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waigeo              sangihe              batanta              talaud              kangean              salawati              wetar              tanimbar              siberut              yapen              ponapensis              banggai              mentawai              cosmophasis              seram              togian              palawanensis              waigeu              bawean              havaika              smedleyi              luzonensis              halmahera              calamian              samarensis              myrmechis              sipora              tanahjampea              vanikoro              vrydagzynea              nicobarica              lomblen              sangir              gardzinska              tukangbesi              celebes              lacepede              moluccensis              enggano              samoensis              malayana              aruensis              maratua              palmeria              saparua              palauensis              mentawi              taveuni              andamans              nicobars             

Examples of "misool"
The Misool rainbowfish ("Melanotaenia misoolensis") is a species of fish in the Melanotaeniidae family. It is endemic to Misool in West Papua, Indonesia.
"Nepenthes" sp. Misool is an undescribed tropical pitcher plant found on the island of Misool in the Raja Ampat archipelago of Indonesia. It is similar to the extremely variable "N. neoguineensis".
Raja Ampat Islands have at least three ponds containt unpoisoned jellyfish, all in Misool area.
Eois sanguilineata is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is found on Misool in Indonesia.
The other main islands in the archipelago are Misool, Batanta and Waigeo.
"Nepenthes" sp. Misool is not currently threatened in the wild. In "Pitcher Plants of the Old World", Stewart McPherson writes:
Platyptilia microbscura is a moth of the family Pterophoridae. It is known from Misool Island in Indonesia.
Biga is a heavily Papuan-influenced Austronesian language spoken in West Papua in the south of the island of Misool.
This species occurs on the cliffs of the McCluer Gulf and in coastal regions of the Fakfak peninsula. Although it has been reported from Misool in the past, geographer Stewart McPherson was unable to find any plants during a recent trip to the island (although he did find "N." sp. Misool).
Found in most of New Guinea, from Misool to Fergusson Island. The type locality given is "Ramoi Nova Guinea austro-occidentiali" (Ramoi, near Sorong, Irian Jaya, Indonesia).
Chrysoscota vagivitta is a moth of the family Erebidae. It was described by Walker in 1866. It is found on Misool, Seram and New Guinea.
Nepenthes treubiana (; after Melchior Treub) is a tropical pitcher plant native to Western New Guinea and possibly also the island of Misool.
"Nepenthes neoguineensis" is native to New Guinea and the nearby D'Entrecasteaux Islands, and may also occur on Misool (see "N." sp. Misool). The species is relatively widespread in the former, ranging across the entire length of the island and occurring in both Papua New Guinea and the Indonesian portion of the island (Western New Guinea). As such, its conservation status is listed as Least Concern on the 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
The New Guinea naked-backed fruit bat (Dobsonia magna or Dobsonia moluccensis magna) is a species of megabat endemic to Papua New Guinea and the Indonesian islands of Waigeo, Yapen, Batanta, and Misool.
Misool remains difficult and expensive to reach; during my observations, I hired a local fishing boat to travel to the island, and this trip alone required one metric ton of fuel!
Canucha curvaria is a moth in the Drepanidae family. It was described by Walker in 1866. It is found on Misool Island, in New Guinea and on the Solomon Islands.
An Indonesian endemic, the Moluccan megapode is confined to hill and mountain forests on the Maluku Islands of Halmahera, Buru, Seram, Ambon, Ternate, Haruku and Bacan. It also found on Misool Island in West Papua province.
Misool and Kofiau Islands (comprising the first six districts listed above) are currently in the process of being split off to form a separate South Raja Ampat Regency under proposals approved in 2014 by the Indonesian Government.
"Trichoglossus haematodus" is found in eastern Indonesia, on Buru, Seram, Misool, Waigeo, Numfoor, Yapen and the Aru Islands, in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea on New Guinea, in the Bismarck Archipelago, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.
The crinkle-collared manucode is found throughout lowlands and hill forests in mainland New Guinea and Misool Island of West Papua. The diet consists mainly of fruits and figs.