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Examples of "mellado"
After his death his daughter María del Carmen Gutiérrez-Mellado and Blasco became the 2nd Marquise of Gutiérrez-Mellado.
For cereal crops, diazotrophic rhizobacteria have increased plant growth (Galal "et al.", 2003), grain yield (Caballero-Mellado "et al.", 1992), nitrogen and phosphorus uptake (Galal "et al.", 2003), and nitrogen (Caballero-Mellado "et al.", 1992), phosphorus (Caballero-Mellado "et al.", 1992; Belimov "et al.", 1995) and potassium content (Caballero-Mellado "et al.", 1992). Rhizobacteria live in root nodes, and are associated with legumes.
Javier Mellado composed and orchestrated the music.
Manuel Gutiérrez Mellado (April 30, 1912 – December 15, 1995) was a Spanish Army General, 1st Marquis of Gutierrez Mellado, Honorary Captain General, First Vice-President of the Government for Defense Affairs, 1st Minister of Defense in Spain.
Mario Mellado García died in October 2014. His remains were cremated at 31 Poniente.
Gaby Mellado (born on June 14, 1992 in Orizaba, Mexico), is a Mexican television actress .
He was married to María del Pilar Ibáñez-Martín y Mellado and had eight children:
Caballero-Mellado, J., Carcano-Montiel, M. G. & Mascarua-Esparza, M. A.
Mario Mellado García (died October 2014) was a Mexican lawyer, politician and judge. Mellado served as the acting Governor of Puebla from March 23, 1972, until April 14, 1972, following the resignation of Governor Rafael Moreno Valle. Mellado, a lawyer and judge, served as the Secretary General of the Government of Puebla from 1969 to 1972. He was also the President of the Tribunal Superior de Justicia del Estado de Puebla for several terms: 1972-1975, 1975-1981 and 1984–1993.
As the highest-ranking military official present, Army General (and Deputy Prime Minister) Manuel Gutiérrez Mellado stood up, approached Tejero and ordered him to stand down and hand over the weapon. Outgoing Prime Minister Adolfo Suarez made a move to join Gutiérrez Mellado. After Gutiérrez Mellado briefly scuffled with several civil guards, Tejero fired a shot into the air, followed by a burst of submachine guns from the assailants. (The shots wounded some of the visitors in the chamber's upper gallery). Undeterred, arms akimbo, the General remained standing. Tejero came down and attempted to wrestle 68-year-old Gutiérrez Mellado to the floor; unsuccessful, he returned to the rostrum and Gutiérrez Mellado returned to his seat.
The specific name, "carbonelli", is in honor of "J. Carbonell" who is the wife of Pérez-Mellado.
Only three months later, on September 23, Gutierrez Mellado was appointed Vice President for Defense Affairs, a recently created office aimed at promoting the modernization of the Armed Forces. There he replaced lieutenant general Fernando de Santiago, who had abruptly resigned to demonstrate his opposition to President Suarez´s political reforms. Gutierrez Mellado remained at that office till February 1981.
Other competitor "small-format" Puerto Rican entertainment gossip magazines included "TV-Guía" (Puerto Rico's version of "TV-Guide"), "Artistas (1977-1994, founded by Jose Antonio Mellado and Miguel A.Lopez Ortiz), and "Estrellitas" (Founded in 1975 by Hugo del Cañal and José Antonio Mellado), a small-format version of Puerto Rican entertainment gossip magazine focused on film, television, music and theater, "Estrellas".
In the years prior to his death, different Spanish Universities and Colleges opened their doors to listen to Gutierrez Mellado lecturing about democratic transition or about FAD activities.
1996: One-man show at the Fundação António Cupertino de Miranda (Oporto). He also participates in a collective show at Galeria Mellado (S. Lorenzo del Escorial-Madrid, Spain)
Francisco de Paula Mellado was a Spanish geographer, journalist, writer and editor who published the "Enciclopedia moderna" between 1851 and 1855.
Mellado became the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Compassion International in 2013 when he replaced retiring CEO Wess Stafford.
Héctor Mellado (born 24 February 1925) is a Chilean cyclist. He competed in the individual and team road race events at the 1952 Summer Olympics.
Reiterative TV retransmission of his singular defense of Spanish freedom converted Gutierrez Mellado a myth, a legendary figure, an icon of Spanish democratic transition for several generations.
Diego Alfredo Inostroza Mellado (born April 25, 1992 in Santiago, Chile) is a Chilean footballer who currently plays for Malaysian team Kuala Lumpur FA as a forward.