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melidoni              petsali              oreino              valtinos              foteini              taxiarchis              kefalochori              alepochori              kalamitsi              loutros              katafyto              karitsa              stavrochori              kyparissi              aikaterini              partalos              lavrentis              ampelia              meliki              moraitidou              kastaneri              trifylli              nikolos              argyro              prasino              saraci              tristeno              anthoula              palaiokatouna              filotas              koula              chrysovitsa              aggeliki              stathas              spartia              loukia              lygaria              foteino              xenofon              pigadi              stavrodromi              lefkothea              voglis              polylofo              drosero              mantoudi              holopoulos              vrysoula              roumpesi              kalyvakia             

Examples of "meropi"
Orfanos is married with Meropi Karantali and they have three children.
Her fourth sortie was marked with the sinking of the "Meropi" on 14 February 1942 east-southeast of the Sambro light-house in Nova Scotia.
Meropi () is a village and a community in the municipality of Oichalia, in Messenia, Greece. It is located in the plains of northern Messenia, west of the Taygetus mountains. It is near a major highway linking Kalamata and Corinth, the Greek National Road 7. It is 1.5 km south of Oichalia, 3.5 km northeast of Meligalas, 21 km southwest of Megalopoli and 26 km north of Kalamata. In 2011 its population was 485 for the village, and 603 for the community, which consists of the villages Meropi, Allagi (pop. 97) and Mousta (pop. 21).
Loutro (Greek, Modern: Λουτρό) is a small town in the municipality of Oichalia, Messenia, Peloponnese, Southern Greece. There is a small church in the west side of the town and a large square where children play soccer and hide-and-seek. Five other small towns surround Loutro: Filia, Meligalas, Malta, Meropi, and Oichalia. Loutro has two cafeterias.
She has starred in numerous films, series and theater performances. This includes the series "Savvatogennimenes" written by Giorgos Kapoutzidis, "Ntoltse Vita" co-starring with Anna Panayiotopoulou, "Danikos Pateras", and "Dis Madiam" as Mrs. Meropi. She was married to the Greek entrepreneur Steve Kaketsis, and from him she bore their son Makis Kaketsis~Makis.
She served mainly with MOEF escort group C-4. In February 1942 "Sherbrooke" picked up 15 survivors from the Greek merchant "Meropi" that had been torpedoed and sunk off Halifax. As a member of C-4 she took part in the major convoy battles for convoy ON 127 in August 1942 and HX 229 in March 1943. On 10 September 1942 she picked up 39 survivors from the Norwegian tanker "Sveve" that had been torpedoed and sunk in the North Atlantic.
He was born in 1972 in Athens. His father was from Alexandria, Egypt, and from Chios, Greece and his mother was from Lamia, Greece. He is married to Maria Dourida, an academic, with whom he has one daughter. He comes from the Benakis family. He is the son of Antonis Mitarachi. His father's brother, Ioannis Mitarachi was a painter. He is the great-grandson of Meropi Benakis, sister of Emmanouil Benakis.
Kosmas was born on November 26, 1926 in the village of Clio, on the island of Lesvos. His father, Christos, was a refugee from Aivalik of Asia Minor, and his mother Despina was from the main town of the island, Mytilini. After his parents wed, they stayed in Lesvos. They moved from Lesvos to Alexandroupoli before World War II, and during the war the whole family moved to the island of Samotrace. There the young Fotis met his wife Meropi, with whom he married when they returned to Alexandroupoli. The couple had two children, Despina and Christo.
The Kavala Municipal Museum opened in 1986 in a two-story neoclassical building in Kavala city centre, very close to the Town Hall. Early in 2001, the museum moved to a tobacco warehouse, in Kapnergati Square, a much larger space. The museum includes a gallery of modern art (the museum has over a hundred works by such artists as Panos Gravalos, Stathis Haradzidis, Meropi Preka, Dimitris Kakoulidis, Klearhos Loukopoulos), a gallery of local painters (Vassikaridis, Miltonas and others) and the archive and sculpture gallery of Greek-born US sculptor Polygnotos Vagis.
Due to the strategic location of the area east of the village and over the position Tsakona has occurred biggest battle reign Franks. In 1265 the battle of Makryplagiou crash that resulted in the Greeks after the betrayal of the Seljuk Turks who were sent from Byzantium. The Greeks and the Slavs of moth Gortynias were lined up on the slopes of the hands (of paradise and Derveni until Ellinitsa), while the Franks with the Seljuks came up from the passage of Tsakonas and the villages of pit or lakkochoria (MEROPI- muse-Tsaousides-TOSKESI (Oichalia)-BATH-kiss). At the time of the Morea, the battle came as a Change and as Tourkoleka (there was an important castle was Gardiki the castle of Oria). The strategic location of Makryplagiou also evident from the report of Spyridon Trikoupis where in his book "THE HISTORY OF THE GREEK REVOLUTION" tells us that Kolokotronis to halt the march of Ibrahim Pasha of Tripoli posted in late May 1825, gunmen in 3000 Makryplagi and other mosque in 1000 (Charandros) located north of the village