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momoko              chiaki              kozue              minako              mayuko              kumiko              sayuri              eriko              mieko              takako              chinatsu              miwako              hinako              ayano              taeko              sumire              chiharu              haruko              yukari              tokiko              misako              shizue              etsuko              yousuke              yukie              michiyo              harumi              chiyoko              chinami              momoka              ryunosuke              mayumi              kikuko              manami              saori              ritsuko              chihiro              sayaka              masumi              chikako              natsuko              ruriko              yurie              asumi              yumiko              machiko              suguru              tatsuko              nobuko              kuniko             

Examples of "mikako"
A male friend of Riho and Mikako. He along with Riho and Mikako are members of the film club at school.
Japanese Voice Actor: Koichi Yamadera, Mikako Takahashi (child)
The opening theme is "Birth" by Eri Kitamura while the ending theme is by Mikako Komatsu.
The ship's alarm warns Mikako that the Tarsians are surrounding her, but she does not understand. A climactic battle ensues. On Earth, Noboru receives the message almost nine years later. At Agartha, three of the four carriers equipped with the warp engines which brought the expeditionary force to Sirius have been destroyed. The "Lysithea" is still intact after Mikako joins the fight and stops its destruction. After winning the battle, Mikako lets her damaged Tracer drift in space.
In the manga, at 16 years old, Mikako sends a message to 25 years old Noboru, telling him that she loves him. By this time, Noboru has joined the UN, which has launched a rescue mission for the Lysithea. When Mikako hears that the UN is sending help for their rescue, she consults a list of people on the mission, and finds that Noboru is among them. The manga ends with Mikako saying that they will definitely meet again.
Villains include: Shibakawa Genjou (commanding voice powers), "Slit" Mikako (teleporter), and Akaike Hiroshi (claims to fix anything, including people).
Mikako and Tsutomu's friends inside and outside of the Akindo club also detect this change and wonder one thing: Will Mikako and Tsutomu embrace what is already community discourse or will they deteriorate into leading very bitter adult lives of not-at-all-significant brevity and dysphoria?
Hinokio is a 2005 Japanese science fiction film directed by Takahiko Akiyama and starring Masatoshi Nakamura, Kanata Hongo and Mikako Tabe. Its tagline is "Inter Galactic Love".
Mikako Kotani (born 30 August 1966) is a Japanese former synchronized swimmer who competed in both the 1988 and 1992 Summer Olympics.
Suika (すいか, in Japanese), which means "watermelon", is a Japanese television drama about four roommates, played by Satomi Kobayashi, Rie Tomosaka, Mikako Ichikawa, and Ruriko Asaoka.
Mikako Ichikawa ("Ichikawa Mikako", 市川実日子, born 13 June 1978) is a Japanese actress and model from Tokyo, Japan. She was working as a model for the Japanese fashion magazine "Olive" under an exclusive contract. She appeared in the movies "Blue", "Cutie Honey" and "Memories of Matsuko". For her role in "Blue" she won the award for Best Actress at the 24th Moscow International Film Festival. She was given a Best New Talent award at the 2003 Yokohama Film Festival.
Mikako Kōda and Tsutomu Yamaguchi are students who attend Yazawa Geijyutsu Gakuen, a special high school for the arts in Tokyo (named after the author, who makes a cameo appearance as the school's principal). They reside in the same apartment building where they have built a long-standing friendship since infancy. However, as has been humorously pointed out by their apartment manager, Mikako and Tsutomu's feelings have undergone an unmistakable metamorphosis.
In the original Japanese version of the anime series, s/he was voiced by Chika Sakamoto. In the musicals, Yaten has been portrayed by Momoko Okuyama and Mikako Tabe.
Mikako Ishino (born 11 November 1988) is a Japanese handball player who plays for the club Hokkoku Bank. She is also member of the Japanese national team. She competed at the 2015 World Women's Handball Championship in Denmark.
Mikako (written: 美佳子, 美香子, 実日子, 未華子 or 未可子) is a feminine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:
The series has been adapted into a television series starring Mikako Tabe as Ichiko that aired in 2011, and which was followed by several TV specials, one of which was set in Paris.
The opening theme is "Belief" by May'n, while the ending theme is "EGOISTIC EMOTION" by idol unit TRIGGER, which is composed of Izzy's and Tōko's voice actors, Mikako Komatsu and Chika Anzai respectively.
It is said that the Buraoan style is on the downswing. Mikako, a fashion analyzer, says that "the 'cool' that my friend at the nightclub aspired to wouldn't be 'cool' for very long".
Columbia Music Entertainment released "Black Bird" drama CD on the January 21, 2009. Artists on the drama CD include Kōki Miyata, Kishō Taniyama, Akira Ishida, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Takahiro Sakurai, Yuko Kagata, Takehito Koyasu, Kyoko Hikami and Mikako Takahashi.
The narrative begins in 2047. Mikako is apparently alone in a hauntingly empty city, trying to contact people through her mobile telephone. She wakes up in her Tracer orbiting an extrasolar planet. She then goes to Agartha, the fictional fourth planet of the Sirius System. Mikako sends an e-mail to Noboru (which shows the date 2047-09-16), with the subject "I am here", which would reach him eight years later. Some flashes of imagery, perhaps indicative of memory, a hallucination, or even a mystical encounter, are then shown. The room shown at the beginning of the animation is presented again; Mikako is squatting in the corner, sobbing and pleading with her doppelganger to let her see Noboru again so she can tell him she loves him.