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Examples of "menasche"
Lillian Vernon was born Lilli Menasche in Leipzig, Germany in 1927 to Erna Feiner Menasche and Herman Menasche, a successful dry goods merchant (she later changed her name to Vernon, borrowing it from Mount Vernon, New York, where she settled with her first husband Samuel Hochberg). In 1933, Vernon's brother was attacked by an anti-Jewish mob, and the family fled Nazi Germany to Amsterdam. The family emigrated to the United States in 1937.
Taking up residence in New York City, her father, Herman Menasche, sold lingerie and later established a manufacturing company that specialized in leather goods, many of which were designed by Vernon. Vernon became a U.S. citizen in 1942. Her brother, Fred Menasche, later enlisted in the Medical Corps of the U.S. Army and she joined a Woman's Auxiliary Canteen in support of the war effort. Fred Menasche, serving in Normandy, was killed in a grenade attack.
Hochberg was born on February 3, 1952. He is the first son of Lillian Vernon (born Lilli Menasche) and Samuel Hochberg. He was named after his uncle, Fred Menasche, who was killed in the invasion of Normandy. Lillian and Samuel had a second son, David Hochberg, in October 1956. The couple divorced in 1969.
Unable to return to Coral Reef, Menasche decided to embark on a quest to reconnect with some of the 3,000 students he had taught during his 15-year career. Calling it The Vision Quest, Menasche posted his plans to his old friends and students on Facebook with a call for couches, and ended up with 73 offers within three days.
David Menasche (August 1, 1973 - November 20, 2014) was an American educator and a cofounding teacher of Coral Reef Senior High School in South Miami-Dade, Florida.
Max Fenichel (2 July 1885 – 16 September 1942), also known as Maximilian Fenichel and Menasche (or Menasse) Fenichel, was an Austrian photographer.
However, in his diaries, written immediately after the war, Fajnzylberg mentions the attempted escape of a Greek Jew named Aleko Errera. His escape struck their minds and was told by several surviving witnesses: Errikos Sevillias, Shlomo Venezia, Leon Cohen, Marcel Nadjary, Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, Alter Fajnzylberg, Henryk Mandelbaum, Albert Menasche and Daniel Bennahmias.
Lillian Vernon Corporation is an American catalog merchant and online retailer that sells household, children's and fashion accessory products. Founded in 1951 by Lillian Vernon (a/k/a Lillian Menasche), out of her Mount Vernon, New York, apartment; the business name is a combination of her first name and her hometown.
Menasche departed from Miami on November 2, 2012, with a list of 150 available couches across the country, filming and chronicling his journey along the way. Completing his trek in February 2013, he spent a total of 101 days on the road, visiting 31 cities, and seeing over 75 former students.
Menasche had several tattoos, including the Dead Man’s Hand, famously tattooed on McMurphy from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the words “Be Brave,” a 45 rpm adapter, and a hot air balloon tied to an anchor, which is the album cover image from Modest Mouse’s “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank".
Following his trip, he published an autobiography, "". The title of the memoir comes from an exercise Menasche used with his high school students when studying Othello. It is a list of values that he asked students to prioritize for the play’s main characters in order to develop an understanding of motivation.
The writers, Manuel A. Meaños, Enrique Santos and Marcelo Menasche Discépolo, based the film on a strange story that circulated in Buenos Aires around 1940. It told of an apparition in the form of a beautiful and enigmatic girl (Buschiazzo) who danced one night with the cashier (Arias) of a large commercial firm.
Menasche Fenichel, professionally known as Max Fenichel, worked as a photographer in Vienna, Austria, from 1915 to 1938. He shot photos for the daily newspaper "Die Stunde" (The Hour) and the magazine "Die Bühne" (The Stage). He also shot formal portraits in his studio, especially of professionals such as rabbis, writers, artists, and performers. Among those who sat for him were the writers Vicki Baum and Ernst Lissauer, Rabbi Max Grunwald, and painter Ludwig Michalek.
Menasche had two older brothers, Maurice and Jacques. He separated from his wife, Paula, after the Vision Quest. Menasche’s story gained national attention when Lidia Dinkova, a former student, contacted him to write a story for the Miami Herald. NBC, USA Today, and CNN then quickly picked up the story of Menasche’s Vision Quest and struggle with brain cancer. He died on November 20, 2014, aged 41.
In 1979, Wolfe began his career by playing in garage bands. He played at local parties and participated in "battle of the bands" competitions. While still in high school, Wolfe put together his first band. Four years later, he formed his first club band, Nitetrain. The band included Wolfe and fellow Forest Hills residents, drummer Steven Menasche and bassist Emil Samuels. During their first year, the band opened for Albert Collins, Dickey Betts, and Walter "Wolfman" Washington.
Lillian Vernon (born Lilli Menasche; March 18, 1927 – December 14, 2015) was an American businesswoman and philanthropist. She founded the Lillian Vernon Corporation in 1951 and served as its chairwoman and CEO until July 1989, though she continued to serve as executive chairwoman until 2003, when the company was taken private by Zelnick Media. When it went public in 1987, Lillian Vernon Corporation was the first company traded on the American Stock Exchange founded by a woman. New York University's Lillian Vernon Writers House is named after her and houses the University's prestigious creative writing program.
Menasche began his teaching career at Coral Reef after earning his teaching certificate at Florida International University in 1997. In the fall of 2006, he was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, a lemon-size brain tumor in his right temporal lobe indicative of Stage IV brain cancer, and given a few months to live. After undergoing three surgeries, two and a half years of chemotherapy, and 30 rounds of radiation, he was able to teach at Coral Reef for six more years until he suffered a seizure in 2012 that greatly reduced his peripheral vision in both eyes and weakened his left side, forcing him to give up teaching.
Lillian Vernon was started by Lillian Menasche at the age of twenty-four, by placing advertisements in "Seventeen" magazine for personalized purses and belts. As a result of this success, the Vernon Specialties Company became focused on products for young women by advertising in magazines focused on that emergent market. The Lillian Vernon Catalog, which the company launched in 1956, became an iconic shopping resource for American women, much like its competitor, the Sears catalog. Produced monthly, the catalog was typically 120 pages and usually featured 750 items. In response to a catalog and shopping mall boom in the United States in the 1980s, the company produced a number of specialty catalogs in order to broaden its market, including ones targeted for children and homemakers.