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Examples of "megatone"
Megatone owned 2 sublabels. Megatone House Records, active from 1988 to 1991, specialized in House music. Mega-Tech Records, active in 1992, specialized in house music with breakbeat.
"Right on Target" is a 1982 single by Paul Parker. It was released on Megatone Records.
Megatone is a collaborative album between the Japanese experimental doom band Boris and the Japanese noise musician Merzbow.
After Cowley's death in 1982, Blecman was head of the label until he died of AIDS in 1991. In 1992, John Hedges and Terrence Brown took over Megatone. In 1995, Megatone closed down & its back catalog was sold to Unidisc Music.
Pixart began being sold as pre-installed in Argentina, in numerous wholesale channels, including Garbarino, Fravega, Carrefour, Jumbo, Megatone, Sicsa, Pcarts, New Tree, and Compumundo. Basing the distribution on Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 ("Sarge"), the company added proprietary software components.
London's Ian Anthony Stephens and Megatone recording artist Paul Parker teamed up to provide Madleen with "I'm No Angel", a Billboard Dance Hit from her 1985 album, "Cover Girl". Madleen, tired of recording, faded away after this album.
Megatone is the third studio album by Klaus Schulze's side project, Richard Wahnfried, released in 1984. On this album, Schulze collaborates with Michael Garvens, Axel-Glenn Müller, Ulli Schober, Michael Shrieve and Harald Katzsch.
Following this unorthodox gamble, Unidisc never looked back, gradually purchasing and accumulating rights to Megatone Records, Quality Records, Ahed Music, Emergency Records, Midland International, De-Lite Records, Network Records, and Pickwick Records. Noticeable Canadian labels include Daffodil, MWC, and Attic.
Megatone Records was an independent music label created in San Francisco in 1981 by Patrick Cowley and Marty Blecman. The name was derived from Cowley's "Megatron Man". The top artists involved include The Patrick Cowley Singers, Jeanie Tracy, Sylvester, and Paul Parker.
In 1983, Dash released two dance singles for Megatone Records in San Francisco, both produced by Patrick Cowley. The first, "Low Down Dirty Rhythm" was basically ignored, but the second single "Lucky Tonight" (featuring background vocals by Sylvester), was much more successful, even rising to the #5 spot on "Billboard"'s Dance Chart, and was even a Billboard "Pick of the Week."
Joseph relocated to San Francisco from New York in 1982. Her background in the concert, nightclub and record business in New York served her well in San Francisco. Joseph worked for Megatone Records and was involved in the marketing and promotion of Sylvester. She also managed David Harness.
Thomas Gansch performs on an unusual looking, self designed trumpet, commonly referred to as the ""Gansch Horn"" that resembles a standard jazz B trumpet but with a rotary valve system. He uses this with a Bach 3B megatone trumpet mouthpiece. made by the Austrian brass instruments manufacturer Schagerl.
Queen Samantha's biggest hit was "Mama Rue". The single "Take a Chance" backed with "Sweet San Francisco" was released on TK Records and remixed by Steve Thompson and Michael Arato. Other charting singles include 1980's "Funky Celebration", 1982's "Give Me Action", and 1983's "Close Your Eyes" on California's Megatone label.
In 1983, "Band of Gold" was recorded by Disco/Hi-NRG singer Sylvester on Megatone Records and released as a 12" single. Sylvester's version reached number 18 on the "Billboard" Hot Dance Club Play chart and number 67 on the UK Singles Chart.
Zico and Poptime composed the first three tracks, while "Walkin' In The Rain" was composed by Park Kyung & Score Megatone, and "빙글빙글 (Bingle Bingle)" was written and composed by Dean. All the tracks, including both singles, were penned by Zico with the exception of "빙글빙글 (Bingle Bingle)". "몇 년 후에 (A Few Years Later)" and "Walkin' In The Rain"'s lyrics' were written with Park Kyung.
Playin’ TV is known to propose several different games in six categories. The board and card games include Solitaire, Poker, Chess and Backgammon. Action and adventure games include Carrot Mania, Johnny Megatone, King Kong and Miss Pearl. Sports games include Football, Tennis, Golf and Basketball. Strategy and puzzle games include Scrabble, Magic 4 and Mine Mania. Ludo-educative games include Spot the differences, Jigsaw and Memory. Casino games include French Roulette, Black Jack, Texas Hold’em and Slot machines. Each week, a new pack of 35 different games become available.
Other versions have been recorded by Julia Fordham, The Pretenders, Mike Francis, Brotherhood of Man, Red Red Meat, John O'Banion, Outrageous Cherry, Chyp-Notic, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Päivi Kautto-Niemi, The BB Band, Geb.el, Gloritone, Tori Amos, Unfinished Thought, Donny Osmond, Rick Springfield, Queen Latifah, Joey Kid from the group Trilogy, Lazlo Bane, Tex Perkins & His Ladyboyz, Rozz Williams (Accept the Gift of Sin), Juice, F. R. David, Peggy Lee and Japanese singer Ryohei. Former Supreme Scherrie Payne had a club hit with her version of the song in 1982 on Megatone Records.
Loverde's second single was "My World Is Empty Without You", another successful release which led to television appearances and a tour. By the time of the single's release, Patrick Cowley was becoming increasingly ill, suffering from AIDS, and was unable to contribute anything more than simple synthesizer riffs. Production credits on the single went to Bill Motley and Horus Jack Tolson. Following Cowley's death in 1982, Loverde was unable to repeat its earlier success with new music produced without Cowley's input. They recorded "Backstreet Romance" in 1983, but the record was a commercial failure. Loverde's last works were "Love Takes Me Higher" and "Manifestation of Love", both released in 1987. After the collapse of Megatone Records in 1988, Loverde was unable to find a new contract.
Sylvester's final album, "Mutual Attraction" (1986), was produced by Megatone but licensed and released by Warner Bros. On the album, Sylvester had worked with a wide number of collaborators, and included new tracks alongside covers of songs by Stevie Wonder and George Gershwin. Reviews of the album were mixed, with many claiming that it was a poor release. One of the album's singles, "Someone Like You", proved more successful, reaching number one on the "Billboard" dance charts. Warner Bros booked him to appear on the New Year's Eve edition of "The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers", during which Joan Rivers described him as a drag queen; visibly annoyed, he corrected her by stating that he was not a drag queen, proclaiming simply "I'm Sylvester!"
During the 1984 season, fourteen 49ers players came together to record a 45 pop single entitled "We're the 49ers." The song, released as a 45-RPM single on Megatone Records, was produced and co-written by Narada Michael Walden. It mixed elements of R&B, funk, and pop. Prominent 49ers who provided vocals include Roger Craig, Dwight Clark and Ronnie Lott (Joe Montana is noticeably absent, although he would join Lott, Clark and Riki Ellison to provide background vocals for the San Francisco band Huey Lewis and the News on two tracks from their 1986 album "Fore!"). While achieving some local airplay in San Francisco on radio stations like KMEL, it did not catch on nationally the way the Bears' Super Bowl Shuffle would a year later.