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micrantha              randia              microphylla              sessiliflora              oppositifolia              fruticosa              bracteata              auriculata              umbellata              triflora              ellipticum              lancifolia              linearifolia              porophyllum              monantha              paniculatum              cleome              latifolium              glabrescens              speciosum              multifida              pedicellata              salicifolia              chaerophyllum              diversifolia              longiflora              chrysantha              saprosma              macrocarpa              weinmannia              lanceolatum              uniflora              laxiflora              radlk              gaertn              corymbosa              colubrina              grewia              oblongifolia              laurifolius              parvifolia              arguta              nepalense              fargesii              pouteria              divaricata              latifolius              mikania              macrosperma              decne             

Examples of "microcarpa"
Two varieties are recognized: "J. microcarpa" var. "microcarpa" and "J. microcarpa" var. "stewartii".
Hydriastele microcarpa (formerly "Gulubia microcarpa") is a species of flowering plant in the Arecaceae family.
"Ficus microcarpa" has been described in 1782 by Carl Linnaeus the Younger. The species has a considerable number of synonyms. In 1965, E. J. H. Corner described seven varieties (and two forms of "Ficus microcarpa" var. "microcarpa") which were regarded as synonyms under the name of "Ficus microcarpa" in the latest Flora Malesiana volume.
The pollinating fig wasp associated with "Ficus microcarpa" is "Eupristina verticillata". In addition, 19 non-pollinating fig wasp species parasitize "Ficus microcarpa" figs.
Where the range of "J. microcarpa" overlaps with "J. major", the two species interbreed, producing populations with intermediate characteristics. This phenomenon has also been found where "J. microcarpa" trees grows near "J. nigra trees.
Notelaea microcarpa is a bush or small crooked tree from the Olive Family, found in eastern Australia. Two varieties are recognised; var. "microcarpa", the velvet mock olive and var. "velutina" known as the gorge mock olive.
Acacia aneura" var. "microcarpa is a perennial shrub or tree native to Australia.
The larvae feed on the leaves of Moraceae species, including "Ficus macrophylla" and "Ficus microcarpa".
Maytenus microcarpa is a species of plant in the Celastraceae family. It is endemic to Jamaica.
The larva feed on Carya illinoensis, Juglans nigra, Juglans cinerea and Juglans microcarpa.
Gyrotaenia microcarpa is a species of plant in the Urticaceae family. It is endemic to Jamaica.
Associated tree species in Victoria include "Eucalyptus macrorhyncha", "E. microcarpa" and "E.polyanthemos".
"Juglans" (literally "Jupiter's acorn") is the Latin name of the walnut. "Microcarpa" means "having small fruit".
The larvae feed on "Pseudospondias microcarpa". They probably mine the leaves of their host plant.
Eugenia microcarpa is a species of plant in the Myrtaceae family. It is endemic to Brazil.
Balaka longirostris - Balaka macrocarpa - Balaka microcarpa - Balaka pauciflora - Balaka seemannii - Balaka streptostachys
Vachellia caven" var. "microcarpa is a perennial tree native to Argentina and Paraguay.
The larvae have been recorded feeding on "Ficus microcarpa", "Ficus prinoides", "Ficus ovalis" and "Artocarpus integrifolia".
Rudgea microcarpa is a species of plant in the Rubiaceae family. It is endemic to Peru.
Tovomita microcarpa is a species of flowering plant in the Clusiaceae family.