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Examples of "mittman"
After the Second World War, Walter Mittman, a primary school teacher in Westphalia, popularized the conventional triangular bowed psaltery, which had earlier been advocated for use in education by the German Edgar Stahmer (1911-1996).
MyRepublic was founded in 2011 by Malcolm Rodrigues, a former Vice President of StarHub International and Wholesale; KC Lai, a former StarHub Senior VP of Consumer Sales; and Greg Mittman, previously a lead of Alcatel-Lucent's National Broadband Network Team.
Community Broadcasters, LLC is a Watertown, New York based radio holding group that owns radio stations in its own market and surrounding areas. It was founded by media executives Bruce Mittman and Jim Leven, and started out in 2006 by buying stations owned by Clancy-Mance Communications, Inc.
She made the first recording of the Charles Ives Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano along with the 3rd Sonata with pianist Leopold Mittman. She also gave first performances of the violin concertos of Nicolai Berezowsky, Mana Zucca and Dai-Keong Lee, and the first American performance of the Prokofiev Violin Sonata No. 2 in D.
Dr. Fredric Wertham cited the Thrill Killers as an example of the potential harm caused by comic books. Specifically, a comic book named "Nights of Horror" was brought as evidence of Jack Koslow's "sexual perversions", and used to convict him and Mittman of their crimes.
On October 31, 2013, it was announced in "Variety" that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer will be reviving The Addams Family as an animated film with Pamela Pettler to write the screenplay and Andrew Mittman and Kevin Miserocchi to executive produce the film and were in final negotiations with BermanBraun’s Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun to produce.
WBAK came on the air March 7, 1986 as WWFX, a contemporary hit radio station known as "The Fox" and owned by Sunnie Silverman, who sold the station to Bruce Mittman, owner of WICE in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, that December. The station was taken over in 1991 by Union Financial Services, which sold the station to Group H Radio on March 17, 1993.
As the Internet became more popular, FutureWave realized the potential for a vector-based web animation tool that might challenge Macromedia Shockwave technology. In 1995, FutureWave modified SmartSketch by adding frame-by-frame animation features and re-released it as FutureSplash Animator on Macintosh and PC. By that time, the company had added a second programmer Robert Tatsumi, artist Adam Grofcsik, and PR specialist Ralph Mittman.
In 1950, Eidus and cellist George Ricci founded the Stradivari Records label. In its November 4, 1950 issue, "Billboard" magazine reported that Eidus and Ricci "are producing chamber music in which they perform. Eidus and Ricci also handle all technical work themselves, including recording on tape and mastering." Besides Eidus and Ricci, the label's artist roster included pianist Leopold Mittman, conductor Alfred Vittori, violinist Emanuel Green, conductor Henri Rosco, flutist Guido Novello, and violinist Reno Fantuzzi.
The Roger Thomas Collection features luxury home and outdoor furnishings, mirrors, carpets, fabric, wall coverings, lighting and jewelry. Thomas has created signature collections and pieces for brands including Niedermaier, Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman, Townsend Leather, Fromental, Maya Romanoff, S. Harris, Samuel & Sons, Sicis Jewels, Boyd Lighting, Koroseal and OW Hospitality. He designed the private homes of Steve Wynn, including his Manhattan duplex, where he focused on enhancements such as a lighting scheme that would suit Wynn's art collection, and custom-made furnishings. He has also designed corporate offices, yachts and aircraft interiors.
In "Invisible Monsters: Vision, Horror, and Contemporary Culture," his contribution to Asa Mittman and Peter Dendle's "Ashgate Research Companion to Monsters and the Monstrous", Weinstock proposes that twenty-first century Western culture has decoupled monstrosity from appearance creating concerns that monsters cannot be identified in advance of their attacks. To develop this argument, he focuses on serial killers, terrorists, faceless corporations, viruses, and natural phenomena such as global warming. In "American Monsters," a chapter included in Charles L. Crow's "A Companion to the American Gothic", Weinstock addresses the cultural construction of American monsters paying attention to the roles of race and religion in creating monstrous others.
