Synonyms for meifang or Related words with meifang

xiaoyang              renliang              jiaqi              weixing              jianan              yixiang              chunli              xiaohong              xiaojuan              jingyu              zhihao              qiming              zhensheng              leilei              guowei              yanfeng              jiasheng              yuanhao              hongxue              guizhen              xiangfei              yanmei              jianfeng              yanfei              jingyao              xueying              yuting              zijun              qingxiang              yufen              hongxia              xiyao              limei              xianying              jieyi              jinglin              letian              wenbin              xinyue              zhipeng              qishi              aiying              jiali              yajun              xiwen              huizhen              xiaohu              weiqing              chenxin              shuyi             

Examples of "meifang"
Meiqiang, Meifang, Meiting and Meizhi are driving in their car when it ran out of fuel, so they part ways.
Fengtian Village, Tunghe Village, Nanguang Village, Xiping Village, Beiping Village, Zhongxi Village, Guangxing Village, Xiangtian Village, Waizhu Village, Xinghua Village, Tungxing Village, Houcuo Village, Dingcuo Village, Zhaojia Village, Zhenxing Village, Wanxing Village, Yongxing Village, Xizhuang Village, Meifang Village, Hualun Village, Wange Village, Tungshi Village, Dayong Village, Yuandou Village, Xidou Village, Tunghua Village, Fufeng Village.
As Meiqiang is walking, he tries to remove Haonan the rock (Zheng Geping) who falls from the sky, preventing him from continuing his journey. Meifang is pursued by Renyi the big bad wolf (Ben Yeo) and falls down, but could not get up. Meiting finds treasure along her way, but is shocked to find a snake inside the treasure box. Meizhi is engrossed using his phone and unknowningly falls into a trap that was being set.
After the siblings sing the pre-chorus, they gather up courage and fight back from their obstacles. Meiqiang manages to crush Haonan into pieces and frees Xinying (Sora Ma); Meifang gets rid of Renyi by pulling the red nose; Meiting defeats the snake using her handbag; and Meizhi frees himself by using the phone to unlock the chain. They return to the car using the "hearts" needed for each of their accomplishments, and are delighted when the tank is refilled. The siblings continue driving and singing along the way.
Hong Meiqiang (Bryan Wong) is released from prison and is determined to find the culprit who has framed him. However, this leads to the greatest regrets of his life. Meiqiang’s mother, Wang Shuhua (Lin Meijiao), is on her death bed. She gathers her three other children and wants them to look for their father who has been missing for years. Meiqiang is very determined to fulfil his mother’s wish. Hong Meifang (Jesseca Liu) is angry with Meiqiang for disappointing their mother time and again. Despite this, Meifang hopes to see her mother leave in peace and agrees to join Meiqiang. Hong Meizhi (Aloysius Pang) is initially unmotivated to look for their father, but he later changes his mind as he is touched by Meiqiang’s perseverance. Hong Meiting (Seraph Sun) faces financial crisis and hopes to get her share of inheritance as soon as possible. In order to get the money, she agrees to join in the quest to search for their father. In the process of looking for their father, the siblings faced many setbacks. However, for the sake of their mother, they soldier on.
Even in his first visit, contacts were made to have some scientist spend some time in his laboratory as Post Docs in Amherst and later in Brooklyn: Xi Fu and Hu Liping from Beijing, Li Shanjun and Fu Shoukuan from Shanghai, Xie S.S. from Chengdu and Zhang Jingyun from the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry. Zhou Qifeng was Vogl’s first Chinese student in Amherst and Qin Meifang his last in Brooklyn. Ultimately Xi Fu became the Deputy Director of the Institute of Chemistry and a President of the Chinese Chemical Society, Fu S.K. became the Director of the Materials Institute at Fudan University, Zhang J.Y. the President of the Shanghai Academy of Science and Technology and Zhou Qifeng is now the President of Peking University, the Harvard of China. A total of 13 Chinese scientists worked in his laboratory.