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Examples of "miralles"
Julián Miralles Rodríguez (born 16 November 1988 in Alberic, Spain) is a Spanish motorcycle racer. He is son of a former motorcycle racer, also named Julián Miralles.
Julián Miralles is a former Grand Prix motorcycle racer from Spain. His son, Julián Miralles Rodríguez, is also a motorcycle racer.
His parents came from France. Miralles came very young to Cuba. The king Charles III of Spain sent Juan de Miralles to watch the new American administration of George Washington in the then capital of Philadelphia. Miralles met Washington at a Christmas party and brought him a letter from Diego José Navarro García de Valladares.
Jose Maria De Delas Y Miralles - Spain
He was known for his collaborations with playwright Alberto Miralles.
Francesc Miralles Contijoch (born 27 August 1968) is a Spanish writer, essayist, translator, and musician.
Miralles is involved with science outreach. She will keynote Hispanicize 2017.
Manuel Giner Miralles (Valencia, Spain, 1926) is a Spanish doctor, entrepreneur and politician.
Jordi Miralles i Conte (27 April 1962 – 14 October 2015) was a Spanish politician.
Santa Maria de Miralles is a municipality in the "comarca" of the Anoia in Catalonia, Spain.
• Carles Miralles, "Dulci şi aspre" (translation from Catalan), Ars Longa, 2008
Alberto Miralles Grancha (September 23, 1940 – March 3, 2004) was a Spanish dramatist, the author of some 40 plays.
In 2015 "Sirenoscincus mobydick" was reassigned to the genus "Voeltzkowia", as "Voeltzkowia mobydick", by Miralles et al.
Ezequiel Nicolás Miralles Sabugo (, born 21 July 1983) is an Argentine footballer that currently plays for Liniers as a striker.
Maria Domènech i Escoté "alias" Josep Miralles (Alcover, Alt Camp, 1877 — Barcelona, 1952) was a Catalan writer.
Natalio Botana ("Natalio Félix Botana Miralles") was an Uruguayan journalist who started the newspaper "La Critica" () in Argentina in 1913.
In the NBA draft, the Raptors selected Rafael Araújo and Albert Miralles. Miralles was traded to the Miami Heat for Pape Sow and a 2005 2nd round draft pick on draft day. Araújo would only play three seasons in the NBA: two with the Raptors, and one with the Utah Jazz.
On December 9, 2011, Dooling and a 2012 second-round pick were traded to Boston Celtics in exchange for the draft rights to Albert Miralles.
Evelyn Miralles is a pioneer of virtual reality at NASA. Since 1993, her Dynamic Onboard Ubiquitous Graphics has been used to simulate space operations.
He won silver medal with the U-20 Spanish national team in the 2002 FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship. Miralles has played five games with the Spanish team.