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dzmitry              oleksii              viktar              serguei              siarhei              dmytrenko              iurii              serdyuk              prigoda              aliaksei              olexiy              litvinchuk              aliaksandr              yevgeniy              vladyslav              andrii              ihar              novikau              krivov              gennadiy              shtyl              bahdanovich              starodubtsev              kukharau              makhov              yevheniy              ignatenko              dmitrijs              shubianok              zhaparov              pimenov              pozdnyakov              vadzim              vitalii              kostyantyn              prokopenko              sankovich              evgenij              evgueni              chernovol              kolobkov              sednev              alexsandr              ananko              yauhen              semenenko              ravil              kapralov              valerij              ievgen             

Examples of "mikalai"
Mikalai Sharlap (born 30 March 1994) is a Belarusian rower. He won the silver medal in the coxless four at the 2016 European Rowing Championships.
Nicholas Goldfinches-Kulikovich (Belarusian: Mikalai Shchagloў-Kulіkovіch, born on 13 October 1896, Moscow, Russian Empire - died on 31 March 1969, Chicago, United States) was a cultural and social activist, composer and musicologist, researcher of Belarusian church and secular music.
Mikalai Shubianok (; born 4 May 1985 in Gomel) is a decathlete from Belarus. He set his personal best score (8028 points) in the men's decathlon on 19 May 2007 in Minsk. His first name is sometimes also spelled as Nikolay.
Mikalai Kamianchuk (; born 9 August 1987) is a Belarusian pair skater. He has placed in the top ten at four European Championships, skating with Lubov Bakirova and Tatiana Danilova.
Mikalai Novikau (born 13 June 1986) is a Belarusian weightlifter competing in the 85 kg category. He finished eighth at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Novikau won a gold medal at the 2009 and 2010 European Weightlifting Championships.
Fourth: CSKA Moscow (Russia) Andrei Kirilenko, Andrei Fetisov, Gintaras Einikis, Nikita Morgunov, Igor Kudelin, Vladan Alanović, Alexander Petrenko, Dimitri Domani, Rusty La Rue, Nikolai Padius, Yadgar Karimov, Sergei Panov, Mikalai Aliakseyeu (Coach: Valery Tikhonenko)
Mikałaj Ułaščyk (Mikalai Ulashchyk, Belarusian language: "Мікалай Улашчык", Russian: "Николай Николаевич Улащик"; February 14, 1906 - November 22, 1986) was a Belarusian academic historian and archaeologist known for significant contributions to the research in the medieval history of Belarus.
Tatiana Sergeyevna Danilova (; born 25 November 1993) is a Russian pair skater. Competing for Russia with Andrei Novoselov, she is the 2010 Golden Spin of Zagreb silver medalist. Competing for Belarus with Mikalai Kamianchuk, she is the 2015 MNNT Cup silver medalist and has finished in the top ten at two European Championships (2016, 2017).
Mikalai Yuryievich Zhukavets (; born August 13, 1986 in Minsk) is a Belarusian windsurfer, who specialized in class. A two-time Olympian (2008 and 2012), he is ranked no. 34 in the world for the sailboard class by the International Sailing Federation. Zhukavets also trains for Moshvsm Sailing Club in Minsk under his personal coach and mentor Uladzimir Khaladzinski.
Lubov Raifovna Bakirova (; born 11 January 1993) is a Russian former competitive pair skater. In 2009, she teamed up with Mikalai Kamianchuk to represent Belarus. Appearing at six ISU Championships, they achieved their best result, 10th, at the 2011 Europeans in Bern and the 2012 Europeans in Sheffield. They competed together until the end of the 2011−12 season.
Players: Vitali Bialinski, Valeri Bojarskih, Kiryl Brykun, Pavel Dashkou, Siarhei Drozd, Nikolai Goncharov, Aleh Haroshka, Ilya Kaznadzei, Andrei Kolasau, Dzmitry Korabau, Aliaksei Kuveka, Vitali Marchanka, Uladzimir Mikhailau, Anatol Panou, Pavel Razvadouski, Yauheni Salamonau, Illa Shinkevitch, Yahor Stsiapanau, Mikalai Susla, Ihar Varashylau, Dzmitry Verameichyk, Dzmitry Volkau, Aliaksandr Yeronau, Aliaksandr Zhuk
In the 2014–15 season, Danilova began competing for Belarus with Mikalai Kamianchuk. Making their debut as a pair, they placed 6th at the CS Golden Spin of Zagreb in December 2014. They won the silver medal at the MNNT Cup in January 2015. They were second at the Belarusian Championships behind Maria Paliakova / Nikita Bochkov.
