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seelen              holtum              schneidewind              hasselbach              treusch              schnackenburg              rosenau              lebensbild              klingen              hartmannsdorf              gersdorf              bornhofen              poggensee              milde              heckmann              elben              schmiedel              longerich              weidenbach              genannt              danneberg              sandau              behren              schulmeister              felde              bracht              mahlberg              steindorf              hasel              lautenbach              hansjakob              holdorf              litzmann              matzen              dornheim              neuerburg              laaber              meyenburg              zierenberg              liebau              grosselfingen              kogel              adelsberg              steinhorst              odenthal              ingwer              reifenberg              fredersdorf              pfisterer              veltheim             

Examples of "milz"
Flitter Milz (formerly known as Flitter Lorenz) is an American consumer law firm based in the suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania town of Narberth.
Milz is a village and a former municipality in the district of Hildburghausen, in Thuringia, Germany. Since 31 December 2012, it is part of the town Römhild.
The first written mention of the two settlements on the "Kirchhügel" (church hill) and the "Geiersberg" (vulture hill) comes from the year 800. The Abbess Emhild of the monastery Milz transferred the monasterial properties by this certificate to Fulda Abbey.
Names of the riverboats included: "Brugesville", "Flandres", "Milz", "Deliverance", "Henry Reed", "Kigomi", "Tadora", "General Olsen", "Brabant", and "Kitambo". The steamer "Bernaert" was captured in a civil war of 1892.
After 106 Days Karina Schreiber won the season, just like the first two winners John Milz and Alida Kurras, Schreiber was raised in the GDR and was considered as the nicest person in the house and was never nominated.
Of the men that went down into the mine and survived the explosion, a few stepped forward to share their experience during the explosion. Jacob Milz was a track layer who was positioned in the first car behind the cart motor. After feeling the shock of the explosion, Milz left the cart and crawled through the thickening smoke to the “G vein” where there was good circulation of air. Once he arrived at the G vein, he led the survivors with him on the rescue attempt. The majority of those injured, but not killed, were evacuated in an hour.
Römhild is a town in the district of Hildburghausen, in Thuringia, Germany. It is situated 14 km west of Hildburghausen, and 21 km southeast of Meiningen. On 31 December 2012, it merged with the former municipalities Gleichamberg, Haina, Mendhausen, Milz and Westenfeld.
The chapters on kidney and bladder stones were edited and translated into French by P. de Koning in his "Traité sur le calcul dans les reins et dans la vessie" (1896). Other chapters have been translated by Dorothee Thies in "Die Lehren der arabischen Mediziner Tabari und Ibn Hubal über Herz, Lunge, Gallenblase und Milz" (1968).
"Dana and Jayson in the Morning" often posed questions or opinions to the listeners, both on the air and online. They had many people call in each day with their opinions, and even had some 'friends' who they know well and who called a lot, like "Loyal Listener Lucille," "Lighthouse Michelle (LHM)," "Millie Milz" and more.
Mendhausen belongs to the district of the Möhnshof, which plays a significant role in the historical development of Mendhausen. The Mönchshof was mentioned in a document, at the time of Charles the Great, in conjunction with the Benedikterinnenkloster of Milz and the abbess Emhild in 783. Charlemagne was often a guest at the Mönchshof.
The project originated from a mailing list started in November 1997. Eventually Harald Milz wrote an odd sort of Linux-HA HOWTO. Unlike most HOWTOs, this was not about how to configure or use existing software, it was a collection of HA techniques which one could use if one were to write HA software for Linux.
Mendhausen is a classical Frankish scattered village with a church in the middle. It was originally surrounded by walls for threatening times, called Gaden (storage rooms). In 1796 the village had 280 inhabitants, with 69 hearths (households). The troubled times, especially during the 30 Years War, reduced the population by more than 60%. The story that probably started in the 7th or 8th century is not known exactly. Mendhausen was probably one of the three Höchheims which history started in 783 (Great Hoechheim = those of the present Hoechheim, Small Hoechheim = Mönchshof) with the Frankish nobles, the Countess Emhilt, that just this year a number of possessions and "property" the of her founded Kloster Milz made over. 799 they inherited the possessions and the Kloster of Milz to the Bonifaciuskloster Fulda.
