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envers              toute              messieurs              mourir              oubli              vont              vrai              cendres              maintenant              pourtant              vrais              trahisons              faite              amoureux              mythes              revient              amoureuses              calme              tendresse              vraie              quarante              ainsi              stupeur              pleurs              regarde              douleur              endroit              histoires              musicien              tendre              compte              suivi              acteurs              tremblements              fureur              flammes              blessures              petites              humains              habitude              sodome              tentation              entretien              mieux              sauver              fausses              dehors              comprendre              echanges              romantique             

Examples of "mensonges"
Decourcelle and Léopold Lacour made a play from Paul Bourget's "Mensonges", which was first performed on 18 April 1889.
He and Pierre Decourcelle made a play from Paul Bourget's "Mensonges", which was first performed on 18 April 1889.
De vrais mensonges is a 2010 French comedy-romance film starring Audrey Tautou and directed by Pierre Salvadori. The screenplay was written by Salvadori and Benoît Graffin.
"Sentiments songes" ("Liar feelings", portmanteau between "sentiments" and "mensonges") was the French entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1997, performed in French by Fanny.
His other roles have included the films "Love in the Time of Civil War", "The Saver" and "Boundaries" ("Pays"), and the television series "Mensonges" and "Unité 9".
According to the singer, she tried to participate in the 2001 Eurovision with her unreleased track "Mensonges", and again in 2006 with another song.
In autumn 2016 Labrèche returned to television after a three-year hiatus with the show "Info, sexe et mensonges", and will also be appearing in the "Bye Bye" (a satirical end-of-year show) for 2016.
In 1561, Pierre Richier published in Genève a pamphlet against Villegagnon's actions in Brazil, entitled ""Réfutation des folles resveries, excecrable blasphèmes, erreurs et mensonges de Nicolas Durand, qui se nomme Villagagnon"".
Zaoui is a bilingual writer, and has published novels in both French and Arabic. His work has been translated into a dozen languages. Zaoui's French novel "Festin de Mensonges" has been translated into English by Frank Wynne. In 2012, his Arabic novel "The Goatherd" was nominated for the Arabic Booker Prize.
Born in Montreal, Quebec, Guérard first came to prominence as a cast member on the teen drama series "Watatatow", she also appeared in the films "White Skin (La Peau blanche)", "La Rage de l'ange", "Piché: entre ciel et terre" and "French Kiss", and the television series "Le Négociateur" and "Mensonges".
Her other credits have included the films "The Tin Flute (Bonheur d'occasion)", "Map of the Human Heart", "Aurore", "I Killed My Mother (J'ai tué ma mère)", "French Immersion" and "Laurence Anyways", and the television series "L'Amour avec un Grand A", "Million Dollar Babies", "Apparences", "Vertige" and "Mensonges".
Aïssa Khelladi is an Algerian journalist, novelist, playwright, and poet who has published books on the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, plays, poetry, and several novels, most notably "Peurs et Mensonges" and "Rose d'abime". Both of these novels deal with the situation in contemporary Algeria. He is also the director of the new review "Algérie Litterature/Action".
In 1561, Pierre Richier published a pamphlet against Villegagnon's actions in Brazil, entitled ""Réfutation des folles resveries, excecrable blasphèmes, erreurs et mensonges de Nicolas Durand, qui se nomme Villagagnon"" [Refutation of the foolish imaginations, terrible blasphemies, errors and lies of Nicolas Durand, named Villagagnon].
De Harven is also a prominent AIDS denialist, one of a group invited in 2000 to South Africa by president Thabo Mbeki to serve on a presidential panel on AIDS. He published a book in 2005 entitled "Les Dix Plus Gros Mensonges sur le SIDA" ("Ten Lies About AIDS"), in which he denies a connection between the HIV virus and AIDS, instead attributing the disease to lifestyle and environmental factors.
Robert Marien, born May 5, 1955, is a Québécois (Canadian) actor, singer, and songwriter who has performed in the musical Les Misérables in Montreal, Paris, New York City and London, as well as Notre Dame de Paris in both Korea and Japan. He has played the role of Jean Valjean in both English and in French, and has also appeared in numerous films and television shows such as Lance et Compte (1986-2010), and, most recently, Mensonges (2015).
Croc also translated the "Car Wars" boardgame and its GURPS "Autoduel" version (both edited and owned by Steve Jackson Games) into French, and contributes to "Le Livre des cinq anneaux", the French version of AEG's "Legend of the Five Rings", edited by Siroz/Asmodée, for which he had yet participated (among others) in the translation of the adventures supplement "City of Lies" (into French: "La Cité des mensonges").
Mallet-Joris won the "Librarians' Prize" ("Prix des bibliothécaires") in 1958 for "House of Lies" (in French, the title was "Les mensonges" which means simply "Lies"), the Femina Prize in 1958 for "Café Céleste" (in French, it was called "L'empire céleste" which means "Heavenly Empire" or "Celestial Empire", a title that is highly ironic) and the Monaco Prize in 1964 for her biography of Marie Mancini.
In 2003, he choreographed a piece for six hip-hop dancers as part of the Suresnes Cités Danse Festival. The French Centre National de la Danse gave him "carte blanche" to create a festival in 2005; the result was "Le Cargo", in which appear ten African companies mostly presenting their work for the first time in Europe. In 2007, his "Festival des mensonges" ("Festival of Lies") was presented at the Festival d'Avignon, as well as "Dinozord: The Dialogue Series" (2006).
Paulhan entered the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences in 1902, sponsored by Ribot. He was awarded the Prix Jean-Reynaud in 1928. Paulhan was a freethinker, a Dreyfusard and possibly a Freemason; his work has importance in the current of French psychology. Among his books are "Les caractères" (1894), "Les mensonges du caractère" (1905), "Le mensonge dans l'art" (1907) and "Le mensonge du monde" (1921).
Between 1872 and 1873, he produced a volume of verse, "Au Bord de la Mer", which was followed by others, the last, "Les Aveux", appearing in 1882. Meanwhile, he was making a name in literary journalism and in 1883 he published "Essais de Psychologie Contemporaine", studies of eminent writers first printed in the "Nouvelle Revue", and now brought together. In 1884 Bourget paid a long visit to Britain, where he wrote his first published story ("L'Irréparable"). "Cruelle Enigme" followed in 1885; then "André Cornelis" (1886) and "Mensonges" (1887) - inspired by Octave Mirbeau's life - were received with much favour.