Synonyms for methylophilus or Related words with methylophilus

methylotrophus              methylobacillus              echerichia              glycogenes              methanolicus              citrea              aeromicrobium              ammoniagenes              entanii              alcaliphilus              clavuligerus              geothermalis              comamonas              devosia              succiniproducens              pasteurianus              rodococcus              nitroreducens              oleovorans              zooshikella              hyphomicrobium              acidiphilium              granulibacter              brevibacillus              methylotenera              succinogens              leptothrix              alicycliphilus              altoacetigenes              methylopila              nakamurella              rubrobacter              balatidium              chlororaphis              fascians              cholodnii              xylanophilus              terrigena              raoultella              succinogenes              opitutaceae              methylophaga              thermoruber              sporosarcina              trichimonas              gluconobacter              raistonia              aactaccgtc              bacillius              marcusii             

Examples of "methylophilus"
A single obligate methylotroph (methylophilus) is known. It is Gram-negative, polarly flagellated rod capable of rapid growth with methanol. Some strains can also utilize formaldehyde or methylamines. Carbon is assimilated via the ribulose mono phosphate pathway.
A recent attempt at phylogeny classification of obligate methylotrophs puts the genus Methylobacillus along with Methylophilus and Methylovorus as terrestrial methylobacteria, while marine obligate methylotrophs are assigned to the genus Methylophaga. "Methylobacillus flagellatus" KT strain was found in a metropolitan sewer system, whereas "Methylobacillus pratensis" were isolated from meadow grass. The important point is that the methylotrophs are very adaptable and they can be found in diverse ecosystems.