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makiko              nobuko              michiyo              yasuko              yoriko              kazuko              mayuko              chieko              kazue              ikuko              takako              harumi              rieko              taeko              junko              sumiko              yukiko              kuniko              fumiko              chizuko              shinichiro              wakako              miwako              yousuke              sachio              kumiko              emiko              etsuko              yukie              miyoko              misako              mitsue              hiroko              taneda              tomoko              takuji              yoshiko              eisuke              hideko              haruko              ruriko              masako              yuriko              fumiyo              takayoshi              shozo              tasuku              shunichi              yumiko              kikuko             

Examples of "mieko"
Mieko Kobayashi (小林 美恵子 "Kobayashi Mieko") is a Japanese politician and member of the House of Councillors for the Japanese Communist Party.
Mieko Shiomi composes events with music and environmental action. Selected works include:
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Ishibashi has been married to Mieko Harada since 1987 and has three children.
Mieko (Chieko) Shiomi (born 1938) is a Japanese artist and composer.
Team KII: Anna Ishida, Rina Matsumoto, Risako Goto, Riho Abiru, Mieko Sato, Tomoko Kato
Yasuko has a nightmare about her husband’s death in an avalanche and is comforted by Mieko, who holds her in an intimate embrace. Yasuko questions Mieko about her intentions for her with regards Ibuki but Mieko attests her innocence, claiming that she only wants to provide for Yasuko’s happiness. Yasuko then turns her attention to the essay "The Shrine in the Fields" whereupon Mieko reveals that it was intended for her lover who died from a disease contracted at the front after having been conscripted to China. In a further revelation, we learn that this man is in fact the true father of Akio and Harume.
As Kinjo is about to kill a helpless Mieko he is caught off-guard by Racine, whom Oshima had released on Mieko's instructions. He stabs Kinjo in the right shoulder, hurting his dominant arm. However, he is armed with only a sword he barely knows how to use. With his newfound skills, a lot of luck, and assistance from Mieko, Racine decapitates Kinjo. Oshima then turns up in battle gear, and is annoyed to find all the ninjas dead. Racine, Mieko, and Oshima head up the hill toward the family castle.
Touma Inaba is a high school graduate who is trying to get into the prestigious Keio University. After dismissing a weird call girl the night before, he meets and falls in love with a red-headed woman named Mieko Yotsuba on the day of the entrance exam. When Mieko is listed for Keio, but Touma is not, he pretends to have been accepted, while having to enroll in cram school. In the meantime, he lives together with his cousin Urara Kasuga, who has a crush on him and is willing to do anything to help him (including being that call girl in the first chapter). Urara encounters Mieko and Touma at karaoke, but pretends to be his sister. However, romance rival Tatsuhiko Mashu suspects something is up, and after sleeping with Urara's friend Komi Natsuki, learns that Touma is not a university student. Mashu tricks Touma into revealing the truth to Mieko.
Mieko's Fitness was a family-owned chain of co-ed fitness centers founded in Washington by Seiji and Mieko Hart. It was acquired in July 2011.
After 1977, Mieko Shiomi returned to work on her own compositions but continued her links with Fluxus. Shiomi lives and works in Osaka.
Team S: Masana Oya, Ryoha Kitagawa, Risako Goto, Mieko Sato, Yuka Nakanishi, Haruka Futamura, Jurina Matsui, Sae Miyazawa, Ami Miyamae, Miki Yakata
In 1938, Japan set up a Japan Culture Center in New York, in view of the worsening US-Japan relations, and her father, who was one of the editorial writers of Newspaper Asahi Shimbun, was appointed as its head and the family moved to New York, except her elder brother, Yoichi Maeda who had been resided in Paris. Mieko began to study Greek literature at Graduate School of Columbia University and lived with her family in Scarsdale, New York. After her health condition improved, Mieko moved to Pendle Hill in Philadelphia and studied at Bryn Mawr College from February to the end of June 1939. She met with Masa Uraguchi, who was a graduated student of botany at Philadelphia University and became her lifetime best friend, and with Wilhelm Sollmann, who was a German journalist, politician, and Interior Minister of the Weimar Republic, Mieko had close relationship with Mr and Mrs Sollmann until June 16, 1939. Mieko also had close relationship with Caroline C Graveson, an English psychologist. She said to Mieko when Graveson was leaving the United States: "I predict your future. You'll be an author after you graduate from three M (Medicine, Marriage and Motherhood)."
Team KII: Mikoto Uchiyama, Mina Oba, Tomoko Kato, Rumi Kato, Ami Kobayashi, Mieko Sato, Aya Shibata, Akari Suda, Yumana Takagi, Akane Takayanagi, Mai Takeuchi, Haruka Futamura, Airi Furukawa, Rina Matsumoto, Yukari Yamashita, Mizuho Yamada
Kimiko Hashimoto, Kazuko Kadoya, Kimi Wakitashiro, Mieko Fukui, Miyako Otsuka, Miho Matsuoka, Kazuyo Hayashida, Teruko Miyamoto, Keiko Namai, Reiko Aonuma, Sachiyo Yamamoto, and Misako Satake. Head Coach: Masatoshi Ozaki.
Team S: Rion Azuma, Asana Inuzuka, Masana Oya, Ryoha Kitagawa, Risako Goto, Mieko Sato, Mai Takeuchi, Natsumi Tanaka, Rika Tsuzuki, Yuka Nakanishi, Yume Noguchi, Haruka Futamura, Jurina Matsui, Chikako Matsumoto, Sae Miyazawa, Ami Miyamae, Miki Yakata, Suzuran Yamauchi, Miyuki Watanabe
Mieko Tanaka, who was elected to the Diet in the 2009 Japanese general election, appears in "Blind Beast vs. Killer Dwarf" in a role that includes a nude scene. This precipitated a surge in sales of the movie that year.
The special programs of these concerts were Jo Kondo' works (1996, 1999 and 2011), Mieko Shiomi's works (2000) and [For Luc Ferrari ] concert title in 2007, Morton Feldman's works (2010) and Jon Cage's works in his second period (2012).
Cro produced the beat for "Easy" himself and used a sample of Mieko Hirota's song "Sunny" and also modeled the lyrics after this song. The track reached Platinum in October 2012.
Mieko (written: 美枝子, 美恵子, 美江子, 美栄子, 未映子, 三枝子) is a feminine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include: