidakis              papatheodorou              tzirakis              gonidis              plessas              loizos              doxas              olympiou              erastis              arvanitaki              mouzourakis              kokkinou              terzis              oikonomopoulos             

Examples of "mazonakis"
Mazonakis and Greek fashion house "Deux Hommes" collaborated at "MadWalk by Vodafone". "The Hurriyet", the largest circulation newspaper in Turkey, chose the nightclub Votanikos and George Mazonakis to present the nightlife of Athens. Mazonakis completed his appearances at Votanikos in March 2011 will visit Turkey after preparing a collaboration with a Turkish songwriter, continuing the cooperation that began with major Turkish songwriters in his latest album titled "Ta Isia Anapoda".
Giorgos Mazonakis () (born on 4 March 1972 in Nikaia, Greece) is a modern Laika and pop Greek singer.
Greek Hits: Giorgos Mazonakis vs. Despina Vandi is the fifth video album by Greek singer Despina Vandi and her only video album in Ukraine, released in 2008 by Odyssey Company in Ukraine. It features videos of Despina Vandi and Giorgos Mazonakis, from the period 2003-2007.
Savvato (Saturday) is an album by modern Laika and pop Greek singer Giorgos Mazonakis. It was released in 2003 by Heaven Music and went 1x Platinum in Greece. The album is written (lyrics & music) entirely by Phoebus who also produced the record. It is the second collaboration of Giorgos Mazonakis with Phoebus after the 2 songs on album "Koita me+beat" (2002).
Giorgos Mazonakis' temperament, his unique interpretation and innovative views, changed the way of nightlife, with highly successful appearances at famous nightclubs in Athens.
Giorgos Papadopoulos is an active songwriter, having written songs for many popular Greek artists, including Helena Paparizou, Giorgos Mazonakis, Tamta, Kostas Martakis, Panos Kiamos, Kaiti Garbi, Melina Aslanidou and Notis Sfakianakis, among others.
Despina's next studio album was released at the end of 2004, titled "Stin Avli Tou Paradisou" (In The Garden of Paradise). Although it sold significantly less than "Gia", it reached double platinum status in 2005, becoming her fourth album to reach six figure sales The album was repackaged as a special edition and included 5 new songs, including the song "Amane", a duet with Giorgos Mazonakis. The actress Katiana Balanika guest stars in the song's music video along with Vandi and Mazonakis. The special edition of the album was released in Greece, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. In Turkey the album reached number 2 of the Turkish charts and the Turkish newspaper "Hurriyet Daily News" named Despina Vandi as the Queen of Greek Pop. For the winter season 2005–06 Vandi performed at Rex with Giorgos Mazonakis. In July 2006, Despina gave a concert in the theater of Lycabettus in Athens singing many of her popular songs.
"Amane" was the fifth and final single from the album and is a blend of contemporary laiko and hip hop in a vocal duet between Vandi and Giorgos Mazonakis. The music video was directed by Nikos Soulis and also features actress Katiana Balanika.
At the same time, Mazonakis has made many appearances throughout Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Australia, and in several U.S. states including: New York City, New Jersey, Atlantic City, and Chicago. Also one of the best hits was released in Italy on the occasion of the success there made the song "Mou Leipeis" (I miss you) song in an automobile ad campaign.
Sarbel has announced the beginning of his winter tour with three concerts performing alongside Giorgos Mazonakis in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in Australia. He will also be performing two more solo concerts in Australia on New Year's Eve and New Years Day. In October 2010 he toured Egypt and plans to stay in Athens for Christmas and New Year after which he has a concert in Vietnam.
Giorgos Mazonakis born and raised in the neighbourhood of Nikaia, Athens. He grew up listening to traditional folk songs of Stratos Dionysiou, Yiannis Parios, Marinella and Haris Alexiou. Very quickly, at the age of 15, he realized his desire to become a singer. For the first time he sang at a nightclub in Patras, where in the summer of 1992 was discovered by executives of PolyGram Greece.
After big scores during the 2005 and 2006, together with artists such as Despina Vandi, Elli Kokkinou, Thanos Petrelis, Giorgos Mazonakis and Victoria Halkiti, Phoebus composed the Christmas dance single "Kalanta" along with Despina Vandi. The single was once again used by TIM telecommunications for their 2006 Christmas campaign. After only two weeks from release date Phoebus and Vandi achieved a 2x platinum CD single.
She studied nursing in Heraklion Crete and worked as a Nurse while at the same time she sang in nightclubs. After eight months she decided to abandon the nursing and deal exclusively with the music. She has collaborated with many artists, such as: Paschalis Terzis, , Antipas, Vasilis Karras, Costas Bigalis, , Sophia Vossou, , Manolis Angelopoulos, , , Giannis Vogiatzis, , Giorgos Mazonakis, Tzeni Vanou, , Rita Sakellariou, Nikos Kourkoulis, Zafeiris Melas, and Lefteris Pantazis. She has released three albums and several singles. She counts more than 20 years in the field of the song.