Anthony von Mandl was a wine seller in Vancouver during the 1970s and assisted in preparing a feasibility study regarding growing grapes in the area for Josef Milz, a Mosel based winery. While the German vintner did not go ahead with a purchase, von Mandl decided that the area was worth investing in, and in 1981 purchased the abandoned Mission Hill estate. von Mandl is also the founder of Mike's Hard Lemonade Co..
Being the hands-down favorite to win, Jürgen was beaten in a very close vote by east-German John Milz who remained quiet throughout the entire series and was known as rarely having arguments with his fellow housemates. Being tattooed and pierced, he appeared like a rough rocker on first sight but proved to be a rather soft and caring father with very liberal views. From the prize money he bought a car for his girlfriend and mother of his daughter saying "she had to do the work during my stay". Later it became public that John was cheated by her during the show.
He was born in Gotha, as the seventh but fourth surviving son of Ernest I "the Pious" of Saxe-Gotha and Elisabeth Sophie of Saxe-Altenburg. After the death of their father, in 1675, Henry and his brothers co-ruled the duchy of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg. On 24 February 1680, after the treaty of division of the family lands with his brothers, he received Saxe-Römhild, which consisted of the cities of Römhild, Königsberg (now in Bavaria), Themar, Behrungen and Milz and the fiefdom of Echter.
Partner Cary L Flitter received the J"effrey A. Ernico Award" in 2006 from The Pennsylvania Bar Association Legal Services to the Public Committee. He was also given an "Attorney Pro Bono Award" in 2011 by The Pennsylvania Bar Association Legal Services To The Public Committee. He was named "Consumer Advocate of the Year" by the National Association of Consumer Advocates. He also received Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network (PLAN) Excellence Award in 2013. Partner Andrew M. Milz was recognized by a Pennsylvania federal court for his experience in consumer protection law class actions.
Officially granted on 5 January 1993, the lower part of the shield shows the two dominating hills in the area, the greater and lesser Gleichberg. The scissors are taken from the arms of the family of Milz and their relatives the noble family of Scherenberg (the word "Schere" means "scissors" or "shears"). In the 15th century the family played a major role in the local history. The upper field is a type of prehistoric pin found in the Kleine Gleichberg. The colours are those of the arms of Rudolf von Scherenberg, as well as of the State of Würzburg, to which the area was once attached.
After several unplanned exits and additional entries (first evictee Marion was voted back into the house only to walk three weeks later again), Alida Kurras was crowned the winner of the season showing similar behaviour to first season's winner John Milz; not only were both born and raised in the former GDR but also kept quiet and very friendly towards everyone in the house. Kurras recorded a single which did not result in any success and hosted several low-profile shows on German call-in station 9Live. She went on to marry the channel's director and is still daily onscreen.
Khuder, Milz, Bisesi, Vincent, McNulty, and Czajkowski (as cited by Harrison and McBride of the Cornell Waste Management Institute in "Case for Caution Revisited: Health and Environmental Impacts of Application of Sewage Sludges to Agricultural Land") conducted a health survey of persons living in close proximity to Class B sludged land. A sample of 437 people exposed to Class B sludge (living within of sludged land) - and using a control group of 176 people not exposed to sludge (not living within of sludged land) reported the following: Although correlation does not imply causation, such extensive correlations may lead reasonable people to conclude that precaution is necessary in dealing with sludge and sludged farmlands.
After the death of the childless Henry in 1710, his domains were divided between the four duchies – Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, Saxe-Meiningen and Saxe-Hildburghausen. Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg took seven-twelfths of the District of Themar. Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld had five-twelfths of the District of Themar and one-third of the District of Römhild. Two-thirds of the District of Römhild went to Saxe-Meiningen. Saxe-Hildburghausen got the rest – the winery of Behrungen, the estate of Milz and the Echter properties.