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Examples of "metamorphose"
Manifesteange Metamorphose temps de fille (Shortened to "Metamorphose temps de fille", "Metamorphose" or "Meta") is the name of a Japanese clothing boutique chain created in 1997 by the current president of Metamorphose and its designer, Kuniko Kato. Metamorphose specializes in the Lolita fashion and like Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, their main focus is the subcategory "Sweet Lolita."
J.Baur - Symphony Metamorphose, Cologne radio Symphony Orchestra, 1994 THROFON CTH2270
2000 La Metamorphose de l’Ange by Karen Ruimy ISBN 9782844451149
The tadpoles can metamorphose in as little as two weeks.
It is a totally aquatic species that is paedomorphic (does not metamorphose).
Metamorphose state they have used the French language to coin the phrase "Manifesteange Metamorphose temps de fille"; however, the French is worded with grammatical errors. "Metamorphose temps de fille" in French would literally translate to "Transforms time of the little girl". This is due to being translated directly from Japanese grammar. In Japanese, the expression ""Chisai toki"" means "in 'little' time", and is used in place of the English expression "When I was young".
Her mascotte is Butterfly, who rests on her hairband. Her duty is activating Sweet's metamorphose in an Earthly one girl.
Eclogite facies is determined by the temperatures and pressures required to metamorphose basaltic rocks to an eclogite assemblage.
Lotus has toured in Japan six times, performing at clubs and festivals including Fuji Rock, Metamorphose and Green Room Festival.
The process begins left to right with the word "metamorphose" (the Dutch form of the word "metamorphosis") in a black rectangle, followed by several smaller metamorphose rectangles forming a grid pattern. This grid then becomes a black and white checkered pattern, which then becomes tessellations of reptiles, a honeycomb, insects, fish, birds and a pattern of three-dimensional blocks with red tops.
Because Kuniko Kato herself may be considered 'plus sized' in Japan, many Western girls find Metamorphose brand clothes an easier fit than other brands whose clothes tend to run a lot smaller. Many 'plus sized' Lolitas have found that Metamorphose clothes, which are made in one size only, can fit quite comfortably.
Phoronts go through metamorphosis to prepare for excystation. Metamorphosis changes the body shape, organization, and physiology of the phoront to allow for rapid ingestion and storage of large amounts of food. Histotrophic phoronts metamorphose within a few hours of encysting on their hosts. Exuviotrophic phoronts can remain dormant for months after encysting and only metamorphose immediately before their hosts molt their exoskeleton.
"Metamorphose Lovely Characters" contains pictures and information on Metamorphose's mascots: Punky Bear "(Punkma)" the bear and Rabbie-chan "(Ra-bitch-chang)" the rabbit.
Metamorphose symbolizes the transformation from human to angel. It was purchased by Sparekassen Bornholms Fond and situated in front of the historical church in Allinge.
Tadpoles hatch from eggs approximately one week after laying, and remain in this state for approximately 1 year. Between August and September, tadpoles will metamorphose into juvenile frogs.
Her mascotte is the firefly Lightning (), who rests on the flower on Uri's skirt. His duty is activating Uri's metamorphose in an Earthly one girl.
The fictitious word ""manifesteange"" is thought to be taken from the word "manifestation" or "to manifest", and metamorphose from ""metamorphosis"", which means "to go through a drastic change".
In Latin texts, the weapon was described as an "ensis falcatus" (whence falcata) by Ovid in "Metamorphose" and as a "falx supina" by Juvenal in Satiriae.
Metamorphose himself into a genetic viral strain, infecting a host and transforming their genetic code whatever and whenever he wishes, gaining enhanced growth, physical and energy projection abilities.
Metamorphose's website wrote that: "'Manifesteange' means the advent of an angel. 'Metamorphose temps de fille' means 'the time of transformation into a little girl.'"