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artiguenave              guilloteau              cruaud              millasseau              faivre              boursier              begue              jaillon              audebert              reiffers              duflos              ploix              kedinger              rivoire              lhomme              porchet              boitard              vignaud              vekemans              reboul              bouillot              berthet              lozach              drobecq              pignol              rouillard              vanhove              maurage              brochier              piette              labigne              mansuy              vallet              bovy              billault              beldjord              cloarec              geneste              jouin              burlet              saglio              robichon              belmant              gaborit              gougeon              slomianny              taquet              rollier              pirottin              benichou             

Examples of "mejean"
In the south of Lattes, toward the coastline, the Pond of Mejean is the main site of the nature reserve where it is possible to appreciate bird watching. The natural house is the right place, at the entrance, to get some information about the Méjean ornithological park.
Born into a Protestant family, Antoine Bigot was able to be educated and therefore escape the manual farm labor so prevalent at that time and was intended to learn a trade. In 1850, he met and later , with whom he launched a literary career. In 1854, Frédéric Mistral and his friends founded the Provençal Occitan writers' association Félibrige and Bigot was invited to join. He wanted to praise his city (Nîmes) in his own language, his "impure dialect that is disappearing". In 1861, he became a corresponding member of the Academy of Nîmes, and a full member in 1864. In 1865, he was a member of the Consistory of the Reformed Church. He died at his home on Rue Cart on January 7, 1897, and was buried in the Protestant cemetery in Nîmes, leaving behind a reputation as a poet. In 1903, due to the influence of his friend and successor Jean Mejean, a bust of Bigot was erected near the statue of Jean Reboul at the bottom of the grand staircase of the "". Gaston Doumergue, the government minister and fellow Protestant, was present at the ceremony. Bigot (Protestant and Republican) has often been seen as opposed (legitimately or not) to Reboul (Catholic and Royalist).