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Examples of "melnykov"
Stanislav Melnykov (; born February 26, 1987 in Odessa) is a Ukrainian 400 metres hurdler and many times national champion.
In 1992, a wooden cross was placed in his memory on the corner of Melnykov street in Kiev.
Main streets are: Khreshchatyk, Volodymyrska Street, Victory Parkway/Shevchenko Boulevard, Dehtiariov Street, Olena Teliha Street, Melnykov Street, and others. The district borders Podil to the north; Pechersk, Holosiivskyi Raion, and Solomianskyi Raion to the south; and Sviatoshyn to the west.
At the competition, long jumper Olha Saladukha became the country's first gold medallist of the championships. Dobrynska and Mazuryk were both runners-up in their events. The less established Stanislav Melnykov took the 400 metres hurdles bronze medal, while Yelizaveta Bryzhina surprised with a 200 metres personal best for the silver medal.
In the qualifying round, local favorite Dai Greene ran the fastest ever opening round race in the third heat, only to see that mark passed by three athletes in the following heat, led by an eased up Javier Culson. The slowest time qualifier was Kenneth Medwood in 49.78, though Stanislav Melnykov managed to get into the semis automatically with a 50.13 in the slow fifth heat.
After the war, specifically Jewish commemoration efforts encountered serious difficulty because of the Soviet Union's policies. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a number of memorials have been erected on the site and elsewhere. The events also formed a part of literature. Babi Yar is located in Kiev at the juncture of today's Kurenivka, Lukianivka and Syrets districts, between Kyrylivska, Melnykov and Olena Teliha streets and St. Cyril's Monastery. After the Orange Revolution, President Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine hosted a major commemoration of the 65th anniversary in 2006, attended by Presidents Moshe Katsav of Israel, Filip Vujanovic of Montenegro, Stjepan Mesić of Croatia and Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau. Rabbi Lau pointed out that if the world had reacted to the massacre of Babi Yar, perhaps the Holocaust might never have happened. Implying that Hitler was emboldened by this impunity, Lau speculated:
On 20 January 1965, TV viewers in some Ukrainian oblasts (regions) could see a screen with two big capital letters "УТ" ("UT") that symbolized the beginning of the united national station for the Ukrainian SSR, by now named "Ukrainian Television". Its time on air was over 200 hours in 1965. On 6 March 1972, UT started to go on air on two channels at a time – УТ-1 (UT-1) and УТ-2 (UT-2). At the end of the 1970s the building of the UT on Khreshchatyk was reconstructed and the employees got three new studios, but the question of building a new modern TV-center was raised soon. The construction of the new UT headquarters started in 1983 and was finished in 1993. (By this point in time the former Soviet Union had dissolved and Ukraine was one of the resultant newly-independent countries.) The new center was built at 42 Melnykov Street and was officially inspected by the President of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk.
Kenneth Medwood was the youngest person to represent Belize at the London Games at age 24. He had not participated in any previous Olympic Games. Medwood qualified for the Games because his fastest time of 49.54 seconds, recorded at the Mt. San Antonio College in April 2012, was 0.26 seconds quicker the "B" qualifying standard for his event, the men's 400 metres. He competed in the event's first heat on 3 August, finishing fourth out of eight athletes, with a time of 49.78 seconds. Medwood's performance allowed him to qualify for the contest's semifinal stage as the fastest losing runner. In the semifinals the following day, he placed fifth out of eight runners, with a time of 49.87 seconds. Medwood finished in front of Ukraine's Stanislav Melnykov (50.19 seconds) but behind Emir Bekrić from Serbia (49.62 seconds) in a heat led by eventual bronze medallist Javier Culson of Puerto Rico (47.93 seconds). Overall he finished 17th out of 46 runners, and did not advance to the final after finishing 1.92 seconds slower than the slowest participant who made the last stage. After his event, Medwood said to "Great Belize Television" that the games were "a great experience" which were something she had anticipated but that "it was an experience in itself because I've never been to the Games."