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Examples of "mazzon"
Founded in Venice in 1983/84 by guitarist Eros Mazzon.
Antonio Mazzone goes by the nick name "Ton Mazzone". He was born in London. Mazzon is an actor, editor and producer.
Giorgio Mazzon (born 4 September 1960 in Waltham Cross) is a former English professional footballer who played for Hertford Town, Cheshunt, Tottenham Hotspur and Aldershot.
The municipality of Neumarkt contains the "frazioni" (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Laag (Laghetti), Mazon (Mazzon), St. Florian (San Floriano) and Vill (Villa).
Runner-up: Scaligera Mash Verona (Italy) Mike Iuzzolino, Randolph Keys, Roberto Bullara, Alessandro Boni, Roberto Dalla Vecchia, David Londero, Giacomo Galanda, Joachim Jerichow, Fabio Capelli, Matteo Nobile, Andrea Gianolla, Gianluca Tiso, Mario Soave, Claus Hansen (Coach: Andrea Mazzon)
Winner: Scaligera Mash Verona (Italy) Mike Iuzzolino, Randolph Keys, Hansi Gnad, Myron Brown, Roberto Dalla Vecchia, Roberto Bullara, Joachim Jerichow, Alessandro Boni, Matteo Nobile, Giampiero Savio, Damiano Dalfini, Davide Tisato, Matteo Sacchetti, Mario Soave, Massimo Spezie (Coach: Andrea Mazzon)
Runner-up: Aris Thessaloniki (Greece) Ryan Stack, Corey Brewer, Mike Wilkinson, Terrel Castle, Alexander Koul, Georgios Sigalas, Kenny Taylor, Nikolai Padius, Antonis Asimakopoulos, Dimitris Charitopoulos, Nikos Orfanos, Savas Kamperidis, Vladimir Petrović, Dimitris Karadolamis, Marios Matalon (Coach: Andrea Mazzon)
Mike Iuzzolino, Hansi Gnad, Randolph Keys, Myron Brown, Roberto Dalla Vecchia, Roberto Bullara, Joachim Jerichow, Alessandro Boni, Matteo Nobile, Giampiero Savio, Damiano Dalfini, Davide Tisato, Matteo Sacchetti, Mario Soave, Massimo Spezie (Head Coach: Andrea Mazzon)
The Italian Instabile Orchestra (IIO) is an eighteen piece experimental big band that performs orchestral jazz and avant-garde jazz. Its members include Alberto Mandarini, Bruno Tommaso, Carlo Actis Dato, Daniele Cavallanti, Eugenio Colombo, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Gianluigi Trovesi, Giorgio Gaslini, Giovanni Maier, Guido Mazzon, Mario Schiano, Martin Mayes, Paolo Damiani, Pino Minafra, Sebi Tramontana, Tiziano Tononi, Umberto Petrin, and Vincenzo Mazzone.
Eros Mazzon also recorded two Demo Tapes in between 1989 and 1990, called "When the Noise is... Green" and "The Hidden Springs of Human Actions"; a compilation called "Surgery Of The Power" in late 1989; and a 9 tracks pre-mix called "No More Flights" in 1990.
In October 2009, Katsikaris took over Aris Thessaloniki, replacing Andrea Mazzon. The momentum was very difficult for both the club and the coach: Aris had just failed to qualify for the EuroLeague through the preliminary round, and Katsikaris had only a few days' time until the start of the Greek League to re-organize the team.
Under the direction of Executive Chef Maurizio Mazzon, a native of Venice, the company launched a second concept, Canaletto Ristorante Veneto, at the Venetian in Las Vegas in 1999, with a second location in 2008 in Fashion Island shopping mall in Newport Beach, California.
Vetoulas started his coaching career with Aris in 2008, as an assistant coach to Andrea Mazzon. From 2010 to 2015, he coached Apollon Patras, where he managed to achieve promotion to the top-tier level Greek Basket League, up from the 2nd-tier level Greek A2 Basket League.
Mazzon a central defender joined Tottenham from non-league Hertford Town in April 1979 having previously made one appearance for Cheshunt in February 1978 against Epping Town. He played a total of seven games for the White Hart Lane club including three as substitute in all competitions. He featured in one match of the 1980-81 FA Cup run in the 6th round tie against Exeter City. Mazzon told the "Match of the Day" TV crew to use 'Giorgio' instead of 'George' in the team line up when it was broadcast. He transferred to Aldershot in August 1983 and made 195 appearances including 11 as sub and scoring six goals between 1983–88 before being seriously injured in a car accident which ended his career.
Born in Trieste to a Gorizian father and a Genoese mother, Dorfles graduated in medicine, specializing in psychiatry. He was a professor in aesthetics at the University of Trieste, Milan and Cagliari and, in 1948, established the MAC ("Movimento per l'arte concreta") with artists Atanasio Soldati, Galliano Mazzon, Gianni Monnet, and Bruno Munari. His paintings were displayed in two personal exhibitions held in Milan in 1949 and 1950 and also in numerous collective MAC exhibitions in the 1950s. In 1956 Dorfles co-founded the ADI (Associazione per il disegno industriale).