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Examples of "miroitements"
Fontaine des Miroitements, Jardin Atlantique, salle des Miroitements, (1994), François Brun, Christine Schnitzler, architect, and Michel Pena, landscape architect.
"Les Miroitements de l’Infini" (The Shimmering Infinite) (1994)
A new park, the Jardin Atlantique, was built in 1994 on the concrete slab that covers the railway lines of the train station Gare Maine-Montparnasse. This included three modern fountains, the Fontaine des Humidités, the Fontaine des Miroitements, and Fontaine des Hespérides, by architects Christine Schnitzler and François Brun, along with landscape architect Michel Pena, which added water and greenery into an urban space surrounded by huge concrete buildings.
His poetic creativity increased vertiginously and for good reason while writing on average two to three poems a day and more than 400 pages of text in a few months: "La Rosée des constellations" (Dew of the Constellations) (1991), "Les Transfigurations" (Transfigurations) (1992), "Le Baiser de l’archange" (The Kiss of the Archangel) (1993), "Le Frisson de l’aurore" (The Shiver of Dawn) (1993), "Les Miroitements de l’Infini" (The Shimmering Infinite) (1994), "L’Homme aux semelles de tempête" (The Man with Wandering Feet) (1995), "Rencontre avec l’Être" (Meeting with the Being) (1995) ; and the post-mortem publications with "La Roseraie des fauvettes" (The Warbler's Rose Garden) (1997), "L’Idéale Métamorphose" (The Ideal Metamorphosis) (1998), "Le Sourire de l’Astre" (The Star's Smile) (1998), "Le Refrain de l’Absolu" (The Chorus of the Absolute) (2000).