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merchandises              merchandizes              wholesales              prestocked              purchasable              retails              merchandisable              unpurchased              purveyor              andpurchasing              merchandized              andselling              understocked              pospoint              increasecustomer              bartered              overstocked              merchandisetotal              consignment              financinga              gastronomical              bestbuy              overstock              bailment              upsale              vendable              unpurchasable              wholesaler              valuepurchase              drugstores              vended              merchandise              stockroom              vendible              macys              reselling              giftcards              prestocking              buyable              superstores              bloomingdales              sellable              collectables              storesdscdrug              pricethe              fashionboth              giveaway              etailer              pawnshops              restrictionsmarket             

Examples of "merchandize"
Merchandize Liquidators was purchased entirely from Yosef Martin in 2016 for an undisclosed amount by a private equity group. Yosef Martin is no longer associated with Merchandize Liquidators.
"Santa Gertrudis" was carrying $1,215,000, and merchandize. The prize money was shared a like making the captains rich for life.
As was usual, the Act laid down maximum toll rates for the railway: "For all Goods, Wares, Merchandize [sic], Coal and other Things: 3d per Ton, per Mile.
Founded in 2003 by Yosef Martin, Merchandize Liquidators initially focused on brokering goods from buyers to private sellers. The privately held company expanded and in 2005 opened a warehouse in Hallandale. With the warehouse, the company was able to store goods such as clothing, cosmetics, electronics, general merchandise, health and beauty, school supplies, bed and bath, jewelry, handbags, toys, housewares and gardens, furniture, and footwear. Merchandize Liquidators has two warehouses in Miami Gardens, Florida, and a warehouse solutions company in North Carolina.
He Met Her does most of their recordings at their studio called Le Dungeon in a Moroccan compound in West Hollywood. Le Dungeon is also an artist collective which creates music together, and have their own merchandize.
The online retailer may handle the merchandize directly, or use the drop shipping technique in which they accept the payment for the product but the customer receives the product directly from the manufacturer or a wholesaler.
In 2010, 2011 and 2012, Inc. named it one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation. In 2012, Merchandize Liquidators doubled its revenues. Merchandize Liquidators 2011 gross sales were $5.4 million and the percentage revenue growth for the four-year period through 2011 was more than 700 percent, according to a report by a leading trade publication. Merchandize Liquidators was ranked #523 on the Inc. 5000 list for 2011, which was published in August 2012. The report also ranked the company #18 in Miami, and #35 for Business Products and Services. On 2012 it has a 9.1 million gross sales. 80% of the company’s goods are also shipped to Latin America, Russia, Dubai, New Zealand, and Africa.
Merchandize Liquidators, LLC, is an American wholesale liquidator and distributor in the closeouts industry. Working with manufacturers and high-end department stores, the company specializes in buying all available overstock merchandise. The company works on bringing products from Macy’s, Sears, CVS and other major US retailers, to the secondary markets. The company also sells new, overstock, surplus, used and salvaged goods. Clients include retailers, eBay sellers, Flea Market vendors, and jobbers. Merchandize Liquidators was cited by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the US in 2012 2011 and 2010.
He was born in 2nd of Muharram Month in 1296 Lunar Higira in a sophisticated Family. He also was the son of Sheykh Muhammad Hasan who originally was from Nakhjavan. His Father was a man of merchandize-because of this, they were famoused as Kompany but Allameh Qaravi Esfahani himself was not satisfied with the Title-, so they had a rich and wealth family.
The corporation's Head Office is situated in Islamabad. The Managing Director is the executive authority of the organization, and he is assisted by a hierarchy of Management Offiers who assist the Managing Director in different departments. The main departments in Head Office are Merchandize & Buying (M&B), Procurement, Projects, HR&A, Finance, Franchise, Vigilance, Store Operation & Sales (SO&S), Insurance, IT and Audit.
The creators of Omega 1 make regular appearances at SouthWest States comic conventions, although their first appearance was at Dallas Sci-Fi Expo where fans' response to the newcomer comic franchise was well received. Most comic conventions have found similar strong response the franchise. Omega 1 creators also appear at various local comic book stores where Omega merchandize is sold for signings and promotions.
Johnny Bull (with the head of a bull): I must have all your Flour---All your Tobacco---All your Provisions---All your ships---All your Merchandize---Every thing except your Porter and Perry keep them out of my sight, I 've had enough of them already.---
When Christian and Faithful travel through Vanity Fair, Bunyan adds the editorial comment:But as in other "fairs", some one Commodity is as the chief of all the "fair", so the Ware of "Rome" and her Merchandize is greatly promoted in "this fair": Only our "English" Nation, with some others, have taken a dislike thereat.
The story revolves around Miles Garth, who at a dinner party goes upstairs, locks himself in the spare bedroom and refuses to leave indefinitely. He goes on to become a minor celebrity with crowds gathering outside to try and catch a glimpse of him at the window; and merchandize being produced with his name.
After graduation, he contemplated a return to Ghana to pursue an interest in the development of various solar gadgets and merchandize, including solar freezer, solar air conditioning, solar water heater, solar lamps, etc. He believed strongly that, for Africa to develop, it must utilize its natural resources and must incorporate technologies that benefits the continent. He considered the sun to be a natural resource and its harness and utilization may be of great benefit to the continent.
Buying and selling of slaves also took place in Dock Square (and elsewhere in town), for instance by "Capt. Thomas Smith, Dock Square, slave boy at 14" in 1717; and in the Sun Tavern in 1727: "On Thursday ... will be sold by publick vendue at the Sun Tavern on Dock Square at five a clock p.m. Four likely negros, and sundry sort of merchandize, all to be seen at the place of sale from two of the clock till the sale begins."
Mini Studio is a TV show for kids and preteens in the MENA. It was created by Ghazy Feghaly and first aired in 1992 on MTV. The show celebrated its 25th anniversary of being on air in 2016. The show's singularity holds in its 350 original characters, and its multilingual songs spanning French, English & Arabic. It spawned highly successful theatrical plays, tours, concerts, albums, DVDs, products and merchandize, entertaining and educating children across all borders.
Aviator Nation is a partner of the Global Citizen Festival, a music festival that shares the brand's personal mission of, "empowerment through music". The brand creates festival merchandize with proceeds aiding in the festival's ongoing campaign to end poverty. In 2015, Aviator Nation-designed merchandise for the festival was featured during New York Fashion Week. Aviator Nation will continue its collaborations with ACL, Lollapalooza and Global Citizen in 2016.
Spencer's boasts of a wide range of private brand products that encompasses both foods as well as non-foods FMCG category. 'Spencer's smart choice' is the leading instore brand which has a plethora of products ranging from juices, noodles, cookies,honey, Air freshner etc. Spencer's also has the 'clean home' range of home improvement products and 'Tasty wonders' range of snacks and impulse food range.Apart from this Spencers has very successfully launched its general merchandize products under the brand name of MAROON which includes Non Stick, Hard Anodized, Home Plastic and Foils.
The young men set out on a mission to expose what they had witnessed in Uganda, showing screenings of their film at hundreds of high schools, colleges and churches throughout the United States. In 2004 the group founded Invisible Children, Inc as a non-profit charitable organization. They solicit donations and sell merchandize, such as bracelets, T-shirts and posters, to raise money for their cause. The money they raise is used, in part, to produce awareness films, and for humanitarian aid to northern Uganda.