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Examples of "mcbrian"
Comedians 'George McBrian' Dir. Mike Nicholls [Music Box/Broadway].
The Hearth Money Rolls for 1662 list two Hearth Tax payers in the townland of "Dustin- William Smith and Shane McBrian."
Waurika was incorporated in May 1903. On May 8 of that year, C. A. McBrian was sworn in as the town's first mayor.
Father Shane McBrian, the Roman Catholic curate of Templeport, lived in the townland in the 1640s and took part in the Irish Rebellion of 1641, according to the following deposition of William Reynolds of Lissanover-
In February 2016, Morris was selected to perform in the 2016 Guitar Gods Festival along with Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Nicko McBrian, Rudy Sarzo and others. On June 14th, 2016, Tyler's second album, "The Chaos Continues," was on Tyler Morris Music Publishing ©.
The original route had only been in existence for eight years when, in 1823, Assistant Surveyor James McBrian identified an improved route on the approaches to Bathurst. This route turned north south of O'Connell to run northwest to where is now located, then west across the Macquarie River into Bathurst. The section from south of O'Connell to Kelso is now part of the Bathurst-Oberon Road, and from Kelso into central Bathurst still remains as part of the Great Western Highway.
Before his Hollywood success, he struggled to make ends meet by working at Lotus Bar in the Meatpacking District of New York and acted in Georgia Lee's "Educated with Fay Ann Lee". His breakthrough role came in his performance of Roy in "The Perfect Score" (2004). He had a small role in the 2005 film "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" as Brian McBrian, a hardcore gamer. He played Brian again in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2"; in the sequel, his character has a larger role. Nam also made an appearance in "" (2006) as Morimoto. In 2016, he joined the cast of the HBO series "Westworld".
Stuck at home in Bethesda, Maryland while her three friends went to Greece, Mexico and South Carolina, she decides to make a "suckumentary" about people she considers to be "lame," among them her coworkers at Wallman's and Brian McBrian, a fellow high schooler who spends most of his time playing Dragon Master at the local 7-Eleven. At Wallman's, Tibby meets twelve-year-old Bailey Graffman, who is dying of leukemia and is eager to help Tibby with her movie. Bailey, afraid of not having enough time to truly understand people and, in turn, be understood, looks beyond appearances and finds the true worth in each of Tibby's documentary subjects, allowing Tibby to do the same. Bailey dies at the end of the novel and Tibby decided to make the documentary about the summer she had with Bailey
"Gamepro" was first established in Redwood City, California in late 1988 by Patrick Ferrell, his sister-in-law Leeanne McDermott, and the husband-wife design team of Michael and Lynne Kavish. Lacking the cashflow to be able to sustain growth after publishing the first issue, the founding management team sought a major publisher and in 1989 found one with IDG Peterborough, a New Hampshire-based division of the global giant IDG. Led by a merger and acquisition team comprising IDG Peterborough President Roger Murphy and two other executives, Jim McBrian and Roger Strukhoff, the magazine was acquired, then a few months later spun off as an independent business unit of IDG, under the leadership of Ferrell as president/CEO. The later addition of John Rousseau as publisher and editor-in-chief Wes Nihei, as well as renowned artist Francis Mao, established "Gamepro" as a large, profitable magazine worldwide publication. Francis Mao, acting in his role as art director for the nascent GamePro, contracted game illustrator Marc Ericksen to create the premiere cover for the first addition of the magazine. Ericksen would go on to produce five of the first ten covers for GamePro, eventually creating eight in total, and would continue a secondary role creating a number of the double page spreads for the very popular monthly Pro Tips section.