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Examples of "mikene"
The supreme commander of the Mikene Empire (Mikene Teikoku), Ankoku leads the seven Mikene armies in their conquest of the surface world. Forced underground centuries before, the Mikene further developed the golem technology Dr. Hell discovered and used to create his Mechanical Beasts. Instead of purely mechanical mecha, the Mikene Warrior Beasts are a nightmarish combination of flesh and machine, and are far more powerful than their purely mechanical cousins. In the anime, the first appearance of Ankoku Daishogun was in the final Mazinger Z episode (ep. 92). He reappeared as the main antagonist in the animated film Mazinger Z vs. The Great General of Darkness. He then appeared in episodes 1 to 31 of the Great Mazinger anime. He is killed by Great Mazinger Z in episode 31, and is replaced with The Great Marshall of Hell as leader of the Mikene forces shortly after.
The Warrior Beasts could be grouped into one of 7 categories, as the entire Mikene Empire's forces could be divided into 7 armies.
Koji and Tetsuya share a brief conversation where Tetsuya tells him that his robot is Z's brother, conceived to defeat the Seven Armies of Mikene. After this, he parts, leaving Koji wondering who could have built such a robot.
The Warrior Beasts (or "sentoujuu"/ Battle Beasts), are the monsters and evil mecha from "Great Mazinger". In the story, the Warrior Beasts are the secret super-weapons of the Mikene Empire, an ancient empire driven underground centuries in the past.
After Mazinger's intromission, Gorgon goes down to the Mikene underworld to inform the General of Darkness about the situation. He finds him quite upset for the loss of some of his favorite beasts, and demands to know who is responsible for it. Gorgon reports that Mazinger had stopped the attacks and that Dr. Hell had had many troubles with him in the past. The Dark General then commands General Juuma to take some monsters of his choice to Japan to annihilate the enemy, so that finally, Mikene can see daylight once more.
In his base, Archduke Gorgon, who had outlived Hell and his servants, rejoices while watching the attacks, and decides that now it's Japan's turn to fall. At his command, beasts Dante, Saraga, Birdian, Raigon, Mommothos and Suruba emerge from the sea, heading for Tokyo. These are later revealed to be the Mikene Empire's Warrior Beasts.
Bird General Birdler was commander of the Aerial Warrior Beasts, one of the Seven Armies on the Mikene Empire. He resembles a demonic angel, with his true face on his chest. He is commander of the Aerial Warriot Beasts, one of the Seven Armies of the Mikene Empire. He resembles a demonic angel, with his true face on his chest.. In the Mazinkaiser OVA his head and neck appear more reptilian, but overall remains the same. In his official character profile for the Mazinkaiser OVA, he is stated to be bullish and overconfident. According to his manga description, Birdler's lightning-fast speed and maneuverability make him a skilled fighter. It is also stated that Birdler has several abilities, as he can launch ultrasonic mouth waves and create shockwaves and tornadoes from his wings.
This character only appeared in the Mazinger Z Vs. The Great General of Darkness OVA. His body was composed from parts that identify him with each of the seven Mikene armies, reptilian, superhuman, aerial, insect, aquatic, mammalian and spectral. His position in the Mikene structure is unclear; whereas The Seven Generals, who are not included in the OVA, had each an army under their command, Juuma is apparently appointed ad hoc by The General of Darkness to take seven beasts of his choice and annihilate Mazinger Z after the destruction of many of his favorite monsters by Koji and his robot. Juuma almost succeeds, but Great Mazinger destroys his robots and finishes him off together with Mazinger Z.
Reptilian General Draydou was commander of the Reptilian Warrior Beasts, one of the Seven Armies on the Mikene Empire. He was commander of the Reptilian Battle Beasts, one of the Seven Armies of the Mikene Empire. He resembles a humanoid lizard with French musketeer-style garments, with his true face on his chest. In the Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness OVA his clothes are redesigned to be red instead of blue like in the original series. He is to be the most cunning out of all the 7 generals yet he fights dirty (according to manga translations). He is also said to be one of the more careful generals. He has the ability to breathe a deadly stream of fire from his reptilian head (in manga translations, it is described as "radioactive fire").
In the anime version, after Hell's death, Gorgon sends Gratonios and Pilanias to finish Mazinger off. Great Mazinger's intervention in the last minute is the link to the continuation of the saga, were Gorgon can be seen as a less powerful figure compared to his superiors, the Great General of Darkness and Minister Argos. Due to internal struggles for power that involve the Seven Generals, the Great General and Minister Argos, Gorgon is somewhat betrayed and during the construction of a new Mikene base, he intercepted Great Mazinger as it attacked the warrior beast Dandaros. Upon trying to save the warrior beast Gorgon flies in and is shattered by the Thunder Break, tossing his body into the sea shortly after. He is seen in his last moments with his tiger body destroyed, carrying his feline head under his arm, and the Emperor of Darkness congratulates him for constructing the new Mikene Empire base. He would be replaced by Marquis Janus.
One of the main attributes of the Mazinger series is the existence of a large amount of evil mechas, which are incredibly varied in shape and weapons and serve as Monsters of the week. Dr. Hell's Mechanical Beasts, the Mikene Empire Warrior Beasts and the Vegan Empire Spacial Monsters usually have nightmarish appearances, and though they are never as powerful as the hero robot, they are quite capable of putting him against the ropes.
Because of his years working with Dr. Kabuto, he is aware of many of his secrets, such as the plans for Minerva X and the existence of the Mikene Empire. He built Aphrodite A, based on Dr. Kabuto's work, and hence both she and Mazinger share a similar internal structure. His background before his work for Dr. Kabuto and the Institute and the identity of Sayaka's mother are unknown.
