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Examples of "milmo"
Emilio married Laura Milmo Hickman, daughter of Patricio Milmo Vidaurri, an American citizen, and Laura Hickman Morales, and granddaughter of Patricio Milmo O'Dowd (né Patrick Milmo (1826–1899); son of Darby and Sarah (née O'Dowd) Milmo of Lisaneena, Collooney, County Sligo, Ireland), a major stockholder in the Milmo National Bank of Laredo and his wife, María Prudenciana Vidaurri Vidaurri (a descendant of the Vásquez Borregos, who helped to found Laredo, Texas).
Two grandchildren, Cahal and Daniel Milmo, are also journalists, while another, Chuka Umunna, is a Labour Member of Parliament. He was a distant nephew of Don Patricio Milmo O'Dowd (né Patrick Milmo; 1826–1899), who emigrated to Mexico and became a successful businessman and banker.
Joan Milmo predeceased her husband in 1978, aged 71, from undisclosed causes. He married, secondly, in 1980 Mrs. Anne Brand, the widow of Francis Bernard Brand. Mrs. Brand was born Anne Gilmore O'Connell, the daughter of Maurice William O'Connell. Sir Helenus Milmo died in 1988 in Chichester, West Sussex. Anne, Lady Milmo (born 27 May 1907 – died 28 November 2003) died at age 96.
Circa 1881, Giles designed a $29,000 two-story bank building for Pat and Daniel Milmo on the corner of Lincoln and Salinas in Laredo in Webb County. The structure included a residence for Daniel Milmo.
Sir Helenus Milmo, QC (born Helenus Padraic Seosamh Milmo; 24 August 1908 – 30 August 1988) was a British lawyer and High Court judge. His career was notable for his role in the prosecution team at the Nuremberg Trials.
During World War II, Milmo was a member of MI5. Having previously worked under Kim Philby, Milmo was selected to investigate Philby in 1951, when Philby's treason became increasingly obvious. Milmo failed to elicit definitive answers and concluded "that Philby is and has been for many years a Soviet agent. But the case remained unproven." Milmo's peers were not entirely forgiving. "Some felt", wrote Peter Carter-Ruck when Milmo died in 1988, "that he was perhaps too much of a gentleman for that daunting task."
His daughter, Prudenciana Vidaurri, married on April 23, 1857, prominent Irish businessman Patrick Milmo O'Dowd, of Irish descent, who profited from the cotton trade with the Confederate States of America. The family continued to play an important role in late nineteenth-century Monterrey. The union produced a son, Patricio Milmo Vidaurri, who would marry Patricia Hickman Morales. Patricio and Patricia become the parents of Laura Milmo Hickman, wife of Emilio Azcarraga Vidaurreta, pioneer of Mexican television and one of the founders of the company Televisa. Emilio and Laura were the parents of famous Mexican entrepreneur Emilio Azcarraga Milmo, father in turn of the current board president of Grupo Televisa, Emilio Azcarraga Jean.
In April 1997, Milmo died and Emilio Azcárraga Jean succeeded him as the president of the company.
On August 17, 1972, Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta died, and Emilio Azcárraga Milmo succeeded him as company president and owner.
Emilio Azcárraga and Laura Milmo had three children: Emilio, Laura, and Carmela. In 1899 "Patricio Milmo and Sons" was established as a bank to invest in such interests as railroads and mines. After the Mexican Revolution the company focused on safer investments, like the then-recently-developing radio industry.
Emilio Azcárraga Jean is also the cousin of Gastón Azcárraga, former owner of Mexicana de Aviación. There were three brothers: Raúl, Gastón and Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta. Raúl died without issue and left his portion of Televisa to his brother Emilio. The branch Azcárraga Milmo comes from the original branch of Milmo Vidaurri/Vidaurri Borrego of the Vásquez Borregos.
He was born in County Limerick on 24 August 1908, the third son of Daniel and Kathleen (née White) Milmo, but spent his early years in Furbogh, Galway Gaeltacht. Milmo attended St. Gerard's School, Downside School and Trinity College, Cambridge; he went on to become a barrister, becoming a QC in 1961.
Umunna was born in London, England. His father Bennett, of the Nigerian Igbo ethnic group, died in a road accident in Nigeria in 1992. Umunna's mother, Patricia Milmo, a solicitor, is of English-Irish background. Umunna's maternal grandparents were Joan Frances (Morley) and Sir Helenus Milmo QC, a prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials. He is married to Alice Sullivan, an employment lawyer.
Fordyce was a nominee for the best online journalist of the year in 2002, but lost out to Dan Milmo of the online "Guardian".
Milmo married Joan Frances Morley (9 March 1907 – June 1978), the second daughter of Francis Morley of Sloan Court, London, in 1933. The couple had five children:
Junebud's main product is MilMo, a casual 3D MMO with platformer and action adventure gameplay elements. The game has been widely noted for its use of 3D graphics that are more advanced than those normally found in social network games. MilMo is one of the first 3D games on the Brazilian social network Orkut, where it was first released in cooperation with the social games publisher Mentez.
Emilio Fernando Azcárraga Jean III (; born 1968 in Mexico City) is a Mexican businessman and the son of Emilio Azcárraga Milmo and his third wife, Nadine Jean, a French citizen.
In December 2011, it was cleared for operation on FM, allowing it to operate 24 hours a day. In 2015, Milmo y Garza sold the station to Radio Difusión Comercial, S.A.
In 1988, Futbol Club Necaxa was purchased by Mexican telecommunications giant Grupo Televisa S.A C.V. The now late owner, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo (father of Emilio Azcárraga Jean), and several associates took a new direction with the team.
One of her first known romantic relations was with Emilio Azcarraga Jean son of media mogul Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, and now CEO of the largest mass media company in Latin America, the Televisa Grup.