Synonyms for megaspilidae or Related words with megaspilidae

aphelinidae              trichogrammatidae              eulophidae              aphidiidae              alloxystidae              encyrtidae              cecidomyiidae              mymaridae              eumenidae              cicadellidae              angstidae              membracidae              issidae              flatidae              stratiomyidae              cixiidae              oestridae              staphylenidae              cicadidae              braconidae              mydidae              coccinellidae              psychodidae              ceratopogonidae              coniopterygidae              hemerobiidae              cleridae              anthomyiidae              fulgoroidea              drosophilidae              bombyliidae              curculionidae              nabidae              hippoboscidae              tipulidae              dolichopodidae              lssidae              treehoppers              apidae              chrysopidae              tachinidae              anthocoridae              trichodoridae              chironomidae              acrididae              therevidae              chameiidae              schizaeaceae              tropaeolaceae              muscidae             

Examples of "megaspilidae"
The largest genus within Megaspilidae is Dendrocerus. The second largest genus is Conostigmus.
The family is distinguished from the closely related Megaspilidae by having a very small stigma in the wing, a very broad metasomal petiole, and a single median groove in the mesoscutum.
Conostigmus is a genus of parasiotoid wasps belonging to the superfamily Ceraphronoidea. It is the second-largest genus within the family Megaspilidae (Johnson & Musetti 2004). The genus has a worldwide distribution with over 170 extant species.
Though it is the second largest genus within Megaspilidae, little is known about its life history. A few species are known to be ectoparasitoids, though it is likely that the genus also contains endoparasitoids as well, since the sister genus Dendrocerus contains both life strategies. It is likely that Conostigmus contains hyperparasitoids as well.
The Megaspilidae are a small hymenopteran family with 12 genera in two subfamilies, and some 450 known species, with a great many species still undescribed. It is a poorly known group as a whole, though most are believed to be parasitoids (especially of sternorrhynchan Hemiptera), and a few hyperparasitoids. Many are found in the soil, and of these, a number are wingless.