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cilea              cimarosa              pizzetti              ponchielli              amilcare              zandonai              paisiello              traetta              pacini              faccio              ildebrando              leoncavallo              spontini              lirica              jommelli              legrenzi              secondo              gioconda              porpora              galuppi              manlio              montecchi              malipiero              sanguineti              bononcini              boito              mefistofele              lirico              illica              canti              vespri              ernani              mascagni              ossia              saverio              battisti              costanzi              vaccai              banchieri              ulisse              buffa              beniamino              ronconi              goffredo              vianello              amleto              paride              stradella              capuana              abbandonata             

Examples of "mercadante"
After a period of relative inactivity, in 1871 it was renamed the Real Teatro Mercadante, after Saverio Mercadante, whereupon opera productions once again flourished at the theatre.
Past Archis included Rafael Mercadante and Paula Arcila.
valid) and Sen. PT Aloizio Mercadante, who got 6,771,582 votes
Il Bravo (Selection)(by Mercadante, arr. Trussell) c.1910
- Behind the then Congressman PT Aloizio Mercadante, a senator-elect
He visited the Naples conservatory, and, although less than four years senior to Mercadante, he said to the Director Niccolò Zingarelli, "My compliments Maestro – your young pupil Mercadante begins where we finish."
Deploring the pattern of events in his country, Mercadante selected Alfieri's "Virginia" as a means of expressing his criticism of the constitution's suppression. Alfieri's story, set in Ancient Rome, tells the tale of a plebeian revolt, spurred on by the tragic murder of the title heroine by her father, which leads to the founding of the Roman Republic tribunes and the Plebeian Council. Mercadante asked Cammarano, with whom he frequently collaborated, to write the opera's libretto. Cammarano obliged, giving Mercadante a finished libretto in late 1849. Mercadante began composing the opera in December 1849, completing it in March 1850.
He also sang in Paris and London, and appeared in premières of operas by Mayr, Pacini, and Mercadante.
Mr. Joseph Mercadante, who led the Nafra Steamship company, became a head of the Green Star Line.
Florimo's relationship with Saverio Mercadante, director of the Naples Conservatory from 1840, was often less than amicable, and after the latter's death in 1870, Florimo minimized much of his praise of Mercadante in the second edition of "Cenno storico". He accomplished this in many places by simply adding the word 'not'. He also attempted, unsuccessfully, to recruit Verdi as Mercadante's successor as director.
Mercadante was born in Altamura, near Bari in Apulia; his precise date of birth has not been recorded, but he was baptised on 17 September 1795. Mercadante studied flute, violin and composition at the conservatory in Naples, and organized concerts among his compatriots. The opera composer Gioachino Rossini said to the conservatory Director, Niccolo Zingarelli, "My compliments Maestro – your young pupil Mercadante begins where we finish". In 1817 he was made conductor of the college orchestra, composing a number of symphonies, and concertos for various instruments – including six for flute about 1818–1819, and whose autograph scores are in the Naples conservatory, where they were presumably first performed with him as soloist.
During her life she gave hundreds of performance of Vincenzo Bellini, Saverio Mercadante, Donizetti, Verdi, Carlo Coccia, Nicola Vaccai and Gioacchino Rossini.
In the 1990s, he began a long collaboration with Opera Rara, appearing in numerous concert performances and recordings of rare operas by Donizetti, Mercadante, Mayr, Meyerbeer, Pacini.
Among his most successful works, "La pietra del paragone" for Rossini, "Elisa e Claudio" for Mercadante, "Fedra" for Mayr and "La vestale" for Pacini
In the campaign of 1994, Mercadante waived a probable re-election to the House of Representatives and ran for vice president on the ticket of Lula.
gripping account of a tricky piece"), Gioachino Rossini, Giovanni Pacini, Simon Mayr, and Saverio Mercadante. Of his recording of the latter composer's "Emma d'Antiochia", one critic wrote:
One of the means by which Saverio Mercadante developed the ability to write for the stage was by composing ballets and insertion arias for operas.
After attending Harvard Law School, Suozzi was admitted to the practice of law in the State of New York, where he joined with Glen Cove Mayor Luke Mercadante as a law partner, with an office in Glen Cove. The law firm became Mercadante, Suozzi, and Sordi, with the addition of Nicholas A. Sordi, and later Suozzi & Sordi, until Suozzi's election to the supreme court in 1960.
Francesco Mander was the only son of Pietro Mander, a film producer and owner of Mander Film, and Lucia Mercadante. From his father he inherited his love for literature; from his mother he gained a passion for music. His mother was a descendant of noted Italian opera composer Saverio Mercadante (1795-1870). From an early age his parents took him to concerts in Rome's famed concert hall, the Augusteo.
A enthusiast of the theatre since secondary school, during his university years he contributed a theatrical review to the "IX Maggio" weekly magazine and had small parts in plays organized by the "Gioventù Universitaria Fascista" itself. He played in a comedy by Salvatore Di Giacomo at Teatro Mercadante in Naples. Napolitano dreamt of being an actor and spent his early years performing in several productions at the Teatro Mercadante.