Synonyms for microsperma or Related words with microsperma

tubifera              palmicola              fluminensis              sicana              pedicellata              capillacea              subsessilis              seseli              marcgravia              lepidota              pulvinata              connata              insulare              serjania              coelorachis              piptochaetium              rechingeri              cheiridopsis              palicourea              crinitum              montagnei              altamiranoa              secamone              setigera              struthanthus              allophylus              platycarpa              hispidum              liebmannii              calcarata              hirtellus              cristaria              fastigiata              stipulata              ambiguum              friesii              ruschia              colpodium              incrassata              triclisia              indecora              ligularia              helvola              dorstenia              densum              silvatica              daedalea              appendiculata              inaequale              geniculatus             

Examples of "microsperma"
Telphusa microsperma is a moth of the Gelechiidae family. It is found in Kenya.
Syntomaula microsperma is a moth in the Cosmopterigidae family. It is found in New Guinea.
Tubifera microsperma is a species of slime mold in the class Myxogastria.
"Tubifera ferruginosa" and "Tubifera microsperma" are more widespread and common that the other species from the genus. All species, except "Tubifera casparyii", are also common in the tropics.
†Silene microsperma fossil seeds of the Chattian stage, Oligocene, are known from the Oberleichtersbach Formation in the Rhön Mountains, cental Germany.
Muhlenbergia microsperma is a species of grass known by the common name littleseed muhly. It is native to the Americas from the Southwestern United States and California through Central America into Peru and Venezuela.