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regarde              veut              quoi              ainsi              avait              seule              mourir              toute              vrai              chaque              rien              votre              toujours              laisse              doucement              jamais              disait              vouloir              joue              envie              pleurer              perdre              sauver              peuvent              vendre              envers              reste              revient              besoin              vient              quand              enfin              reviens              vont              foule              quelqu              celui              souvent              amoureux              moins              habitude              sortir              cette              oublier              veux              douces              partout              aussi              oublie              prends             

Examples of "mieux"
1978 : J’aime mieux être pauvre*, Guy Pharand ("Montreal, Qc, Canada")
à servir de mon mieux Dieu, l'Église, ma patrie et l'Europe,
DON DIÈGUE: Que l'a gagné sur vous l'avoit mieux merité.
LE COMTE: Parlons-en mieux, le Roi fait honneur a votre âge.
Mieux vaut mal vivre que mourir is a 2006 documentary film.
LE COMTE: Qui peut mieux l'exercer en est bien le plus digne.
"De l'amour le mieux" has sold over 1 million copies worldwide to date.
Or Pursewarden, to Pombal: " 'On fait l'amour pour mieux refouler et pour decourager les autres.'"
Saint-Martin-de-Mieux is a commune in the Calvados department in the Normandy region in northwestern France.
Mieux Vivre Votre Argent (also known as "MVVA") is a French language monthly business magazine published in Paris, France.
The Paston School, a grammar school was founded in 1606 by Sir William Paston, a libertarian, local magistrate, landowner and a member of an important local family. The emblem of the school was the griffin, which, along with six "fleur de lys" and the motto "De mieux en mieux pour tout" ("From good to better everywhere"), featured on the school coat of arms.
Laval has two radio stations on its territory: CJLV 1570 AM ""Radio Mieux-être"" (formerly "CFAV") and CFGL 105.7 FM ""Rythme FM"".
He also wrote pamphlets on education in France, the teaching of ancient languages, and the reform of French orthography. In 1906 he published "Pour mieux connaitre Homère".
Jean-Antoine Bouchez launched "Mieux vivre votre argent" in France, 26 years ago, the first magazine devoted to personal finances. Today it is number one in its field. Groupe Mieux Vivre which also publishes a weekly stock-market newsletter and several book-series, is now part of Groupe Express-Expansion under Jean-Antoine Bouchez's responsibility. Jean-Antoine Bouchez has been on the board of directors of SPMI since 2001.
With the album "Rêver mieux" (certified Platinum) released in October 2001, Bélanger employed electro sounds with playful inspiration and wowed his fans. "Rêver mieux" was showered with tributes (seven ADISQ awards in 2002, including Pop-Rock Album of the Year, and the following year, the ADISQ award for Videoclip of the Year for "Dans un Spoutnik", the Juno Award for Francophone Album of the Year, and various other distinctions).
Morato recorded several singles under the names Stéphanie and Stéphanie de Malakoff before the release in 1993 of "Maman", her first single under the name Nina Morato. This was followed by an album "Je suis la mieux", which was a critical success and won Morato the 1994 Victoires de la Musique prize in the category 'Best New Female Pop Artist of the Year'. "Je suis la mieux" featured guitarist Matthieu Chedid, who toured with Morato.
He is co-director of the documentary "I Remember Better When I Paint". The film, inspired by the story of Hilda Goldblatt Gorenstein (Hilgos), focuses on how the creative arts can help Alzheimer's patients re-engage in life. A French version of the film "Je me souviens mieux quand je peins" was released as part of the French Alzheimer Association's activities on World Alzheimer's Day in September 2009. Extracts from "Je me souviens mieux quand je peins" were featured on France 2 television
"L'Échec du matériel", in stores April 2007, is an album just as poetic and melodious as "Rêver mieux", but more rooted in the concerns and aspirations of his contemporaries.
Since her first story, "C'est mieux d'être bleu", published in 1985 in the Astrapi magazine, she has written over 80 books for children, most notably three series, "Emilien", "Nils Hazard" and "L'Espionne".
In "" (1772), Voltaire wrote "Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien", which is often translated as "The perfect is the enemy of the good" (literally: "The best is the enemy of the good").