Mikalai (or Nikolay) Pyatrovich Kazak (; born 8 September 1977 in Vitebsk) is a Belarusian individual and synchronized trampolinist, representing his nation at international competitions. Kazak participated at the 2004 Summer Olympics and 2008 Summer Olympics. He won the silver medal at the 2015 European Games in the synchronized event together with Uladzislau Hancharou. He competed at world championships, including at the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Trampoline World Championships.
Mikalai Ivanavich Astapkovich (1954 – 2000) was a Belarusian and Soviet sprint canoeist who competed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He won eight medals at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships with three golds (K-2 500 m: 1975 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships, K-2 10000 m: 1981, K-4 10000 m: 1983), four silvers (K-1 4 x 500 m: 1974, K-2 500 m: 1977, K-2 10000 m: 1979, K-4 1000 m: 1974) and a bronze (K-1 10000 m: 1982).
Originally childhood friends from Belarus, a former Soviet republic, the band members relocated to San Francisco seeking opportunities to "live the American dream" as musicians and due to political and social issues in Eastern Europe. Liberated by their new San Francisco home, the band, a taut unit of musicians and songwriters weaned on American indie rock were able to create more freely. A live wall of sound, Kiwi Time is built on raw-boned energy and the unflinching focus of lead singer and guitarist Yoga Shyp, the unstoppable rhythm section of singer/bassist, Anna Makovchik and drummer Vlad Kukharchuk, and the swirling vibrations of Mikalai Skrobat on keyboards and guitar.
I Gusti Made Oka Sulaksana, known also as Oka Sulaksana, was Indonesia's only sailor at the Beijing Olympics. He participated in the men's windsurfer event. Born in Sanur, a town on the island of Bali nearby the island's capital city Denpasar, Sulaksana has been affiliated with the Sanur Windsurfing Center's programs and first participated Olympically at the 1996 Atlanta games, when he was 25 years old. He has since participated at the 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens games, competing at Beijing as a 37-year-old. The Indonesian athlete placed 24th in the first race of the event, 24th in the second race, 23rd in the third race, 27th in the fourth, 22nd in the fifth, 31st in the sixth, 28th in the seventh, and 30th in the eighth. During the ninth and final race, Sulaksana did not finish, earning 36 points. In total, Sulaksana ranked 27th out of the 35 windsurfers, scoring a total of 225 points. He placed ahead of Belarus' Mikalai Zhukavets (229 points) and behind the United States' Benjamin Barger (217 points). In comparison, gold medalist Tom Ashley of New Zealand scored 52 points, and Colombia's 35th place finalist Santiago Grillo scored 293 points.
During the 110 meters hurdles, Maurice Smith was placed in the second heat against eight other athletes. Maurice Smith ranked third with a time of 14.08 seconds. Andres Raja of Estonia ranked second (14.06 seconds) and American decathlete Bryan Clay ranked first (13.93 seconds). He placed fourth of the 29 finishing athletes. In the discus throw event, Maurice Smith was in the first heat and placed second out of the 14 finishing athletes, having thrown the discus 53.79 meters away. Pogorelov finished directly behind Smith (50.04 meters), while Clay finished directly ahead of him (53.79 meters). Overall, 29 competitors finished the event. The Jamaican athlete ranked second. In the pole vault, Smith vaunted over a 4.6 meter-tall bar. He placed fifth of the 11 people who finished in his heat, behind Belarus' Mikalai Shubianok and ahead of China's Qi Haifeng. Of the 24 finishing athletes, Smith ranked 18th. Javelin occurred next; he participated in the first heat of the event, finishing ninth out of 13 finishing athletes after throwing the javelin 51.52 meters. Smith placed between Kasyanov (51.59 meters) and Iran's Hadi Sepehrzad (49.56 meters) in a heat led by Garcia (65.60 meters) and France's Romain Barras (65.40 meters). The final event of the decathlon was the 1500 meters decathlon; Maurice Smith participated in the second heat, placing fifth of 13 athletes by finishing the race in 4:31.62 between Barras (4:29.29) and Germany's Andre Niklaus (4:32.90). He placed seventh of 26 athletes, concluding the decathlon. Smith accrued 8,205 points, ranking ninth of the 26 athletes that finished the decathlon.