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myitkyina              monywa              lashio              bishenpur              myingyan              mogaung              buthidaung              tavoy              pyawbwe              maungdaw              akyab              shwebo              bhamo              tamandu              maymyo              kalewa              pakokku              indaw              thanlyin              imphal              rathedaung              pyinmana              taungup              myinmu              yenangyaung              kohima              pathein              kilinochchi              taungoo              myeik              jhangar              sittwe              hmawbi              mawlamyaing              arakan              taungdwingyi              ramree              mergui              syriam              hsipaw              bardia              magwe              minbu              kyaukpadaung              razabil              mingaladon              myaungmya              mottama              chinju              kapyong             

Examples of "meiktila"
Meiktila is home to a national university in Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University, and regional universities and colleges such as Meiktila University, Meiktila Institute of Economics, Computer University, Meiktila, Technological University, Meiktila and Meiktila Education College.
Meiktila (; ) is a city in central Burma on the banks of Meiktila Lake in the Mandalay Region at the junctions of the Bagan-Taunggyi, Yangon-Mandalay and Meiktila-Myingyan highways. Because of its strategic position, Meiktila is home to Myanmar Air Force's central command and Meiktila Air Force Base. The country's main aerospace engineering university, Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University is also located in Meiktila.
No (4), Basic Education High School(Meiktila) (No.4,BEHS, Meiktila) is located at the side of highways of Meiktila- Kyaukpataung.
Technological University, Meiktila () is located on the right side of Meiktila-Pindale Road in Meiktila, Mandalay Region. Its area is 51.65 acres.
Computer University, Meiktila is a university located in Meiktila (sometimes called Meikhtila), Mandalay Division, Myanmar.
Meiktila Township () is a township of Meiktila District in the Mandalay Division of Burma.
Basic Education High School No. 1 Meiktila (; commonly known as Royal No.1 High School), located on the bank of Lake Meiktila, is a public high school in Meiktila, Myanmar.
Meiktila was part of the 1945 Battle of Meiktila and Mandalay, during which the Allied forces under William Slim defeated the Japanese forces. Soon after Burma's independence from Britain in 1948, Meiktila briefly fell under the insurgent Karen forces.
The University was transferred to the present site in 2008. The former University was in Tawma Village-tract east of Meiktila. It was originally formed on 1 December 1986 as Government Technical Institute (Meiktila) in Tawma Village near Meiktila. It became Government Technological College on 25 November 1999. The University was inaugurated on 20 January 2007 at that place.
Lucknow, Taku Forts, Pekin 1860, Abyssinia, Ali Masjid, Peiwar Kotal, Charasiah, Kabul 1879, Afghanistan 1878–80, Chitral, Malakand, Punjab Frontier, Mesopotamia 1915-18, Meiktila, Capture of Meiktila, Defence of Meiktila, Taungtha, Rangoon Road, Pyawbwe, Pyinmana, Toungoo, Pegu 1945, Burma 1942–45, Khem Karan 1965.
Meiktila District is a district of the Mandalay Division in central Burma.
Soe Nyunt was born on 18 April 1932 in Shwe Sitthi village, Meiktila Township.
The name Meiktila comes from Mithila, the name of an Indian kingdom in India.
In 1928 Myoma Nyein married Than May, a school teacher from Meiktila.
Wundwin () is a township of Meiktila District in the Mandalay Division of Burma.
Thazi is a town in Thazi Township, Meiktila District, Mandalay Region, central Burma (Myanmar).
See Battle of Meiktila / Mandalay for a fuller description of this operation and its context.
Ma Hlaing Township is a township of Meiktila District in the Mandalay Division of Burma.
Thazi Township is a township of Meiktila District in the Mandalay Region of Burma.
From January 1945, the division was used as a reserve force in the Battle of Meiktila and Mandalay, with the main body of the "53rd division" staying south of Mandalay. The 119th infantry regiment was attached to the 18th division for its attacks on Meiktila. After the attacks on Meiktila were broken off, the remnants of the division attempted to hold a position near Pyawbwe but were overrun by allied tanks.