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St. Mary Magdalen Church, Rectory, and Cemetery is a historic Roman Catholic church at Pere Megret and Main Street in Abbeville, Louisiana.
In September 1847, Reverend Nicholas Francais was given charge of Saint Mary Magdalen Church, but Pere Megret continued to look after the Catholics of Abbeville and vicinity. Father Francais served there until after September 1850.
In 1998, along with Guillaume Peltier, he founded the Youth Christian Action Association (AJAC), a movement which opposed the PACS and euthanasia. It claimed around 250 members and was close to the National Republican Movement (MNR), led by Bruno Megret.
In September 2009, PAI's CEO Dominique Megret stepped down in favor of Lionel Zinsou, who came from N.M. Rothschild. In response, PAI has offered investors an opportunity to reduce the size of PAI Europe V, raised in 2007 and 2008, by almost 40%. In 2015 Michel Paris became CEO after Lionel Zinsou stepped down to become prime minister in Benin
There were two people living on the land at the time, Joseph LeBlanc and his wife Isabelle Broussard, whose former home Father Megret converted into a chapel. The chapel burned in 1854, and in 1910 St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, Rectory, and Cemetery were built and still stand today.
The center of downtown is Magdalen Square, which is accented by large oak trees, a fountain, and gazebo. A statue in memory of Father Megret stands in the square. In 1856, the Last Island Hurricane destroyed every building in the town.
Father Megret modeled his original plan for the village after a French Provincial village. In a map he designed in 1846, the town was 38 to in size. It was bounded on the north by St. Victor Boulevard, on the south by Lafayette Boulevard, on the east by "the Sisters of Charity," and on the west by Bayou Vermilion. At this point in time the town was called “Abbville”.
St. Mary Magdalen Parish was established in 1842 by Pere Antoine Desire Megret. The first church, the remodeled home of Joseph LeBlanc, was built and dedicated in the spring of 1844. From the beginning it was placed under the invocation of Saint Mary Magdalen, a favorite saint among the descendants of the Acadian exiles all through South Louisiana. The name was always retained, except for a short time during Father Laforest’s administration, when after the 1907 fire, the church was temporarily called Saint Ann's, at least in the reports.
Abbeville is the home of numerous historic buildings that have been added periodically to the National Historic Register. Starting in 1987, the Abbeville Commercial Historic District, in the area surrounded by Concord, State, Lafayette, and Jefferson Streets, was added to the register. That same year, the Abbeville Residential Historic District was created between W. Oak, State, Cherry, and the Vermilion River. St. Mary Magdalen Church, Rectory, and the Cemetery were added the following year. In the 1990s, the Ovide Broussard House, Chauviere House, Gordy House, Lyons House, and the Caldwell House were all added, in addition to the Downtown Abbeville Historic District, which is bounded by State, 1st, Pere Megret, and Concord St and the Vermilion Bayou. Finally, just before the turn of the century, the Richard Cattle Auction Barn and the St. Mary Congregational Church were both added. North of Abbeville, A La Bonne Veillee was added in 1984.
Monsignor Richard von Phul Mouton, a native of Lafayette, was welcomed as pastor in November 1973. Monsignor Mouton also made enhancements to the beauty of the church. He sought to expand and improve the ministry to the elderly and homebound, being responsible for the appointment of some seventeen extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. One of his major accomplishments was a significant reduction of the parish debt. In December 1975, the cellar of the church sacristy was renovated and turned into a weekday Mass chapel. The chapel was named Holy Parents Chapel. Monsignor Mouton served on the Abbeville Bicentennial Committee, which was instrumental in erecting the stature of Pere Antoine Desire Megret in Magdalen Square. Monsignor also commissioned the painting of a mural in the east vestibule of the Holy Parents Chapel to commemorate Saint Mary Magdalen’s anniversary. On August 25, 1981, the sacristy and chapel were badly damaged by fire. Repairs and renovations took place in 1981–82. In January 1984, the community center was donated to Mt. Carmel to be used as classrooms and to make room for the new ministries building. The ministries building, which houses the parish offices, a large meeting room, two smaller meeting rooms and a bookstore, was completed in 1985.
National Front is an extreme-right party which openly claims its nationalist and conservative ideals. This party was initially led by Jean Marie Le Pen, who has often been considered to be the spokesperson and face of the party. Le Pen has been reprimanded many times for racist actions and the National Front has been held responsible for a couple of race-based crimes. For example, in 1995, three militants of the National Front party shot at two young boys of African origins who were running to catch their bus. One of the young boys, Ali Ibrahim, a 17-year-old from the Comoros Islands, was fatally wounded. Bruno Megret, who was 2nd in command of the National Front at the time, stated that this event was due to "massive and uncontrollable immigration" in France. He added that he was thankful that his militants had been armed. In 2011, Marine Le Pen, Jean Le Pen’s daughter, took over as President of the National Front party and also expressed her anti-Islamic and anti-immigration views.