"Nights of Horror" would play a role in an infamous murder trial, and be a part of the arguments regarding obscenity laws in the United States. In the summer of 1954, Jack Koslow (18), Melvin "Mel" Mittman (17), Robert "Bobby" Trachtenberg (15), and Jerome "Jerry" Lieberman (17) roamed Brooklyn, terrorizing girls with whips they had ordered out of magazines, beat vagrants, and set them on fire. The four teens eventually beat an old man to death, and were caught and arrested soon after forcing a man off of a pier into the East River to drown. It seemed to the people of Brooklyn and the press that this was senseless violence, since they never robbed any of their victims, and they earned the name the Brooklyn Thrill Killers. The teens were brought to a jury trial in November 1954; Trachetenberg's case was dismissed as he decided to be the state's witness against the others, and Leiberman's case was dismissed as there was a lack of evidence that he had participated in the murder. Koslow and Mittman were given life without possibility of parole.
In April 1998, Hughes and Cumia were fired from WAAF following their April Fool's Day prank whereby Hughes and Cumia announced that Boston Mayor Thomas Menino had been killed in a car accident in Florida in the company of a Haitian female prostitute. The prank included reports from a fake police offer and news reporter, the latter a friend of Hughes. The stunt and firing received national attention from the press, and many listeners believed the story as Menino was on a flight during the prank, so he was out of contact while the event unfolded. Menino was made aware of the prank upon his arrival and responded with a letter of complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), pointing out the commission's broadcast regulations prohibit the broadcast of knowingly false information if it causes public harm. The FCC took no action against WAAF or Hughes and Cumia. The station's management suggested the duo have pies thrown at them in a stunt held at the city's square, but the idea was dismissed by the Mayor's office. After WAAF faced the possibility of its broadcasting license challenged for removal, the station fired Hughes and Cumia within a week after the prank, and suspended Mittman for one month and Douglas for one week.
Hughes and Cumia launched their new weekday afternoon show, "Opie and Anthony", at WAAF in March 1995. To their surprise, Valeri left the station soon after their arrival, and the duo came to disagreements over their show with the new program director, Dave Douglas. Cumia recalled the desire to ignore the rules and advice from management and began to play less music and talk more, which changed the dynamic of the show "within months". One of their most notable stunts during their time at WAAF was 100 Grand, a staged giveaway of $100,000 which was hyped on the air for several weeks. When it was time for the duo to give away the prize, the "winning" caller instead received a 100 Grand chocolate bar instead of the money. It was at WAAF where the show started its long running Whip 'em Out Wednesday segment that involves women flashing their breasts to drivers with a "WOW" sticker on their car. In June 1997, nine weeks into the promotion, the show was suspended for two weeks after Hughes and Cumia read out a confidential memo written by the station's management about the campaign on the air. Mittman put an end to the promotion after police contacted him over public safety surrounding it, but claimed the suspension was unrelated and over an "internal matter". In addition to their radio show, Hughes and Cumia hosted the television show "Real Rock TV" and released "Demented World", a compilation album of their radio bits which was released in October 1997 and sold 40,000 copies.
After Cumia made several more appearances on Hughes's show, the two entered discussions to become a full time radio team. Hughes had wished to evolve his show to "more than just me on the radio", and knew it could be achieved with Cumia's on air personality. Cumia accepted, and Hughes pitched the idea to WBAB management with the intent of moving to the morning or afternoon slot, but it was declined. During this time Ron Valeri, the program director at rock station WAAF in Boston, Massachusetts, went to Long Island to visit family and heard the two on the air. He called Hughes and offered them a spot on WAAF. Hughes then assembled an aircheck from tapes of their first shows together, and sent them to WAAF and another station in Dallas, Texas. Both stations wished to hire the duo, which led to their departure at WBAB. WAAF general manager Bruce Mittman recalled that he "almost drove off the road laughing" from listening to them, and subsequently hired them to take over afternoons from Liz Wilde. Before they left WBAB, the station offered Cumia to take over Hughes's night shift, which the two later saw as "a scumbag move" as their bits were being played on the morning show without their permission. Hughes was cautious about moving as he felt unsure if the show's success would translate to a new to a new radio market. Cumia ended his manual labor job, and threw his tools out of his car window while driving in hope of never returning to it.