In fall 2004, Rouvas recorded a duet version of ""Se Thelo San Trelos"" ("I Want You Like Crazy", from "21os Akatallilos") with Russian pop singer Philip Kirkorov. In December he began performing with Giorgos Mazonakis at Fever for the winter season, with Elena Paparizou as their opening act. His show was praised; Georgia Laimou of "E-go", known for scathing reviews, wrote: "I have only good things to say about Sakis and I don't want to hear 'boo' from anyone. I don't think that a more neat, well-supported, professional, and generally flawless performance than Sakis' exists on the Athenian clubs."
In 2008, Theodoridou signed again with Sony BMG Greece. On October 17, 2008, she began appearances with Giorgos Mazonakis at club "Votanikos" for the winter season; her third consecutive winter singing there. In November 2008, she released Dipla Se Sena, a two-disc best-of album that included 37 older hits of her career, a DVD with music videos, and three new songs written by Giorgos Theofanous with lyrics by Thanos Papanikolaou. The first single from the album was "Dipla Se Sena" (Next to you) and was released to radio stations on October 27, 2008.
Despite previous disappointments, Ploutarchos' love of music pushed him back into the business and just two years after his first performance, he started appearing at club Rodolfo, which was followed by appearances at bigger clubs such as Neraida, Fantasia, and Tonel where he collaborated with well-known laïka names such as Giannis Poulopoulos, Rita Sakellariou, Themis Adamantidis, as well as Contemporary aïka artists such as Stelios Rokkos and Giorgos Mazonakis. Around that time, he met Dimitris Kardatzis and Ilias Filippou who believed in his talent, and got him in touch with his first producer Girgos Makrakis, who is credited with inspiring his stage last name "Ploutarchos".
Martakis first gained fame on the reality talent show "Dream Show". Prior he had also done modelling work and played basketball in amateur minor leagues where he won some medals, as well as majoring in computer technologies at American College of Greece. Shortly after his appearance on "Dream Show", he signed a contract with Sony BMG Greece and released his first CD-single in the summer of 2006 titled "Panda Mazi" (Always together). By winter 2006, Martakis was singing alongside Despina Vandi and Giorgos Mazonakis at REX night club, while in summer 2007 he starting singing with Kelly Kelekidou and Dionisis Makris at "Romeo" summer club.
Her second album "Defteri Agapi" (Second Love) was released in 1998, and also achieved platinum status sales. In that year she appeared with Notis Sfakianakis, while in the summer she cooperated at the music hall "Asteria" with Paschalis Terzis. Her commercial success continued with the release of her third platinum album, Tha Miliso Me T'Asteria in 2000. The same season she appeared with Giorgos Mazonakis and Stelios Dionysiou. The following year, she released her fourth -multi-collective- album, Ip'Efthini Mou, with a Greek adaptation of Shakira's hit single Ojos Asi, adapted to "Kataziteitai" (Wanted) in Greek.
In 2004, Nikos Ganos participated in the first and only series of Super Idol, the former Greek version of the British talent show hit Pop Idol. He was in the "Bottom 2 or 3" from weeks four to seven and was eliminated in third place on week eight, the last week before the final. Since then Ganos has continued to release singles that have become hits in Greece and has worked with some of the biggest names of the Greek music scene like Giannis Parios, Kaiti Garbi, Giorgos Mazonakis and Marinella. In 2010 he released the song ""Last Summer"" which was the most successful song in Greece that year. In 2011 he performed ""Last Summer"" live on X Factor Greece. In 2012, he performed ""Break Me In The Dark"" (a remix of ""Break Me"") with Katerina Stikoudi at the MAD Video Music Awards. In 2013 he released his new song ""I'm in love"". In April 2013, Ganos has been competing in the first Greek series of Your Face Sounds Familiar and was eliminated in week 12. Each week he transformed and performed song by famous singers like; George Michael, Justin Timberlake, John Lennon, Notis Sfakianakis, Justin Bieber, Giorgos Mazonakis, Prince, Zozo Sapountzaki, and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, Sertab Erener. Ganos himself has shown interest in representing Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest in the past.
In 2002, she signed with Heaven Music and the following year started collaborating with popular songwriter Phoebus. In May 2003, she released the album "Sto Kokkino" (In red) which was one of the most successful releases in Greece of the year, reaching double platinum status. The album's first platinum certification was attained within two months and was also a great success in neighboring Turkey. Kokkinou performed with Giorgos Mazonakis in the song "To Gucci Ton Masai" which made it into the Greek top ten. Following the success of "Sto Kokkino", her former label Sony Music released a greatest hits album titled "Paradinomai" (I'm surrendering). Following the platinum status, "Sto Kokkino" was repackaged as "Sto Kokkino Platinum Edition" in 2004 with four bonus songs including a duet with Giorgos Tsalikis and a DVD. The four new songs became instant hits, while the re-release help push the certification up to 2x platinum.