Various warrior beasts have appeared in the majority of Super Robot Wars titles including Obeleus, Zugar, Psychoveia, Gracious, Tollukan, Dolark, Jerunicas, Jiran, Dukaider, Gogler, Gold Phoenix, and Vulcania from the series and Dante, Saraga, and Arsoth from Mazinger Z vs. The Great General of Darkness; the Mazinkaiser version of Dante and Psychoveia are the only true warrior beasts in Super Robot Wars Judgment and W with others being the seven generals of the Mikene Empire led by the Great General of Darkness.
Superhuman General Julicaesar was commander of the Superhuman Battle Beasts, one of the Seven Armies of the Mikene Empire. He resembles a gigantic human warrior with purple skin and dressed in Roman-style armour, with a flaming circular crest on his head. His true face was originally mounted on his chest, but in his redesign in the Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness OVA it was placed on his flaming crest instead.
Looking for the source of these condemning words, they come outside and find the gosthly character among the ruins. This time, he describes the enemy as the Great General of Darkness and his Seven Mikene Armies, and says that they will strike back. After that, Mazinger will be no more and the world will be submerged in the shadows forever. In the blink of an eye, he vanishes. When Dr. Yumi hears this, he recalls something Dr. Kabuto had told him about a long time ago, describing the same thing the prophet had told. He believes that maybe the answer could be in the notes of Koji's late grandfather.
In all of his incarnations, the Ankoku is a force to be reckoned with. In close combat he wields a mighty sword capable of slicing mountains in Shin Mazinger Z and bashing through opponents. While at a distance, he can unleash purple-colored beams from his eyes that are powerful enough to match Mazinkaiser's Koushiryoku Beam. On the defensive end, Ankoku is no slouch either; as his cape can withstand Fire Blaster's intense heat, and his true face survived a direct strike from Great Mazinger's swords and in his 2003 incarnation, a direct blast from Mazinkaiser's Koushiryoku Beams, which were shown to be powerful to destroy the Mikene warrior Dante with one strike.
After the events of the Mazinakaiser OVA series, the ancient subterranean empire of the Myceneans is somehow reawakened, and its denizens launch an attack on the surface world. The Mikene Battle Beasts carry out their campaign of destruction all over the planet, as the world's armies and cities such as Tokyo and London are laid to waste. Meanwhile, the other Battle Beasts fight against the so-called Mazinger Army (made up of Great Mazinger, Venus A and three significantly weaker versions of Mazinger Z). They defeat and destroy all but Great Mazinger, who is nonetheless no longer capable of combat. However, they pay a heavy price as Birdler, Scarabeth and Angoras are killed in combat. As Kouji continues his journey, a missile attack kills Rigarn and his entire army in Russia. Eventually, Kouji reaches the Photonic Research Institute despite the efforts of Archduke Gorgon. In their desperation to destroy Mazinkaiser, the Mikene armies of Caeser, Ardias and Draydou ripped the very ground apart, seeking its underground hangar. Unluckily for them, Mazinkaiser was being stored in space, out of their reach. With Boss' help, Kouji is able to activate Mazinkaiser. Living up to its title of Ultimate Mazinger, Mazinkaiser then wipes out every last one of the surviving Battle Beasts and kills the three generals with almost embarrassing ease.
The Emperor of Darkness was a fictional character, a supervillain and warlord from the manga and anime series Great Mazinger. Great Mazinger was the sequel to the wildly popular Mazinger Z. It was depicted as a large flaming entity. As the Emperor of the Mikene Empire, he was the true enemy behind Ankoku Daishogun and the Great Marshall of Hell. His defeat marked the end of the Mikene Empire. He is the only survivor of the final battle in Great Mazinger because he never was with his troops. He survives the series too. The only story where he is finally killed (accidentally by Koji after his offer to help Duke Fleed against Vega) is the manga version of UFO Robot Grendizer drawn by Gosaku Ota. In Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen, his true identity is the deity Hades who came from the original planet of the Mykene Empire and an enemy of Zeus. He took the identity of the Great Emperor of Darkness after Zeus threw him a Rocket punch of his own and sank along with Bardos Island.
General Ligern also reappears in the Mazinkaiser OVA "Deathmatch! Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness" and is the only one of the Seven Generals to be killed by human hands rather than at the hands of a mecha. He leads his Mammalian Warrior Beasts, consisting of Mammothos, Doleman and Grabaru, to a remote base in Siberia, where Archduke Gorgon, the Great General's personal assassin, has tracked the pilot of Mazinkaiser Koji Kabuto. Despite knowing the Great General has ordered Gorgon to slay the youth before he could activate the powerful robot, Ligern attempts to steal the Mikene officer's thunder by attacking the base himself. This eagerness proves to be his downfall, as Professor Morimori, one of the professors accompanying Koji and Sayaka, launches a suicidal missile attack that kills him and completely obliterates the Mammalian Battle Warrior Army. Ligern himself is killed when a missile ripped his body (and face) in half before detonating.
Giant Insect General Scarabeth was commander of the Insect Battle Beasts, one of the Seven Armies of the Mikene Empire. He resembles a gigantic rhinoceros beetle, with his true face mounted on his chest. He brings a sword with him in the original Great Mazinger series and in the Mazinkaiser OVA, he has the ability to release streams of binding silk from his insect head in order to immobilize targets. The silk is stated to be as tough as steel. According to his profile included in the Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness OVA, Scarabeth is one of the most battle-hungry of the Seven Generals. He is also prone to charging into battle far ahead of his troops, putting him at risk of being cut off from support. According to his manga description, Scarabeth is a remarkable tactician, able to create strategies that complete missions with less manpower and resources thought possible.