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kudera              shtein              sobczak              laska              vescan              guner              walicke              kucharczyk              zuang              kozieradzki              yaneva              paunescu              owczarek              caelles              kasapi              ajanovic              haiss              loncar              radosavljevic              uhlik              mamane              aslanian              toyoizumi              ionita              redinger              filie              plautz              kuzmych              moris              pottrats              rojotte              sergienko              rodov              bednarz              riman              volovik              pruszak              niefind              oancea              richael              djurovic              cristovao              ozgur              dominko              kukli              nikishin              mishchenko              marczyk              sorebo              rozenfeld             

Examples of "minei"
Transliteration: "Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu, Melekh ha'olam, bo're minei m'zonot."
The Râul Minei is a tributary of the Olt River in Romania.
The Pârâul Minei is a tributary of the Tecșe River in Romania.
Felicia Minei Behr is an American TV producer and network executive who has worked on three daytime serials.
Yemelyan Yaroslavsky was born into a Jewish family as Minei Israilevich Gubelman in Chita, then the capital of Russia's Transbaikal Oblast, on March 3, 1878.
Yemelyan Mikhailovich Yaroslavsky (, born Minei Izrailevich Gubelman, Мине́й Изра́илевич Губельма́н; – 4 December 1943) was an ethnic Jewish Russian revolutionary, Communist Party functionary, journalist, and historian.
Garbi performed all of the EP's singles on Fame Story 1, including "Tha Minei Metaxi Mas" in a duet with contestant Thanos Petrelis.
Felicia Minei Behr, Jean Dadario Burke, Michael Laibson, Heidi Adam, Terry Cacavio, Thomas DeVilliers, Lisa Connor, Linda Laundra, Stephen Schenkel, Nancy Horwich, Sonia Blangiardo, Vivian Gundaker, Dustin Fitzharris, Jennifer Salamone
Felicia Minei Behr's seven-year tenure as Executive Producer of "All My Children" included a brief period in the first half of the 1990s when the show was a consistent #2 in the ratings.
Adoption of Christianity led to introduction of completely new, foreign names that were tightly connected to baptism ceremony: according to Christian tradition baptism presumes giving Christian name. Names were given according to special books - minei Месячные минеи, which described religious services, ceremonies for each day, including which saint to praise. Religious tradition dictated that children should be named in honor of a saint, praised on the day of baptism (Sometimes on birthday, sometimes any day between birth and baptism). Minei were extremely expensive, so some churches couldn't afford them. One possible solution was to use menologia (Месяцеслов, святцы) - calendars with brief listing of religious celebrations and Saints days.
The folkloric origin of this tale explains the stark differences between this work and canonical hagiographical works. In 1547 Peter and Fevronia were canonized and the tale started to be interpreted as a hagiographical piece. It was not, however, included in the "Great Menaion Reader" ("Velikie Minei Chetii" in Russian) because of its unconventional form and largely secular contents.
The story of saint Macarius is based on "Chet’yi-Minei" (the standard Russian Orthodox "Lives of the Saints") as well as to other old manuscripts. One of them, kept in Makaryev Unzhensky Monastery, was first inventoried in 1835. The other is kept in Makaryev Zheltovodsky Convent, and is written in the 17th century hand.
She would eventually accept a position as a screenwriting and playwriting professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This move reunited her with her former colleague, Felicia Minei Behr, former executive producer of "All My Children" and "As the World Turns", who served at Drexel as a professor of film & TV production.
Each of the twelve volumes corresponds to a certain month (hence, the name "chet’yi-minei" or "monthly readings", from the Greek word "menaion") and subdivided into days. Also, the Great Menaion Reader includes the so-called "kormchiye knigi" (books of guidelines, a.k.a. books of the helmsman), monastic charters, acts, and missives. All of this material is sorted by months.
Between 1981 and 1987 she was casting director of "Ryan's Hope". In 1988, she started work on "One Life to Live" until she was hired by Felicia Minei Behr in 1991 to work on "All My Children" till the soap's end in 2011. Later that year she became the casting director of "The Young and the Restless".
Culliton then joined the writing staff of "Santa Barbara"; he was a script writer and story editor when the writing team won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1991. After this, he joined ABC Daytime's "All My Children" from 1991–1993 under the leadership of Megan McTavish and Felicia Minei Behr.
By early 1987, with ratings sinking ever further, and many ABC affiliates dropping the show altogether, ABC asked Claire Labine to return as head writer, with her daughter, Eleanor Labine, as co-head writer. The Labines revitalized the show. A year after Labine's return, executive producer Joseph Hardy was replaced with Felicia Minei Behr.
On 17 October 2015, Gerbi won the bronze medal in the Paris Grand Slam after defeating Miho Minei from Japan. Two weeks later on 31 October 2015, she won the bronze again, this time in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, after defeating Juul Franssen from the Netherlands.
On May 28, 1999, Procter & Gamble announced that Minei Behr was being replaced by Christopher Goutman. Statement released by Minei Behr says in part: "I've enjoyed the challenges of turning this show around, CBS generally skews older in demos than other shows I've worked on. Unfortunately, this made it a difficult climate and a formidable struggle to increase demographic ratings without changing the heart of the show or being disloyal to its history and viewers." On June 4, 1999, Behr, along with producers Terri Cacavio, Jennifer Minda and Regina DiMartino, as well as Production Designer Kevin Rupnik, Casting Director Mikie Heilbrun and music director Sybil Costello, worked their last day on ATWT. Goutman began on June 7, 1999. Source:
Schneiderman is currently the director of guitar and lute studies at the University of California, Irvine, and nearby Irvine Valley College, and he has been on the faculties of Orange Coast College, California State University, Long Beach, and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Schneiderman has had many notable students while on faculty at the University of California, Irvine. Classical Guitarists Gregory Coleman and Dr. Jon Minei as well as country singer Ry Bradley have all been former students of Schneiderman.