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Examples of "mcrobbie"
McRobbie was born in Hawick, Scottish Borders, Scotland, the son of Mary Fleming (née Heigh), a writer, and William McRobbie, a storekeeper.
All songs written by Stephen McRobbie, except where noted.
The principal investigator for this first phase was Michael McRobbie.
All songs written by Stephen McRobbie, except where noted.
McRobbie has three children and three stepchildren. His wife Laurie Burns McRobbie was born in Michigan, and worked as a technologist for 20 years. Both of them had been widowed before they married in 2005.
All songs written by Stephen McRobbie, except where noted.
Father Lantom (portrayed by Peter McRobbie) is a Catholic priest and confidante for Murdock.
Peter McRobbie (born 31 January 1943) is a Scottish-born American character actor.
David McRobbie is an Australian writer of television, radio and children's literature.
Michael Alexander McRobbie was born October 11, 1950 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and grew up in the Gold Coast.
McRobbie served as interim provost and vice president of academic affairs of the Bloomington campus in 2006.
During a private meeting with the NCAA infractions committee on June 30, McRobbie apologized for hiring Sampson and called that decision a mistake. McRobbie said that Sampson betrayed his trust as Indiana's coach, and demonstrated that his hiring had been "a risk that should not have been taken."
Michael Alexander McRobbie (born October 11, 1950) is an Australian-American computer scientist, educator and academic administrator.
On March 1, 2007 McRobbie was selected as IU's 18th president and took office on July 1, 2007.
April 2008 saw Hotstox drivers Matt Smith, Marc Radforth and Darren Cottrill race in New Zealand with Radforth performing well and Cottrill managing to roll his car. Kiwi drivers racing in the UK were Nick Vallance, Alan and Graham McRobbie. Alan McRobbie scored two wins at his one and only UK race meeting - no mean feat.
Angela McRobbie and Sarah Thornton claim that Stanley Cohen's work on moral panic is outdated and argue that more modern information is required. McRobbie suggests that idea of moral panic has become so common that the media knowingly and mindfully uses it. Thornton argues that the media originally caused moral panics inadvertently; however, the media now manipulates it on its own.
The Media and Communications Department, as well as the Centre for Cultural Studies, include Scott Lash, Angela McRobbie and Sara Ahmed.
McRobbie was principal investigator of a project sponsored by the US National Science Foundation to connect US and Asian national research and education networks called TransPAC.
McRobbie was made a Sagamore of the Wabash, the highest honor the state can bestow, in 2007 by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.
In 1978, McRobbie contributed to "Simon Frith's" a pioneer essay on the patriarchal character of rock music, constituting a starting point for numerous feminist studies on popular music.