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Examples of "meike"
Selected 5: Dilara, Meike, Rosalie, Claudia, Betty
Judges: Humphrey Davies, Hassan Abdulrazzak, Rajeev Balasubramanyam, Meike Ziervogel
After a while, Ansgar really loves Hannes as his son and fights with Tanja over custody. Tanja, as always, doesn't want it to be fate and as her sister Meike Breuer comes to town, she wants her as a nanny for Hannes. But Meike falls in love with Ansgar. He finds out, that Meike is Tanja's sister and uses her to get custody.
Meike is the younger sister of Tanja von Anstetten. Tanja hasn't been in contact with her family for years and is not happy, when Meike comes to Düsseldorf. But when Tanja sees that she could use Meike to get in contact with her son Hannes, Tanja tries to be extremely nice to her sister. Hannes is living with Tanja's ex Ansgar von Lahnstein. The timing couldn't be better, when Meike takes the job offer to be the new nanny of Hannes. This way she can let Tanja see the little boy whenever he wants. But even through Meike's intentions are pure, it doesn't take long until she's caught up in Ansgar and Tanja's games with each other. Ansgar finds out that Meike is Tanja's sister and wants to win her for his side, when the custody battle comes up. He tells Meike that he's real feelings for her - even proposes to Meike. When the custody trial comes up, Ansgar outs Meike as Tanja's sister and Tanja fears to lose the fight over her son. In the end, Meike is hurt by Ansgar's betrayal and kidnaps Hannes, believing that Tanja and Ansgar don't deserve him. Nathalie Käppler tries to get to Meike and gets her into giving up and returning Hannes to his parents, before she's about to kill him. After this Meike is brought in a psychiatric institution. It's mentioned in 2008 by her mother Annegret that she is still in psychiatric care. When Ansgar tries in December 2009 to drug Tanja with hallucinogens and wants her put away into a mental hospital, once again it's been confirmed that after more than three years, Meike still wasn't released.
Meike Babel / Laurence Courtois defeated Åsa Carlsson / Florencia Labat 6–0, 6–2
Meike Ziervogel (born 1967, Germany) is a novelist and publisher. She lives in London.
Sabine Appelmans won in the final 6–1, 4–6, 7–6 against Meike Babel.
Ruxandra Dragomir / Inés Gorrochategui defeated Meike Babel / Catherine Barclay 6–4, 6–0
The district mayor Meike Rupp-Naujok is a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.
Dr. Meike Schäffler and Torsten Jagdt joined the Board of Directors in July 2016.
Larisa Neiland / Helena Suková defeated Meike Babel / Laurence Courtois 6–2, 6–4
10. Because of the ejection of Meike, only Aleksandra and Lilly were nominated.
Meike Hoffmann (born 1962) is a German art historian and provenance researcher.
Sabine Appelmans defeated Meike Babel 6–1, 4–6, 7–6
The jury is very surprised by Meike because of her great voice.
Marion Maruska was the defending champion but lost in the first round to Meike Babel.
Meike Kröger (born 21 July 1986) is a German track and field athlete who specialises in the high jump.
Larisa Neiland and Helena Suková won in the final 6–1, 6–0 against Meike Babel and Laurence Courtois.
Meike Schmelzer (born 10 July 1993) is a German handball player for Thüringer HC and the German national team.
Dragomir and Gorrochategui won in the final 6–4, 6–0 against Meike Babel and Catherine Barclay.