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Examples of "michaelides"
"Dance Floor" is a song by Cyproit singer George Michaelides. It represented Cyprus during the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The song is composed and written by Andreas Anastasiou and George Michaelides.
Alexis Michaelides served as the deputy mayor of Larnaca, Cyprus between 2001 and 2012.
George Michaelides performed with four backup dancers, alternating between playing drums and dancing, amidst a backdrop of fire.
1997 Michaelides was asked to be publicist for David Bowie’s Earthling Tour, responsible for press, radio, and television.
Michaelides currently resides in Florida and continues writing and speaking to multi-disciplinary audiences both domestically and internationally.
TMP (Tony Michaelides Promotions) – In 1982 Michaelides began an independent operation named TMP on Princess Street, Manchester. TMP became one of the biggest independent promotions companies in the UK music business, promoting both UK and international artists to regional radio and TV.
Michaelides has been described as a coach who gives emphasis on player psychology. Furthermore, has a strong reputation of getting the best out of players with technical abilities. A notable example was during the 1990s, when Michaelides guided Costas Malekkos to his best footballing years of his career. Moreover, he is largely acknowledged for the development of Constantinos Charalambidis and Moustapha Bangura.
Outside the theater of the Municipality of Strovolos, his bust is decorating the entrance on the left while the bust of Vasilis Michaelides stands on the right side.
In 1978, his portrait was depicted on one of two stamps in a commemorative issue themed on Cypriot poets. The other stamp depicted Vasilis Michaelides.
Vasilis Michaelides (, before 1853–18 December 1917) is considered by many and often referred to as the national poet of Cyprus.
The landing strip was constructed in 1939 by the Shell Company and Pierides & Michaelides Ltd. Services were provided by Misrair with four-engined DH.86 aircraft.
Alekos Michaelides (born 1933) was a Cypriot politician. He served as Foreign Minister and as President of the House of Representatives.
In 1927 the squad for the Group included: Balis, Skouloudis, Andreadis, Papafingos, Klonaris, Marinakis, Marinakis, Michelepis, Craps, Makris, Michaelides, Papadopoulos Valianatos, Yannis Ioannidis, Michelis, Patrinos "et al."
Stavros Michaelides (also "Stavros Mikhailidis", ; born November 20, 1970) is a Cypriot former swimmer, who specialized in sprint freestyle events. He is a three-time Olympian (1992, 1996, and 2000), a triple medalist at the Mediterranean Games (1991, 1993, and 1997), and a former Cypriot record holder in the 50 m freestyle. In 2003, Michaelides was selected as one of eight Olympians to be the major pioneers of The Race Club in Islamorada, Florida.
Lefkoniko (; or ) is a town in the Mesaoria Plain of Cyprus. It is under the "de facto" control of Northern Cyprus. Lefkoniko is the birthplace of Cypriot national poet Vasilis Michaelides and is known for its lace.
Andonis Michaelides (24 July 1958 – 4 January 2011), better known as Mick Karn, was a British multi-instrumentalist musician and songwriter, who rose to fame as the bassist for the art rock/new wave band Japan, from 1974 to 1982.
George Michaelides (born 26 August 2003) is a Cypriot singer and dancer who represented Cyprus in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with his song "Dance Floor", which placed 16th with a total of 27 points.
A musical version of the play was also produced in Greece, by the State Theatre of Northern Greece in 1976-77; music by Thanos Mikroutsikos, lyrics by Yorgos Michaelides.
Michaelides continues working as an Artist Development Consultant and has become an author. His book, the "Insights Collection: Insights From The Engine Room", was published late 2009 by Janson Media Group.
Michaelides made his official worldwide debut at the 1991 Mediterranean Games in Athens, Greece, where he earned a silver medal in the 50 m freestyle (23.65), trailing Italy's René Gusperti by eight hundredths of a second (0.08).