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Examples of "mixcraft"
There are currently three versions of Mixcraft available:
Steve also lectures at eminent Music Institutes around the world under the brand on music production, music engineering, mixing and the music business. 50 Cent is quoted on the MixCraft website as saying: "Check out my man Steve B's MixCraft. If you wanna be the best you got to learn from the best."
The album was home-produced and recorded by the band itself using Mixcraft 4; a Windows music recording and mixing program.
Mixcraft is a multitrack recording application for Windows. This music recording software functions as a digital audio workstation, MIDI sequencer, virtual instrument host, non-linear video arranger, and music loop recording program.
Multitrack recording software varies widely in price and capability. Popular multitrack recording software programs include: Propellerhead Reason, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cakewalk Sonar, Samplitude, Nuendo, Cubase and Logic. Mixcraft, REAPER and n-Track Studio are popular low cost alternatives to more expensive and more versatile software options. Open-source and Free software programs are also available for multitrack recording. These range from very basic programs such as Audacity and Jokosher to Ardour, which is capable of performing many functions of the most sophisticated programs.
Reflections released their debut album "The Fantasy Effect" on April 28, 2012, which was home-produced and recorded by the band itself using Mixcraft 4; a Windows music recording and mixing program. Soon after releasing "The Fantasy Effect", Reflections were signed to record labels eOne and Good Fight. Reflections' second album and record label debut, titled "Exi(s)t", was released October 22, 2013. The first single from "Exi(s)t", titled "My Cancer," was released for download through iTunes and all other digital retailers on September 10, 2013. Reflections simultaneously released a lyric video for the single through their YouTube channel. "Exi(s)t" debuted at #179 on the "Billboard" 200 chart, selling 1,972 copies within the first week of being released.
Lauren Elisabeth Strawn (born September 22, 1992) is an American singer-songwriter, recognized in her hometown for winning $21,000 ($10,000 for herself, $10,000 for a select charity, and $1,000 worth of equipment from Ken Stanton Music) and a three-track demo with the annual opening act contest by Christian Atlanta radio station, 104.7 the Fish, opening for Christian pop rock band, the Newsboys in September 2011. Strawn is known for experimenting outside the barriers of any particular genre, with her musical inspiration being very broad, stemming from her strong Christian faith to personal hardships. Having begun writing her own songs and instrumentals using musical computer software such as Mixcraft 5 to record personal projects since the age of 16, Strawn continues to write all of her own lyrics, music, and arrangements. Strawn is also known for her involvement in writing the lyrics, music, and arrangement to Track 7 "Like a Fire" on First Apostolic Church of Maryville's album entitled "Declare Freedom", as well as writing the choir's vocal arrangements on Shara McKee's album entitled "Testimony". Other projects include piano, strings, synth, and background vocals on Jack Lawson's album entitled "From the Ashes". Strawn is now recording with Huff Studios (since 2012), expecting to release her first official demo album in the spring of 2015.
The band had announced after its reunion tour that there was not going to be a new album in the works via its Facebook page and that the band would be on a long-awaited hiatus; The hiatus was due in part to bassist Nicholas Brae King having legal issues and the older brother having family issues with their mother and father's divorce. The tickets for the last few shows were refunded for those who would rather see Thirteenth Step over Mike's new project with former multi-instrumentalist Steve Mings who he had performed with in the bands Never October, Altered Addiction and Incarnational Sonship they simply dubbed their new project Michael Cash and Steve Mings of Altered Addiction. They had vowed to do remakes acoustically live of Thirteenth Step's hit songs "My Suicide" and Don't Be Afraid and fan favorites like Hit the Ground, Heavens Gates, Misery and My Angel which a demo track of appears on their new Reverb Nation page. The duo is set to do a headline acoustic tour in the fall of 2016 regionally. Steve and Michael also re-released their entire acoustic demo package online spanning 10 years of over 50 plus acoustic rock originals and covers, plus 40 or more newly recorded acoustic rock originals and classic folk rock covers plus the unreleased Altered Addiction demo tapes originally recorded under the band name Altered State. The remastered cassette tapes which are now offered as digital downloads via PureVolume for free. The duo had the tapes digitally transferred from modern tape deck to computer technology in Mings's home studio in Portland, Louisville using Mixcraft. A box set will be released on July 4, 2016, containing all three unreleased discs plus the Bad Things EP, Drive - EP, Here I Am - EP, and Change the World - EP containing unreleased studio sessions and live recordings from their debut tour in 2007 and other unreleased tracks from all 4 studio sessions.