Synonyms for mitropolis or Related words with mitropolis

tychona              dromolaxia              kentavros              iteon              saranta              apean              foivos              xylotympou              kourio              nissos              sidirodromikos              isidoros              kormakiti              ayvalik              kamariotissis              achlada              chaidari              trachoni              korakou              ioakeim              cheapart              veroias              iraklio              tilikratis              roditsa              epivates              kilkisiakos              koskinou              nikanoros              konstantios              kokkinochoma              lefkosia              makedonias              akanthou              ustrumca              killini              epistrophi              acropoleos              orfeas              peyia              neokaisareia              efthymia              pannafpliakos              lemesou              keryneia              fokaidis              sotiras              arnissa              ampelokipi              skouloufia             

Examples of "mitropolis"
The Agios Eleftherios church, also known as Mikri Mitropoli ("little metropolitan church") or Panagia Gorgoepikoos is a Byzantine-era church located at the Mitropolis square, next to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens ("Megali Mitropoli").
Tsahouridis won the first prize in a Pan-Hellenic Music Competition organized by the Greek Ministry of Education at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron Mousikis) in 1996. In 1997, he was awarded a scholarship by Panteleimon and Iera Mitropolis Verias, in order to continue his music studies in London.
The Holy Metropolis of Servia and Kozani (, "Iera Mitropolis Servion kai Kozanis") is an Orthodox Christian diocese located in West Macedonia, Greece, with the bishop's seat at Kozani. Its archdeaconries include the cities of Kozani, Aiani, Drepano, Krokos, Servia and Velvendos. the Bishop of the Holy Diocese of Servia and Kozani was Pavlos Papalexiou.
In its present form the diocese was formed after November Cleveland Sobor in 1946 when clergy and laity of the Northern American Mitropolis adopted a resolution by which the Metropolitan District limit his contacts with the Moscow Patriarchate and the Synod of ROCOR. However, much of the parishes refused to be separated from the ROCOR. After the rupture of communion with Metropolitan Theophilus (Pashkovsky), ROCOR regained its jurisdiction in America and received about 40 parishes emerged from the Metropolitan District. –źdministration of these parishes was charged to Archbishop Vitaly, who received the title "Archbishop of Eastern America and Jersey City".