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Examples of "metamorphosize"
After the larvae are old enough, it begins to pupate. During this stage, the larvae grow wings and metamorphosize into a fly. This is analogous to the caterpillar retreating into a cocoon to become a butterfly. After it matures, the fly emerges as an adult.
When his mother remarried and moved to Mount Pilot, Howard sought to metamorphosize into a swinging hipster (TAGS, "The Wedding", episode #246). Wearing a smoking jacket and ascot, his plain home became a mod bachelor pad, with threshold-beads, and floor pillows. In the episode "Howard's New Life", he tried to recreate himself by moving to a Caribbean island (St. Benedict's) to become a beachcomber. Bored, he soon returned to Mayberry and resumed his drab bureaucratic job.
"Manhattan Project" features the humorously chauvinistic action hero Duke Nukem, this time fighting Mech Morphix, a mad scientist who is using a radioactive slime dubbed G.L.O.P.P. (Gluon Liquid Omega-Phased Plasma) to metamorphosize creatures into deadly monsters in order to take over Manhattan island, New York City. These enemies include metamorphic alligators, giant cockroaches, and even the Pig cops from "Duke Nukem 3D". Duke also faces a few enemies who are not mutants, such as Fem-Mechs, lethal whip-wielding gynoids. Levels in the game contain recognizable parts of New York City.
The colony can grow by budding, a form of asexual reproduction, new zooids growing from the stolon. In spring and early summer, sexual reproduction takes place. "Ecteinascidia turbinata" is a simultaneous hermaphrodite with eggs and sperm being produced by each individual. After fertilisation, the eggs are brooded in the body cavity for about a week. They then develop into bright yellow, tadpole-like larvae with a distinct notochord which pass out into the water column. They can swim and have a yolk on which they feed for several days. When this is exhausted they need to find a suitable place to settle and metamorphosize into a juvenile sea squirt, ready to start a new colony.
Admiral Malkor is the luna moth-like Insectoid leader. He sees every asset as useful in an insect invasion. During battle, Malkor wields an axe of his likeness and is capable of disintegration and energy firing as well as metamorphosize to power up. His signature moves are Planet Strike and Meteor Shower. The Warstar Admiral is highly intelligent and, unique among Power Ranger villains, many of which tend to see their minions as expendable, has a very respectful and regarding nature towards his comrades and allies. The Toxic Mutants and the Robots later indirectly ally with Admiral Malkor to aid the cause of the Insectoids through Vrak's behalf. After the defeat of the Toxic Mutants, Malkor goes into a cocoon to further increase his power. After re-emerging in the episode "The Human Condition", he finally faces the Rangers, and, after a lengthy battle, he is destroyed by the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.
If there are two things that all Chtorran life forms have in common, it is that they are hungry, and are normally a bright shade of red. Virtually all Chtorran life forms engage in some form of symbiosis, which can be recursive. Indeed, by later books scientists began to suspect that the "Chtorran biosphere" isn't so much a collection of different species as it is one vast hive-like superorganism, with each species not only fulfilling a niche but laying the groundwork for other more complex forms. Several species of prey animals are in fact suspected to be the juvenile versions of larger predator animals - the few who survive to adulthood metamorphosize and feed on their younger cousins.
At age 85, Bethe wrote an important article about the solar neutrino problem, in which he helped establish the conversion mechanism for electron neutrinos into muon neutrinos proposed by Stanislav Mikheyev, Alexei Smirnov and Lincoln Wolfenstein to explain a vexing discrepancy between theory and experiment. Bethe argued that physics beyond the Standard Model was required to understand the solar neutrino problem, because it assumed that neutrinos have no mass, and therefore cannot metamorphosize into each other; whereas the MSW effect required this to occur. Bethe hoped that corroborating evidence would be found by the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) in Ontario, Canada, by his 90th birthday, but he did not get the call from SNO until June 2001, when he was nearly 95.
The brunette Etta and her boyfriend Wingey Wallace experienced an endless round of activities and events, such as soda fountain sessions at the Sugar Shack (where Wingey worked), rooting for the home team at the football field, arranging dates, pulling pranks and heading off for the rodeo. Comics historian Andy Madura commented, "Beginning in late 1925, "Etta Kett" was another of the flapper strips stemming from the 1920s. Like those that survived the era, "Etta Kett" had to metamorphosize away from the frivolous flapper mentality to attract Great Depression and beyond readers. For "Etta Kett" this was largely accomplished by putting Etta into a more college-like setting and making her the proper opposite to her somewhat wolfish boyfriends."
Once fertilized, the eggs of the Oregon spotted frog begin to enter the larval stage of their development very quickly. The larvae then hatch into tadpoles in 18–30 days and do not metamorphosize until 110–130 days after hatching in British Columbia, and potentially as short as 95 days in Oregon. After the transformation from a tadpole into a juvenile frog, the juveniles may remain around the breeding ponds for a period of time, although their emigration patterns are unknown. Once the Oregon spotted frog has reached adulthood, in British Columbia the males can become sexually mature within their second year and females are thought to become sexually mature in either their second or third year. In central Washington on the other hand, most males are sexually mature by the end of their first year and females become sexually mature by the middle of their second year. The longevity of the Oregon spotted frog is not well studied, but it is thought that these frogs have a relatively short life, generally living between two and five years.