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keepsakes              mementoes              keepsake              souvenirs              scrapbooks              memorabilia              ephemera              heirlooms              memento              collectibles              lockets              trinkets              memorialization              artworks              curios              adornments              memorializing              autographs              postcards              souvenir              collectables              collectible              remembrances              paperweights              accoutrements              likenesses              scrapbook              stationeries              autographed              keychains              jewelries              collectable              paraphernalia              reliquaries              tombstones              valuables              figurines              caskets              belongings              bookshelves              letterheads              knickknacks              shoeboxes              treasures              handbags              priceless              mugs              novelties              briefcases              treasured             

Examples of "mementos"
Souvenir hunters carried away bits of the hotel as mementos, especially including portions of the stairway.
In 2012, a wall was created with portraits and other mementos of Collier-Blocker.
Bolivar’s childhood mementos such as his library and personal records are also exhibited.
The museum exhibit contains a line of mementos from classic Barks adventures featuring Scrooge:
Commodore Mayo buried cannonballs from Veracruz at his Gresham plantation as mementos of his victory there.
"Common Mementos." Revere, Pennsylvania: Lodima Press, 2005. Statement by George Tice.
These three semi-troglodyte rock houses were restored and refurbished with furniture and mementos of the past in 1958.
(p) 11th Nov., 2016. - Presentation of Rolling Trophies and Mementos for being awarded to future Engineers by AFTC Ex-Apprentices.
His large collection of personal relics and mementos is now owned by the Rhode Island Historical Society in Providence.
Doea Tanda Mata ("Mementos", literally "Two Eye Marks") is a 1985 Indonesian war film directed by Teguh Karya.
A display of mementos from the filming is on display at the St. Connell's Museum in Glenties.
Kennedy contacted Hoving again in 1962 and requested thirty two Lucite calendar mementos for his assistants who helped him during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Hoving's responded with the gist that they don't sell plastic. However, Tiffany's provided mementos to Kennedy made of silver.
The museum is a repository mainly of souvenirs, gifts and mementos presented by dignitaries to the last Nizam gifts and mementos presented to the last Nizam on the occasion of the silver jubilee celebrations in 1936. Models made of silver of all the landmark buildings in Hyderabad, and citations in Urdu about H.E.H. Mir Osman Ali Khan.
This gallery displays photographs and mementos of the late Tun Jugah anak Barieng. Among the mementos are uniforms, medals, sword, and other personal possessions of the late Tun Jugah. To complement the gallery, there are other exhibits like plates and ceramics, jars, and canons. A bronze bust of Tun Jugah is also displayed on the first floor.
Mementos, also called "memento mori", are items that contain a connection to death and act as a focal point of power. All sin-eaters have at least one memento, their keystone, which is given to them by their geist. The Keystone grants access to one threshold and two keys. This memento is free at character creation, and is typically kept in the Twilight. All other mementos must be purchased as separate merits. A memento cannot be improved—it is what it is. There are 5 other kinds of mementos:
This One Is On Us is a global multimedia organization that inspires the public to document, and create lasting mementos of their live music experience.
The Museum of Broken Relationships at 2 Ćirilometodska holds people's mementos of past relationships. It is the first private museum in the country.
In 2012, a wall was created at St. Johns with portraits and other mementos of Collier-Blocker. A plaque on that wall reads:
At the building's heart are the Widener Memorial Rooms, displaying papers and mementos recalling the life and death of Harry Widener, as well as the
the original of these shops, for even of Chelsea buns there are counterfeits, are preserved mementos of domestic events, in the first