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Examples of "mccrossan"
Anthony McCrossan is a British sports commentator covering professional cycling.
McCrossan was born in Toronto. An actuary by profession, McCrossan has served as president of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. He was employed by Canada Life Assurance prior to being elected to the House of Commons.
In 2010, McCrossan was named to the New Brunswick Task Force on Protecting Pensions.
"On the Jericho Road" was written in 1928 by Don and Marguerete McCrossan and recorded by Elvis Presley.
William Paul Joseph McCrossan (born May 20, 1942) is an actuary and former Canadian Member of Parliament.
Following the 2017 NI Assembly elections, McCrossan was re-elected as MLA for West Tyrone, increasing the SDLP vote in the constituency to 14.2%, 6,283 first preference votes.
Brainchild of Madison CEO Dominic Langan, Madison Genesis was born in early 2012. Langan enlisted the advice of consultant Anthony McCrossan to help set up the team. Roger Hammond was chosen as team manager when McCrossan and Madison marketing director Kellie Parsons met. They exchanged folded pieces of paper – both containing the name of their preferred choice for the role – both reading Hammond.
Following the Northern Irish Assembly Election in May 2016, Daniel McCrossan was elected as an MLA for West Tyrone. Receiving 11% of the vote and 4,287 first preference votes. McCrossan was the first person to be deemed elected in the West Tyrone constituency.
Daniel Christopher McCrossan (born 20 October 1988) is a Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) politician and Member of the Legislative Assembly for West Tyrone.
The society published the Atlas of Western Canada in 1964. It was edited by R.G. McCrossan and R.P. Glaister, and contained detailed references to the Geological History of Western Canada and the stratigraphy of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.
'The Rev. Don McCrossan (1908-1989) was an evangelist who in 1943 became director of the Victory Service Club, an outreach ministry to military personnel established the previous year by the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. As his obituary explains, “Through World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars, [the VSC] was a place where young men and women in a strange city could gather for food and friendship. It also was a place of faith, McCrossan said in a 1961 interview, a place where tens of thousands formally accepted Christ and hundreds more were inspired to enter various ministries.” (LA Times, April 15, 1989). According to the URM website, the Victory Service Club was “a spiritual haven and gathering place for nearly two million servicemen during the war years.” McCrossan served as director until his retirement in 1975.
McCrossan was also a singer and a composer of gospel songs and held down a side job as radio announcer on station KGER in Long Beach, California. He secured the copyright to “On the Jericho Road” in 1928 when he was only 20.
The land now occupied by the Arbor Lakes district was formerly an active gravel mine owned primarily by C.S. McCrossan and Tiller Corporation. The City of Maple Grove first began planning for a civic center in the late 1980s, as identified in former comprehensive land use plans.
Strabane F.C. was a Northern Irish football club from the town of Strabane, County Tyrone. The club was founded in 1961 by John Madden,Billy Harte,John McCrossan,Richard McGinley,Billy Wallace and Eamon McColgan as Strabane F.C. In 2010 the club merged with Sion Swifts and were known as Strabane and Sion Swifts United but that club folded in 2012.
Due to scope of project, a venture was created by C.S. McCrossan and Ames to complete an area known as The Civil West Project. This area extended from the west side of the 35W abutment, over the Mississippi River, through the UofM campus and ending at Bedford St. From Bedford to Saint Paul, Walsh Construction served as the general contractor.
McCrossan attended Liverpool John Moores University where he undertook a Law Degree. His specialist areas include; Medical Negligence, Criminal Law, Family Law, Corporate Law, Tort & Contract. He has an LLB(Hons) in Law and is currently writing his PHD in Law.
In Vancouver, Bird continued to practice law. He became partner in the firm of Bird, Brydon Jack & McCrossan until 1907. From 1907 to 1912, Bird partnered with MacNeill and practiced in the firm of MacNeill & Bird until 1912, when two others joined the firm, making it MacNeill, Bird, Macdonald & Darling.
She attempted to enter federal politics by running for the Liberal Party of Canada in the 1984 federal election. She ran in the suburban riding of York—Scarborough, far from her electoral base in the old City of Toronto, and was defeated by Progressive Conservative Paul McCrossan.
It was originally titled "ABC Film Review", being tied in with ABC Cinemas. At the time it was just 20 pages and cost 3 Old Pence. It was published by Associated British in association with Pathé and produced by Axtell Publications Ltd. of London, and the only credited contributor was James McCrossan. After the trial's success it became a full monthly magazine from January 1951 costing 4d until Dec 1951.
The city is home to a gravel mining area owned by Tiller Corporation and C.S. McCrossan. Active since the 1920s, the GMA is slowly being developed into a residential and commercial downtown. The first phase included Main Street, a collection of one- and two-story buildings with storefronts built in new urbanist (or neotraditional) style. The second phase was generally considered to be the Shoppes of Arbor Lakes and the third phase was the Fountains at Arbor Lakes.