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mestadreidun              agdermette              oddmund              kvalfoss              bratberg              eiliv              merete              jorunn              halvard              bjarte              ingunn              rolv              olsdatter              istad              mikkelsplass              turid              sveinung              arnfinn              bredal              tveiten              betjent              oftedal              andrine              dagfinn              albrigtsen              hroar              gjermund              tveite              leiv              dorte              ingvald              magnar              vegar              torleiv              langhelle              sindre              fenne              borgersen              thorleif              vigdis              kvaal              sjur              halvor              olavsson              hordalandliv              valborg              jytte              wenche              askildsen              solfrid             

Examples of "mestad"
Henrik Mestad (born 22 June 1964) is a Norwegian actor.
He is the father of actor Henrik Mestad. He died in December 2013.
He was born in Oslo as a son of politician Viking Mestad.
Viking Mestad (12 January 1930 – 15 December 2013) was a Norwegian banker and politician for the Liberal Party.
Mestad was a proponent of the Nynorsk written form of Norwegian. From 1977 to 1997 he was the chair of the theatre Det Norske Teatret. He was succeeded by Berge Furre. Two months after retiring, Mestad was proclaimed an honorary member of the employers' association Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras. At the same time he also received the Hedda Award.
Mestad said that "The government's primary task is to protect its citizens. To let a convicted terrorist establish a network, is dangerous".
Mette Mestad (born November 19, 1958) is a former Norwegian biathlete and winner of the second overall world cup for women. She won the overall Biathlon World Cup in the 1983/84 season. She became Norwegian champion seven times.
The Ethical Council is headed by Ola Mestad, a Norwegian lawyer who works for the European Centre of Law, who previously worked for the law firm Bahr, where he was specialized in oil-sector issues. The other members are Gro Nystuen, Bente Rathe, Ylva Lindberg and Dag Olav Hessen.
The Radio Pirates () is a Norwegian family film released in 2007, directed by first-time director Stig Svendsen and is based on a radio play by Gunnar Germundson. It stars Gard B. Eidsvold, Per Christian Ellefsen, Henrik Mestad and Ane Dahl Torp.
United is a Norwegian movie that was released in 2003. The main characters are: Kåre (Håvard Lilleheie), Anna (Berte Rommetveit), Iversen (Sondre Sørheim), and Stian (Vegar Hoel). Henrik Mestad and Harald Eia play smaller rolls. Football commentator Arne Scheie debuts on the big screen in this romantic comedy.
The valley includes the areas of Skråstad, Lian, Hagen, and Glattetre on the east side of the river and Strai, Hommeren, Aukland, Mosby, and Høie on the west side. The districts of Espestøl, Hemmes, Mestad, Aurebekk, Rypestøl, and Kulia are also part of the valley, although they don't lie directly along the river. The Mosby and Strai areas are fairly densly populated, and the Torridal Church lies between those two villages. The Torridal sporting venue has facilities outdoors and indoors in Torridalshallen.
Work on "Osv." was started shortly after Harstad was hired as the in-house playwright at the Nationaltheatret in Oslo, Norway. A staged reading of the play as a work-in-progress was held at the National Theatre on September 17 and 19 of 2009. The cast was as follows: Anders T. Andersen ("Alan"), Trond Brænne ("Joseph Zimmer"), Endre Hellestveit ("Lefèvre/Roger"), Ole Johan Skjelbred ("Peter/Benjamin"), Finn Schau ("Bowman"), Marte M. Solem ("Lisa"), Henrik Mestad ("Salko"), Ingjerd Egeberg ("Nola"), Anne Marie Ottersen ("Kay/Priest") and Mattis Herman Nyquist ("Pascal").
One day at a swimming pool, Lars recognizes Hans (Henrik Mestad), a middle-aged man with a reputation for "fiddling" with teenage boys in the neighborhood. Lars alerts Anja, the manager of the pool, that Hans is a menace who needs to be barred from the facilities. Anja says that Lars needs to get his life together and stop making uncorroborated accusations. When Lars meets Tim (Mikkel Bratt Silset), one of Hans' victims, he resolves to prevent the predator from harming any more children.
Johnny wins Citizen of the Year, and Torgeir befriends local millionaire Lars Olafsen (Henrik Mestad). Lars becomes an investor in the Flamingo and convinces Johnny to fire Torgeir. Reluctantly, Johnny agrees and fires him. However, he later re-hires Torgeir and cuts Lars out of the club's future investments. Meanwhile, a bank robbery in Oslo results in the thieves' stealing files on Johnny's relocation. Laila moves to Oslo and becomes a successful writer. She is replaced by Mette Hansen (Silje Torp Færavaag), who sleeps with Torgeir and leads a raid on the Flamingo. Johnny hires his old friend, criminal Thomas Aune (Kyrre Haugen Sydness), to help him track down the thieves.