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Examples of "mensching"
Greg Mike lives in the Inman Park Area of Atlanta, GA with his wife Laura Dobrofsky Mensching.
Rob Mensching, the original author and lead developer of WiX, works on WiX in his spare time. When he released the first version of WiX on April 5, 2004, he commented, "I did not feel that many people inside Microsoft understood what the Open Source community was really about and I wanted to improve that understanding by providing an example." As of 2006, several other Microsoft employees from various product divisions of the company worked on WiX with Mensching, meeting after business hours once a week to coordinate development efforts and write code.
Werner Mensching (December 23, 1933 – June 21, 1997) was a West German pair skater. With partner Rita Blumenberg, he won the silver medal at the 1958 German Figure Skating Championships. The pair finished 7th at the 1960 Winter Olympics and 4th at the European Figure Skating Championships in 1961.
Rita Blumenberg (born June 23, 1936) was a West German pair skater. With partner Werner Mensching, she won the silver medal at the 1958 German Figure Skating Championships. The pair finished 7th at the 1960 Winter Olympics and 4th at the European Figure Skating Championships in 1961.
Greg Mike was born in Danbury, Connecticut. His father, William Mensching is a fourth generation theater technician and mother a nurse. Greg Mike was exposed to the arts at a very young age through his parents and was exposed to graffiti and illustrating through the skateboarding culture and trips to New York City in the early 90’s.
Adopting the terminology of the sociologist of religion Max Weber, the historian Marilyn Dunn described Anglo-Saxon paganism as a "world accepting" religion, one which was "concerned with the here and now" and in particular with issues surrounding the safety of the family, prosperity, and the avoidance of drought or famine. Also adopting the categories of Gustav Mensching, she described Anglo-Saxon paganism as a "folk religion", in that they concentrated on survival and prosperity in this world.
Gregory Michael Mensching (Born May 1, 1982 in Danbury, Connecticut) is an American contemporary artist. He began doing Graffiti at age 13 transitioned into murals in later twenties. He is widely known for Street Art, Mural Painting and Loudmouf Icon in the United States, Australia, Canada and Switzerland. In 2008, he founded ABV Gallery and Agency in Atlanta, GA which exhibits artists from around the world and works with brands on commercial design projects.
Karl Barth, an influential Protestant theologian contemporary to Otto, acknowledged Otto's influence and approved a similar conception of God as "ganz Andere" or "totaliter aliter", that fits into the apophatic theology tradition. Max Horkheimer, a member of the 'Frankfurt School', has taken the concept of "wholly other" in his 1970 book "Die Sehnsucht nach dem ganz Anderen" ("longing for the entirely Other"). Otto was also one of the very few modern theologians to whom C. S. Lewis indicates a debt, particularly to the idea of the "numinous" in "The Problem of Pain". German-American theologian Paul Tillich acknowledged Otto's influence on him, as did Otto's most famous German pupil Gustav Mensching (1901–1978) from Bonn University. Otto's views can be seen in the noted Catholic theologian Karl Rahner's presentation of man as a being of transcendence. More recently, Otto has also influenced the American Franciscan friar and inspirational speaker Richard Rohr. Otto's ideas have also been discussed by Orthodox Jewish theologians including Joseph Soloveitchik and Eliezer Berkovits.