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Examples of "mchinji"
Mchinji Airport is an airport serving the city of Mchinji, Republic of Malawi.
The Members for the Malawian National Assembly are six in total. They are for Honorable Ellen Chisale for Mchinji East Constituency (in Traditional Authorities Mduwa and Nyoka), Honorable Rachel Zulu Mazombwe for Mchinji North Constituency (in Traditional Authorities Mkanda and Pitala), Honorable Alex Chitete for Mchinji North East Constituency (in Traditional Authorities Kapondo and Dambe), Honorable Jerome Waluza for Mchinji South Constituency (in Traditional Authority Mavwere), Honorable Mussa Banda for Mchinji South West Constituency (in Traditional authority Mlonyeni), and Honorable Teleza Mwale for Mchinji West Constituency (in Traditional Authorities Zulu and Simphasi). The members are from the Peoples Party, Malawi Congress Party and Democrat Progressive Party
Mchinji is a district in the Central Region of Malawi. The capital is Mchinji. The district covers an area of 3,356 km.² and has a population of 324,941.
There are six National Assembly constituencies in Mchinji:
Mchinji was previously the railhead nearest the Zambian border, after the railway from Lilongwe was extended to Mchinji in 1980. In September 2010, an extension to the Zambian border town of Chipata was opened, providing a new rail access point to Zambia via Mchinji.
Ngoni is also spoken by some major population surrounding Mchinji Boma
Mchinji is described as "dirt poor" by "The Times". Harvesting rain-fed agriculture is the main occupation in Mchinji, with groundnuts, tobacco, soya and casava beans being the primary cash crops. Maize, yams, velvet beans and pumpkin are prominent food crops. During the dry season, secondary activities are pursued, such as brick-making, beer brewing, bicycle repair and carpentry. Due to a food shortage partially caused by the region's many droughts and partially caused by poor government planning, a UNDP rural development program was established in Mchinji. Mchinji is currently the location of a pilot project of a social cash transfer to benefit very poor members of rural areas.
Mchinji is a district in the Central Region of Malawi. As of 2008 estimates, Mchinji District had a population of 458,556. The area's economy is sustained by rain-fed agriculture. Mchinji Boma, located at 12 km from the Zambian Border and 109 km from Lilongwe the Capital City of Malawi, is the major hub of government and general business. It has a major railroad junction, being the railhead nearest to Zambia.
The location for the program is in the Mchinji District, the 14th poorest district out of 28 in Malawi.
Paramount Chief Mpezeni is a chieftainship of the Ngoni people of Zambia's Eastern Province and Malawi's Mchinji district.
Elections were not held in the Mchinji West constituency on polling day due to the death of a candidate.
Minibuses run from Mchinji to Lilongwe, and local shared taxis can be taken from Mchingi to the Zambian border. A water transport system existed from Lilongwe to Mchinji, though Bakili Muluzi favoured road transport and the system was dropped. The nearest airport is at Lilongwe, away, although there is a closer airstrip at Chipata.
Mwale was elected Member of Parliament for the Mchinji West Constituency on a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) ticket on 19 May 2009.
On 19 June 2008 Gillian Merron, the British Minister for International Development, responsible for Africa, visited Mchinji and spoke about maternal health and the challenges faced by residents.
An extension from Mchinji to Chipata in Zambia opened in 2010, and there is a proposal to eventually link up from there with the TAZARA railway at Mpika.
Of the 27 districts in Malawi, 9 are located within the Central Region They are: Dedza, Dowa, Kasungu, Lilongwe, Mchinji, Nkhotakota, Ntcheu, Ntchisi, and Salima.
Mchinji Boma lies at an elevation of , from the Zambian border. It is situated away from Katambo, away from Kadulama Lambo, away from Daka and away from Tsumba.
The Youth of Malawi foundation has built a solar-powered, rainwater harvesting primary school in the village of Chimphamba, in the Mchinji district of rural Malawi.
Mchinji Boma was formerly known as Fort Manning, after governor William Manning. Fort Manning was called a "fort" because the local government offices (the "boma") were once fortified.
Kapiri Parish a catholic church is found in west of Mchinji Boma via M18 road from Kamwendo to Kapiri trading centre