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subota              bisera              janevski              lidija              vjera              marjana              gjoka              marjeta              darinka              maryla              ljubov              valerija              natasa              mitevska              dorottya              sofija              katica              emilija              babica              smiljana              dimitrovski              gjini              radmila              ahmedovski              izolda              fabijan              zorana              sedej              lisac              saimir              dremelj              dukic              langus              marysia              rebeka              radost              buljan              josipa              divna              judita              ispod              jelica              kraljica              radojka              bilja              hristovski              zmijanac              smilevski              rodowicz              bozic             

Examples of "minja"
He is married to Maja, with whom he has daughters Sanja, Danijela and Minja, and grandchildren Luka, Aleksa and Minja.
Right now Minja is head coach of Al-Oruba SC in Oman.
The name is prevalent on the Italian peninsula and Romania, in Greece (e.g. Mineas), and the former Yugoslavia (i.e. Montenegro) in the form of the Slavicized Minja.
Minja Vojvodic (31 August 1942 - 17 June 2014) was a Montenegrin actor. He appeared in more than ninety films from 1965 to 2009.
Milovan Minja Prelević (born 28 February 1970) is Montenegrin football coach and a former football player who is currently the head coach of Al-Oruba SC from Oman. He is married and has three children.
The Yugoslavian national final to select their entry, "Jugovizija 1981", was held on 28 February at the Studio TV - TV Beograd in Belgrade, and was hosted by Minja Subota and Helga Vlahović
In 1939 Ivanović married June Fisher with whom he had two sons, Ivan Božidar ("Božo") and Andrija; and one daughter, Minja. His son Božo succeeded him as director of Ivanovic & Co. and as Consul of Monaco upon his death.
Milan "Minja" Subota (, ; born 8 November 1938 in Sarajevo) is Serbian composer, musician, entertainer and photographer. He is the host of the long-running children's TV show "Muzički tobogan" on RTS (formerly on TV Novi Sad).
Minya Mikic (born Minja Višekruna, 1975, in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia) is an Italian artist, painter, and graphic designer. She lives and works between Rome and Zurich and regularly exhibits her work in Europe and New York.
In 2013, Canada Post released a postage stamp of Joe Fortes on February 1st celebrating Black History Month. The stamp's release marks the 150th anniversary of Joe's birth. The stamp was designed by Lara Minja.
Lee Eung-kyung (born February 3, 1966) is a South Korean actress. She began her acting career in 1987, and has since appeared in films and television dramas such as "Palace of Dreams" and "Aeja's Older Sister, Minja".
On the album are published 21 oldest form songs of Serbian traditional singing — including “ojkalice” (the loud folk songs) from Dalmatia, “potresalice” (wedding shaking songs) from Bosanska Krajina, „ganga” from Herzegovina, “kajda” from Zlatibor, “kantalice” from Podrinje and ancient ballads from Kosovo and Metohija and Eastern Serbia — performed by Svetlana Spajić, Dragana Tomić, Minja Nikolić, Jovana Lukić and Zorana Bantić.
This frog is known only from a single block of undisturbed forest in the northern Pare Mountains near the border between Kenya and Tanzania, at altitudes between ; the forest block is formed by the Kindoroko and Minja Forest Reserves and is surrounded by land that has been cleared for settlement.
Aeja's Older Sister, Minja () is a 2008 South Korean television series starring Cha Hwa-yeon, Lee Eung-kyung, So Yi-hyun and Song Yi-woo. The daily drama aired on SBS from April 21 to October 31, 2008, on Mondays to Fridays at 19:20 for 140 episodes.
In 2012. he released his second album called "Love Is Taking Control" and also he started his own record label "Watermelon Recordings". His track in collaboration with DJ Kizami (Belgrade, Serbia) and Minja was placed as no.1 Hit on TDI Radio Club Chart.
So married actor In Gyo-jin on October 4, 2014. So and In had been friends for a decade before dating; they were co-stars in "Aeja's Older Sister, Minja" (2008) and "Happy Ending" (2012). Their first child, a daughter named In Ha-Eun, was born on December 4, 2015.
Živa voda (Serbian Cyrillic: "Жива вода"; English: "The Living Water") is an album of traditional Serbian songs by the Belgrade group Drina, which accounted for Svetlana Spajić and Minja Nikolić. In the form of a CD it was published by Radio Svetigora from Cetinje, 2000.
In married actress So Yi-hyun on October 4, 2014. In and So had been friends for a decade before dating; they were costars in "Fairy and Swindler" (2003), "Aeja's Older Sister, Minja" (2008) and "Happy Ending" (2012). Their first child, a daughter named In Ha-Eun, was born on December 4, 2015. In Gyo-jin and his daughter are currently cast members of KBS's variety show The Return of Superman.
The school is proud of its students and their contribution to the culture, sport, art of Belgrade and the Republic of , such as: Мihajlo Petrović Alas, Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac, Моša Pijade, Pavle Savić, Dejan Udovičić, Zoran Baranac, Ivo Lola and , Vladeta Jerotić, Svetozar Gligorić, Ružica Sokić, Nikola Simić, Boža Prodanović, Мinja Subota and others. The school has its own hymn, composed by Minja Subota, and the text was written by Saša Trajković.
Cha Hwa-yeon (born Cha Hak-kyung on December 27, 1960) is a South Korean actress. Cha made her acting debut in 1978, and became best known as the heroine Kim Mi-ja in the 1987 television drama "Love and Ambition", a character who became an icon for modern Korean women in that era. But she retired a year later, after getting married in 1988. Cha returned to acting twenty years later in 2008 with "Aeja's Older Sister, Minja".