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gennip              nieuwenhoven              ojik              wauwe              staveren              zandwijk              krieken              heerde              nimwegen              bueren              amerongen              vlerken              aalten              houwelingen              dijck              eijk              laarhoven              rhijn              vlijmen              haaren              baalen              oostrom              arnam              deursen              nieuwstadt              raamsdonk              rompay              enckevort              zoelen              beurden              sinderen              harmelen              vlierberghe              batenburg              dekken              zoeren              rompaey              tieghem              grieken              genderen              mourik              bokhoven              noort              kemenade              eenennaam              gestel              dooren              beijnum              cutsem              zanten             

Examples of "mierlo"
Van Mierlo is a Dutch toponymic surname, meaning "from Mierlo". People with this surname include:
Mierlo War Cemetery is a Commonwealth field of honor at 68 Geldropseweg, east of the Dutch village of Mierlo.
Geldrop-Mierlo had a population of in . It covers an area of . The two villages of Geldrop and Mierlo used to be separate municipalities, but joined together after threats from Helmond to take over Mierlo. Its partner city is Dobříš in the Czech Republic.
Antonius Wilhelmus Matthias Theodore van Mierlo (born 24 August 1957), known in England as Tony van Mierlo, is a former Netherlands international footballer who played primarily as a left winger but can also play as a forward.
Mierlo (population: 10,265) is a town in the southern Netherlands, in the municipality of Geldrop-Mierlo, North Brabant. Until 2004, it was a separate municipality with an area of .
The Venus of Mierlo is the nickname of a prehistoric engraving on stone of a young woman which was found at Geldrop-Mierlo in the North Brabant province of Netherlands.
Geldrop-Mierlo () is a municipality in the southern Netherlands, in the province of North Brabant. The municipality was created from the two former municipalities of Geldrop and Mierlo on 1 January 2004.
"Dutch topographic map of the municipality of Geldrop-Mierlo, June 2015"
Frank Lammers (born 10 April 1972 in Mierlo) is a Dutch television and film actor.
In the first star period, owner and head chef was Fred van Mierlo.
Mierlo is home to a few interesting buildings, for example the old Council house and the Windmill in the centre of the village. Sports clubs in Mierlo are Mifano and the Hockey Club. Mierlo also has a zoo (Dierenrijk), and 2 hotels (Carlton De Brug and 't Anker) and two campsites ('t Wolfsven and De Sprink). Just to the south, separated by the A67 motorway, lies the Strabrechtse Heide.
Van Mierlo a journalist by occupation, worked for the "NRC Handelsblad" as a managing editor from 1960 until 1967. In 1966 Van Mierlo together with Hans Gruijters founded the Democrats 66 party after continuing frustrations with the "The Establishment" parties. Van Mierlo was selected as Leader and Chairman of the Democrats 66 on 14 October 1966. For the Dutch general election of 1967 Van Mierlo was the Lijsttrekker (top candidate) and won seven seats in the House of Representatives, the first time the Democrats 66 won representation in the States General of the Netherlands. Van Mierlo was elected as a Member of the House of Representatives and the Parliamentary leader of the Democrats 66 in the House of Representatives on 23 February 1967. For the Dutch general elections of 1971 Van Mierlo again as Lijsttrekker won eleven seats. For the Dutch general election of 1972 Van Mierlo for the third time as Lijsttrekker won only six seats but after a long formation period a coalition agreement with the Labour Party (PvdA), Catholic People's Party (KVP), Anti-Revolutionary Party (ARP) and the Political Party of Radicals (PPR) was made which formed the Cabinet Den Uyl. Hans Gruijters became Minister of Housing and Spatial Planning. Because of the disappointing election results Van Mierlo resigned as Parliamentary leader of the Democrats 66 in the House of Representatives and Leader of the Democrats 66 on 1 September 1973. Van Mierlo remained a Member of the House of Representatives until after the Dutch general election of 1977 on 8 June 1977. After the Dutch general election of 1981 Van Mierlo was asked by Jan Terlouw to become Minister of Defence in the Cabinet Van Agt II under Prime Minister Dries van Agt of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) and served from 11 September 1981 until 4 November 1982. After the Dutch Senate election of 1983 Van Mierlo was elected as a Member of the Senate serving from 13 September 1983 until 4 June 1986. In 1986 Van Mierlo staged a political comeback and was re-elected as the Leader of the Democrats 66 on 25 January 1986. For the Dutch general election of 1986 Van Mierlo back as Lijsttrekker won nine seats. For the Dutch general election of 1989 Van Mierlo again as Lijsttrekker won twelve seats. For the Dutch general election of 1994 Van Mierlo for the sixth time as Lijsttrekker won twenty four seats and the Democrats 66 became major-party in the House of Representatives. After an arduous cabinet formation with the Labour Party and the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) a deal was struck that resulted in the Cabinet Kok I with Van Mierlo becoming Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs serving from 22 August 1994 until 3 August 1994. The Cabinet Kok I was considered groundbreaking in Dutch politics because it was the first Cabinet of the Netherlands since 1908 without a Christian democratic party. On 7 March 1997 Van Mierlo announced his retirement as Leader of the Democrats 66. Van Mierlo remained Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs until the Cabinet Kok II was installed on 3 August 1998. For the Dutch general election of 1998 Van Mierlo was re-elected to the House of Representatives on 19 May 1998 but resigned on 18 August 1998.
The European Championships Jodo 2009 were held on 17 and 18 November 2009 in Mierlo, the Netherlands.
Geldrop is a town in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is located in the municipality of Geldrop-Mierlo.
Van Mierlo semi-retired from active politics on his sixty-seventh birthday. He served as the first Dutch representative to the Convention on the Future of Europe from 1 March 2002 until 26 September 2002. Following the end of his active political career, Van Mierlo occupied numerous seats on supervisory boards on cultural organizations.
Geldrop was a separate municipality until 2004, when it merged with Mierlo. Mainly to keep out of the municipality of Eindhoven.
From 1 September 2004 to 9 January 2015 she was mayor of the municipality of Geldrop-Mierlo. Since 30 January 2015 she has been mayor of Roermond.
Their guitarist, Jan Somers, who was born on 28 December 1964, died on 28 January 2011 in Mierlo, Netherlands, from a heart attack. He was 46 years old.
Roel Koolen (born April 20, 1982 in Mierlo) is a Dutch baseball player who currently plays for Kinheim and the Dutch national team.
Mierlo is situated in the urban area of Eindhoven and Helmond. But it has many green areas. It lies on the edge of forests, moorlands and fields.