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takako              mayuko              mieko              harumi              chinatsu              yumiko              yasuko              misako              etsuko              hideko              machiko              makiko              chieko              fumiko              yousuke              nobuko              kazue              rieko              junko              kuniko              chinami              shinichiro              chikako              eriko              mikio              shozo              yoriko              miwako              yukie              tomoko              sachio              momoe              asako              katsuo              eisuke              sumiko              fumiya              yoshiko              shinpei              masumi              tomonori              miyoko              katsuhisa              utako              takahisa              tomomi              ayano              mutsumi              yukiko              natsuko             

Examples of "michiyo"
Voiced by: Michiyo Yanagisawa Played by: Kazuki Shimizu
Whilst in Manchuria he met Manabe Michiyo in a train and a year later they started living together. Then on the 23rd of January 1941 he divorced Toyoko. He married Michiyo on the 10th of August 1943. In 1956 he divorced Michiyo by mutual consent, although they had been separated for many years prior.
Michiyo Keiko (Japan), Raffaella Milanesi (Italy) – Soprano, Pavel Steidl - Guitar, Bennewitz Quartet,
He has performed with Tom Cora, Samm Bennett, Ruins, Michiyo Yagi and Susumu Hirasawa.
The opening theme song is by Kusu Kusu, while the closing theme is by Michiyo Nakajima.
It was first isolated from green tea by Michiyo Tsujimura in 1934.
Michiyo Fujimaru (born 6 April 1979) is a Japanese synchronized swimmer who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics.
Michiyo Ishikake (; born March 17, 1966) is a Japanese former volleyball player who competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics.
Fifty episodes were broadcast from 3 February 1992 to 18 January 1993. The opening theme was "Kitto dekiru ne!" by Michiyo Nakajima. The closing theme for episodes 1–29 was "Kitto Dekiru ne!" and for 30–50 was "Omowarete iru", both also by Michiyo Nakajima.
A traffic accident brings together the widow Michiyo and her step daughter Takako with Hideo, the young man who caused the accident. Hideo and Takako start a relationship but Michiyo finds out that Hideo is the son of the man who raped her many years earlier. After this discovery, Michiyo's feelings alternate between guilt and excitement and she secretly spies on the young lovers. As atonement she decides to have her "most sensitive areas" tattooed but the pain brings her pleasure. The denouement has Hideo lusting after Michiyo and raping her as his father had done.
She operates a school in Japan, where she teaches both Japanese and foreign students. Her students include Michiyo Yagi, Elizabeth Falconer, Shoko Hikage, and Mei Han.
Professor Anwar Khurshid Chowdhry died in 2010 at the age of 86 from a heart attack. He is survived by three daughters Dr Sonia Shakeel, Fumi Chowdhry, Mina Chowdhry and his Japanese wife Michiyo Yanagawa Chowdhry.
Belton is married to Michiyo (née Kato, b. 24 June 1951), with whom he has two sons: Shane (b. 25 May 1976) and Jamie (b. 4 February 1980). He currently lives in Yokohama, Japan.
Taeko (Michiyo Kogure) and Mokichi Satake (Shin Saburi) are a childless married couple living in Tokyo. The husband is an executive at an engineering company, whom the wife thinks dull.
Michiyo Fukaya (25 April 1953 – 9 July 1987), also known as Michiyo Cornell, was a feminist poet and activist whose work played an important part in the lesbian and Asian American communities. In 1979, Fukaya gave a speech entitled "Living in Asian America: An Asian American Lesbian's Address Before the Washington Monument" at the First National Third World Lesbian and Gay Conference. Drawing a parallel between the oppression of men and women in Third World countries to the oppression experienced by lesbian and gay Asian Americans, she acknowledged they both stemmed from white racism. Fukaya called attention to both racism in the lesbian and gay movement as well as heterosexism in the growing Asian American community. Fukaya's writing appeared in publications such as "". Her poetry and prose is collected in "A Fire Is Burning, It Is In Me: The Life and Writing of Michiyo Fukaya".
The music for the series is composed by Ryosuke Nakanishi. The opening song is titled by Erika. The first ending theme is titled by Aki Toyosaki featuring Megumi Han, Yumi Kakazu, Ryoka Yuzuki, Rikako Aikawa and Michiyo Murase while the second ending theme is titled by Kaede Hondo and Megumi Han.
On September 11, 2005, it was announced that Maiha Ishimura would graduate from Berryz Kobo and Hello! Project to focus on her studies. Maiha's graduation took place on October 2, 2005, on the last night of the Berryz Kobo autumn 2005 concert tour. She was only the second non-Morning Musume member to be given her own graduation concert, the first being Michiyo Heike.
Even as a child, Satoko had romantic aspirations for her friendship with Kiyoaki. However, her father (Kenjirō Ishimaru), wary of the womanizing ways of Kiyoaki's father (Takaaki Enoki), fears for his daughter's involvement. He instructs her tutor, Tadeshina (Michiyo Ookusu), to ensure the girl's heart is not broken.
(-)-Epicatechin can be found in cacao beans and was first called "kakaool" or "cacao-ol". It was isolated from green tea by Michiyo Tsujimura in 1929. Maximilian Nierenstein was among those who proved the presence of catechin in cocoa beans in 1931.
, (born (same reading) on April 6, 1979, married name unknown) is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter and singer from Nabari, Mie and raised in Osaka. She first become known after her appearance on the Japanese talent show "Asayan" in the late 1990s, becoming the first member of the future "Hello! Project". Heike currently goes by the mononym Michiyo.