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kentarou              kinya              eisuke              hisayoshi              nakamaru              ayuko              mihoko              yousuke              hidemi              shinpei              michiya              toshiharu              mitsuhiko              sachio              ryousuke              katsuhisa              seiichiro              hachiro              kyusaku              masaomi              miyoko              taneda              nakadai              rieko              chikao              sotaro              kusunose              shozo              sosuke              takahisa              osanai              katsuo              hiroe              makiko              mieko              harukawa              masayo              nariyuki              yuushi              shizue              tokiko              mayuko              narimiya              ittoku              moritaka              mahito              ryunosuke              katsutoshi              mitsue              kimio             

Examples of "miyasako"
The novel was turned into a 2007 live action movie, directed by Masato Harada and starring Shinichi Tsutsumi, Hiroshi Abe, Kippei Shiina, Hiroyuki Miyasako, and Rena Tanaka.
, also known simply as Ameagari, is a Japanese comedy duo "(kombi)" consisting of Hiroyuki Miyasako () and Tōru Hotohara (). They are from Osaka and, like most other comedians from the Kansai region, are employed by Yoshimoto Kogyo.
Between 2003–2005 he frequently appeared on Ametalk, establishing a weekly segment where Ameagari Kesshitai would intrude upon him whilst strangely dressed, leading to a comical confrontation with Hiroyuki Miyasako that would inevtiably lead to Hōsei's defeat. From 2005 onwards he appeared more infrequently as a talk show guest.
The company was founded in 1969 as a jukebox rental and repair business in Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan, by Kagemasa Kōzuki, who remains the company's chairman. The name "Konami" (; ) is a conjunction of the names Kagemasa Kozuki, Yoshinobu Nakama, and Tatsuo Miyasako.
One memorable moment was during the Anime Bus Tour, when Yamasaki (dressed as Arale from "Dr. Slump") was dropped off and told to buy take-out spaghetti for the entire cast on his way back. He attempted to walk back without buying any, but on his way, he ran into fellow contestant Miyasako of the comedy duo Ameagari Kesshitai, who had also been dropped off (dressed as Kekkō Kamen). They bought the spaghetti together. Upon arriving at the studio, Miyasako revealed that Yamasaki had tried to return without buying the food. Appalled and outraged, Matsumoto ordered him to go buy spaghetti in Italy—specifically, to go to the "very tip of its heel", referring to the country's distinct boot-like shape. A few weeks later, Yamasaki was forced to fly to Lecce, Italy to buy a plate of spaghetti from a restaurant, all the while still dressed as Arale.
New faces are film actors Tatsuya Fujiwara (as Rikiya Shimabukuro) known overseas for his Shuya Nanahara role in Kinji Fukasaku's "Battle Royale" and "", Nakamura Shidō II (as Yoshitaka Mine) who featured in Ronny Yu's "Jet Li is Fearless" and Clint Eastwood's "Letters from Iwo Jima", actor Tetsuya Watari (as Joji Fua) famous for his yakuza roles in Seijun Suzuki's "Tokyo Drifter", Kinji Fukasaku's "Graveyard of Honor" and Takeshi Kitano's "Brother", singers and "tarento" Shigeru Izumiya (as Shigeru Nakahara) and George Takahashi (as Goh Hamazaki), voice actor Akio Ōtsuka (as Ryuzo Tamiya), "tarento" Daisuke Miyakawa (as Mikio Aragaki) and Hiroyuki Miyasako (as Tsuyoshi Kanda).
is a 2008 play by Yutaka Kuramochi based on the story of the same name. The original production by theatre company Atelier Duncan was directed by Masahiko Kawahara and ran for 21 performances from April 20 to May 5, 2008 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, then toured for the remainder of the month starting in Kōchi, Kōchi on the 8th and ending in Kamisu, Ibaraki on the 29th. The original cast included Hiroyuki Miyasako as Dr. Irabu, Eriko Satō as Mayumi, Kenji Sakamoto as Kōhei Yamashita, Yumiko Takahashi and Takashika Kobayashi, with supporting roles performed by, among others, the male idols Takashi Nagayama as Haruki, Ryūji Kamiyama and Ire Shiozaki and members of the G-Rockets acro troupe. It was produced with Dentsu and sponsored by Dentsu and TV Asahi.
In "Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy" and "Revenge of Belial", Ultraman Belial was voiced by comedian of the manzai duo Ameagari Kesshitai. Like many actors of the Ultra Series, including that of actors/voice actors of Ultra Warriors, comedian Hiroyuki Miyasako felt delighted when he was offered with the role of Ultraman Belial, remembering his childhood watching the Ultra Series although does express his confusion when his character being a villain despite Belial's status an Ultra Warrior. Starting from "Ultra Zero Fight 2" and so on, he was voiced by . His suit actor was in the first movie and as of Kaizer Belial. In the 2013 crossover game "HEROES' VS" which featured the collaboration between the Ultra Series, Kamen Rider Series and Gundam, Belial is one of the game's antagonists, going by the name Kaiser Belial and is voiced by .